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No one seems to even know what it is when I call and I cannot get a straight answer if there are fees to have this minor account. Why do they have such clueless reps? so they can rip us off. I swear if there are any fees attached to my daughters trust account I am going to pull all my biz. They have already screwed me over with a mortgage.

I was told no fees by one person when I opened the account but I need double confirmation. Do not trust the reps or this bank any longer.

If a rep tells you something wrong and it costs you money they WILL NOT refund it. I have had this experience with them.


Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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Oh my gosh, I feel your pain. I opened a Coogan account with Wells Fargo for my son 10 years ago.

I actually had an expectation that it would earn even a little bit of interest, but instead I was hit with fees to the tune of $120 annually for now 10 years! No one mentioned fees! $1200 right off the top of my kid's earnings and I had no clue until he reached his 18th birthday when I called to see what we needed to do next. I saw how the account had dwindled down and was floored, and you're right that no one had a clue as to how those accounts are supposed to work!

I'm just sick about it.

It could have been in a regular savings account or a CD and earned a nice bit of interest - untouched - by now. Just sick, I say!