Ottawa, Ontario

I was traveling overseas and used an ATM to withdraw cash. During the first attempt the machine gave an "unable to complete transaction" message so I tried it a second time and the withdrawal worked.

When I returned home several months later I found that the former Wachovia - now Wells Fargo had charged $7 for both uses of the atm - even the one where there was no transaction. The second fee overdrew the account by five dollars and so they closed the account, added a $35 additional fee and and sent it to a collection agency.

I went to the bank and asked them to cancel the collections on the $40 as I had not performed any transaction to justify this. The employee said the manager wasn't in today but she would look into it and to come back next week. When I returned a different employee said there was no record of anything being done last time I was there. After she did some checking she said too much time had gone by and they wouldn't do anything about it. Again the manager wasn't in so she said I could come back another day to talk to the manager.

I was not going to return yet a third time. I wrote a letter to the collection agency disputing the validity of the charge. That's the last contact I've had with them.

I'll NEVER deal with Wells Fargo again. I've had much better service with TD bank - who refunded erroneous fees when they were noticed.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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If $7 was going to overdraw your account, how the heck did you afford to 'travel' overseas???


I'm sorry for your frustration and the first charge, for the uncompleted transaction, was completely out of line but come on man, if $7 is going to overdraw your account you really shouldn't be withdrawing anything when there's a $20 minimum.