Its been over a week now and my account is still overdrawn after WF received 2 mortgage payments in the amount of $2,508.65 from my account in a matter of 4 days. I inquired about getting one of the payments refunded and the mortgage department said they could not return a payment.

WTF! The transferred me to someone else who could not help me either claiming that nothing could be done while one of the payments were still in process.....Understandable...I guess I was told to call back after both payments posted and a refund can be issued. However, I'm under the impression that either the reps at WF have no clue with the f they are doing and can not do simple calculations. The rep said after I called back that they can not reverse the payment and I owed them an additional 600 to make my mortgage current.

I exploded how the *** the world would I owe money after making 2 payments in 4 days when my mortgage is not behind. Someone is smoking over there. It told me 4 more operators to get someone to put in a claim.

They gave me a *** reference number and told me 5 days the cash will be back in my account......its been 8 days and counting. I have called everyday and somehow they can not tell me when the refund will be in my account....I'm done with this ish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $2508.

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