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Don't open a checking account at Wells Fargo. If you fall on hard times they reorder transactions so that the highest transactions are first to maximize the overdraft fees that will charge you.

We had $490 in overdraft fees in one day. They would not refund any of the fees. We had been selling stuff on eBay to buy food to eat. How can a company justify taking $490 to loan us $50 for less than 8 hours!

If I worked for Wells Fargo I would be ashamed to go to work. The make their money on the backs of struggling families.

Search "f*uck wells fargo" (use the quotes and spell the f word right) on Google and see how many times this phrase comes up! No bank even comes close to the number (20, 800) as Wells Fargo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $490.

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i have had the experience of being a Wells Fargo customer and i must say i feel your pain, over the few months i banked with them i had many problems. it was my first acct and i agree that i made some mistakes bouncing checks and such but they where charging me a 35.00 bounced check fee another 35.00 fee for something then they would run the check twice so thees charges for 1 check added up over $140.00 per bounced check.

After 4 months i calculated over 3000 in fees to my acct, even after i squared with them and closed acct they tried sending me a bill. ntm Every time i get a wells Fargo check they give me another reason they cannot cash it for me, it has got to the point i drove their to cash a 1000.00 check on an empty tank they complained cause my license had just expired and would not cash it.

luckly i was able to make it to wallmart before i ran out of gas but if i didnt i was sol. thank you wells fargo for being the #1 mafia run busness in the us


:grin Seriously--know more about finance- you suck at banking and i Doubt that Wells Fargo charged 490 for just the $50 overdraft for one day. they charge $35 for overdraft transfer and then a reoccuring charge to continue in the negative, and they close it if it ever gets that high..but yeah..i believe you..NOT! and by the way doing a cash advance on your credit card costs like $5-10 only, so try that next time genius


I just searched “wells fargo complaints” on Google and there are 435,000 results !! WOW!! We should have done some home work before getting involved with this sick immoral company.


We own a small business and because the way Wells Fargo and other banks *** up the economy it has been a struggle for us the last year. We had utilities, health insurance etc.

pulling payments out for convenience. The ACH debit that caused the problem was our health insurance. We have since stopped all of the auto payments until we have a more stable income. We don't think we should get a free loan but $490 to borrow $50 for 7 hours!!!

You must work in the banking industry, no moral person would think this is fair and defend charges this high for this service. How much does it cost a bank to loan $50 for 7 hours? Just because it states this in the multi page contract you sign when you get an account does not make it moral. This is not moral, there will be a special place in *** for bank executives that decided to charge this much for this service.

Most people that get hit with these charges are people struggling to make it through this bank caused recession.

If I worked for Wells Fargo I would be ashamed at how the company earned the money to pay me. We are closing our account with Wells Fargo and opening one at a local bank that has a soul.

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Overdraft fees only kick in when you DON'T HAVE THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO COVER THE PURCHASES YOU MADE ---***. If you had the dough in your account it shouldn't matter what transaction hits first - but I suppose you feel that you should be getting a free loan... :cry