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Update by user Jan 31, 2015

Wells Fargo listed our account NEGATIVELY with all credit bureaus, even though we sent them many letters trying to explain, and prove the situation. We provided the evidence to the credit bureaus, and were SUCCESSFUL in getting this malicious action reversed.

SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED DUE TO OUR ACTIONS - proof of payment on account, and determination in the face of RIGHT versus WRONG!

Original review posted by user Apr 04, 2013

I have had a credit card with WELLS FARGO for 30-40 years with NO problems. In addition, I have paid this creditor, in full, over the years online with no problem. Called in and spoke with an individual one time to make a payment using the same account I had always paid online with. I received a confirmation letter of payment from WELLS FARGO supporting my payment amount, date of payment, and last four digits of the account I had always used to pay this bill with. Everything looked ok, but that is when my NIGHTMARE began with my 3/16/2013 statement!

Wells Fargo accused me of not paying on time; they were charging me late fees and interest, and accused me of “giving them the wrong account payment information, even though they had been paid with it many times before, they sent me a CONFIRMATION LETTER with the same account number on it, and it was already in their system to select as a payment option - routing number, account number, etc.” Several times I tried rectifying the situation by telephone, but encountered inappropriate questioning about employment, requests to see my entire bank statement, etc. Regardless, they refused, and CLOSED my account! One of their supervisors, who did the accusing, advised she would remove the late charges if I paid her again by TELEPHONE ONLY; I refused since this is how the NIGHTMARE began. I then went online - as I had done in the past, and paid this very same bill AGAIN with the SAME account number they claimed was incorrect, and that was on the payment confirmation letter THEY sent me.

I received an e-mail after this - 3/28/2013 - reflecting a zero balance due on the 4/16/2013 statement. Since it appeared the account was reinstated at this point, I called Wells Fargo to clarify. They advised my account was in fact CLOSED, but will not admit it was due to their INEPT, RECKLESS, UNACCOUNTABLE MISTAKES and BEHAVIOR!

I will be better off without their credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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