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I am absolutely appalled by their customer service department. My husband and I have a car financed through them.

I am 38 weeks pregnant and about a month ago, I had to be hospitalized. Due to the hospitalization, I was unable to work and it put our finances in a bit of a crunch. We are $100 short for our car payment this month. I called to explain the situation and to see if they could help us.

I spoke to a gentleman in the regional department, and he was a real peach. He said we were irresponsible in not being financially prepared to have a baby. He said it was not their fault we were short on the payment and proceeded to tell us we needed to not pay another bill so they could get their $100. I cannot believe he had the audacity to attack us like that.

I apologize profusely for not considering my car payment when we were told we may lose our baby at 33 weeks. I apologize for not being more "responsible" when faced with a pregnancy after being told we were infertile. I unfortunately did not get his name, but I have contacted them in hopes that they can track down this gentleman and he is punished for his rudeness. I am beyond words that someone could attack another person based on their extremely personal and sensitive situation.

I almost feel like he would have treated me the same and blamed me if I had become terminally ill with cancer. That is no way to work with a customer of 3 years. He also criticized us for making early payments, by the way. Early payments!

What a joke of a company. We will NEVER do business with them again.

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Are you kidding me? We were told we COULD NOT have children.

This is by all means a miracle. Our savings were drained due to my month long hospital stay, if you must know. We were $100 short for ONE payment. I told him we could make it up next month and he didn't care.

He wanted it now. I find that extremely unreasonable. We have never made a late payment on our account for three years. Who said anything about 'barely being able to afford' the car??

Who said we 'decided' to follow up with a kid?

Did you even READ what I wrote? Are you the guy I spoke with on the phone?


Kinda have to agree with the bank guy - now sure how you can afford a kid if you're already $100 short on just one obligation. The kid isn't going to be free - sometimes you have to think things through.

It's not the finance company's fault you decided to buy a car you could barely afford and then follow it up with a kid. Good luck -