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I have been dealing with Wells Fargo Mortgage since my Dad passed away. He had a reverse mortgage with Wells Fargo and I just need to give the house back the the bank.

I have faxed, mailed and called all the information that was required. I call every few weeks to check on the progress because they never contact me. Everytime I call I get a different person, who I have to recite the same information to each time. They often don't document conversations and have no clue what is going in in regard to the loan.

I called today to check in and find out they are going to foreclose on my Dads house because they "tried to contact me 3 times" and never got a response. They never called me, they never left me a message and they never sent me a notice of any problems. Each and every person I have had to deal with is rude, uninformed and unhelpful. I would never bank with Wells Fargo and I would warn anyone who does to seriously concider changing banks before it bites you in the ***.

This is your money and your homes.

The number of customer complaints I have read is unreal.

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There will be a consumer lawsuit filed soon if I continue to have to struggle with Wells Fargo to get my retirement rolled over to another a/c. I have attempted since last fall.

Now I am told I have to receive payments monthly. I am retirement age but continue to work full time and do not wish to start paying taxes on this money. Two men that I have talked to treat me as if I am lying about my choice to draw cks and state that they did not receive my paperwork. I will file a lawsuit if this is not handled promptly and to be reimbursed for the pain and suffering they have caused me with this procedure.

I have not cashed the 3 cks that have been mailed to me.

I am tired of "begging" for my OWN money. I thought Wells Fargo was a reputable company.