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I am really hoping that there is someone in your corporation that truly has compassion!

I am a very honest person and if I wanted to scam Wells Fargo or anyone else for that matter I think that it would be for more that $65.00???? You are losing a customer for $65.00!!!!

This letter is not formal and may have multiple mistakes because I was writing this at work while very upset!!!!

I want to start with your customer service department has to be the worse ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been treated so rude in all of my life! My issue started when I went to my Nail Salon and tried to use my debit card. The Salon (beautiful Nails) owner Jennifer Do told me that the card didn't go through. I really didn't think nothing of it because I thought that maybe working in the Hospital in the Radiology Dept that it may have become deactivated in the MRI room. I paid cash for my nails. I then was looking over my statement and saw where the payment did go through. I then called Wells Fargo and you started a claims investigation which obviously the customer has to do all of the work!!!!! She informed me that she needed a receipt to show that I paid the merchant for the services. I thought that was sort of odd because all you need to know is that I didn't sign and give authorization for them to charge my card. I went to the salon again and ask for a receipt. I faxed the receipt and then I called and you guys never got the fax. Okay I then faxed it again only to find out the receipt had to state how I paid for the services…. Yes I was upset because why didn't they tell me this to start with???? I went to the salon again to have Jennifer Do to state on the receipt how I paid for the services. I faxed the receipt in yet again. I called to make sure you got the receipt after I faxed it and the lady said there is no way of knowing you just have to wait until it is put through the system. Yes….again I was upset! I called back in today 2/10/2012 and the lady told me yes I see where it was entered into the system but unfortunately we can't take this because it is hand written!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? The first 3 or four times it was hand written????? Why didn't they say that before????? I ask to talk with a manager and they put another lady on the phone and she said anyone can hand write a receipt! I told her why didn't you guys tell me what you wanted to start with and why wasn't that mentioned to me before!!!! I truly am so upset with Wells Fargo that I am going to take my business elsewhere and I am telling everyone about this horrible service!!! I asked the last lady to let me speak with her boss and she told me oh they don't take calls! I said, well get one of them to return my call! I am sorry they don't do that either! Well I need you to put in writing just what you want from me???? I am sorry we don't do that!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Are you for real? She said I need it put on company letter head that from the salon what happened! Are you serious?? A nail salon with letter head?????? Who has that???? Wells Fargo is the biggest JOKE EVER!!!!!!

This call was made to the claims center on February 10, 2012 around 2:00PM

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Manager.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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my name is shannon lee simmons my dpob 619171 i have not givein no permishion to have any acount in my name my ssn {{Redacted}}


In your zeal to defend yourself you have just caused yourself a whole lot of aggravation. You’re NOT on their website shannon.

You have given ALL of your information to a third party PUBLIC WEBSITE!!! Your name, dob, and ss#. You think your general carelessness might be why you have an account you did t open?

You need to contact this sites team and see if they can save you from yourself. You NEVER give your info out!!!!!

Harry Rollins
Financial Expert

Your issue is rather specific. You may try to reach out to the Wells Fargo top management team by writing a formal letter.

You may also share your experience with other Wells Fargo customers by posting comments via their social media to get a faster response from the company. Please check out full Wells Fargo contact information on the Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website.


WF continues steals from its customers. Takes funds out/cancels paid Mortgage payments and refuses to return the funds or give credit to mortgage customer for the payment.

WF is charging and making more interest longer as it keeps the funds. File a complaint with the Federal Reserve Consumer!!


A colony of inept idiots who cant resolve anything. They now want to blame the postal service for a simple financial transaction.

WF refuses to accept any responsibility for the system WF created. Pathetic. I want to change banks so fast. They create couple of million fake bank accounts and cant process a legitimate loan application.

They said 3-days no problem....

two months later and I paid another way. WF SUCKS & I'm pissed!


Ive had a 600$ check deposit that didnt go through and a 100$ cash deposit that dudnt go thru and the claims department has closed them both. I never thought id hear of a company that had a claims department with a full voicemail.

They are closing 800 branches this year. I hope they close the rest next year.

Terrible business practices and even worse customer service. Those sons of *** can rot in *** for all i care, "earning back your trust" my ***


Well Fargo customer serviceSUCKS .


Someone has stolen my I'd my SS card my checks and now they have mailed in checks that got deposited and returned into my account the check they mailed in belong to my dad need to file identity theft and fraud on my account {{redacted}} my name is Patricia Seely last four of ssnumber is8414


have I had read this before, they are grilling me for the same thing only the amount is 2500$, which was charged twice on my card for an airline ticket I bought. and its been 5 months already, they provided the provisional credit but then took it back 5 months later, lol, I called and asked why only to hear that all the proof provided was for only one ticket ...

I sent them the emails that I sent twice with a 20 day difference having same confirmations and mode of payment for two separate tickets, well ... still haven't resolved the issue.


very poor customer service!!!! have stayed with with wells fargo through all of your scandals!!! mistake, maybe????


California wells fargo charged me 45 a day to put money from my checking into my savings i had 9 pages of charges that was in 2003 guess what im waiting to be compensated for that also ive had wells fargo bank cards mailed to my home without even opening a accountant i never activated the cards just kept them as proof wellsfargo had a lawsuit pending n im a part of it thanks for robbing me with hidden fees


File a claim with wells Fargo fraud department and get a claim number. Then if you get no satisfaction, go to the Department of Business Oversight and file a complaint. They will investigate your complaint


I'm a honest person . I pay my bills on time .

My account is in dispute because a company went into my account took monies without my authorization. I paid this company in full three months later they put my account over 3,030.00 over drawn .

Wellsfargo says they are a military bank really if that were so why did wellsfargo allow this to happen to me ? I feel violated


The letter woman,

I deeply feel for you as Wells Fargo is doing the same to myself in the redeposit of items to collect more nsf 35.00 fees 4-5 times a month for the same it" attorneys for bank custonmers there is a place in opalaca florida his name is TODD DECKER he is wonderful at dealing with this type of crap.

I wish you luck only I say that because it has taken me a 'senior moment' a week of maddness almost loosing a roomie to get 420.00 reversed ***


rob c


Well, did Wells Fargo ever help this woman??


Same is happening to me and this isn't the first or second time. 4th. Wells Fargo has lost me and my busness.


My name shannonleesimmons in a white collier crime victim there money property all over I not filled out any of your law suit I know the guy set my identy name theoplias g Jenson his date birth 7/23/1953 I have filled for your banl law suit yet but he under my name shannonleesimmons date of birth6191971 I not open any business in got ant at city hall I not have face Ingram. I diet invest in any stock *** business.

Investor my older sister number is 1775 8460611.

I hope pay this he works with Avery big crew and he has been investgatted washtion DVD fed investgatted bank crimes with his wife Susan Sasha. Andre also work for a fake co attory at 714 marktte have down MPLS mn if looks at city hall archives put his name you he owe all kind property he strode my identy and my contacts and got grants fed loan to open bussness state to in my name he stole my conacys and he try SE my friend that are hells and lots bile good people for inblzzment banl crimes in not going let that happen he know homeless why he made 27 million dollars look forcypur self shannonleesimmons s6191971 his name theoplias g Jenson his date birth7231953


Very bad grammar!! Can not take this person as credible. Complete ***!!!


God....terrible diction..




*** wellsfago. I'm sorry is they famas line.

Sorry for I didn't any one or anybody. So let's go without the sorry.

The only thing is your sorry behind. That who they speak.

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