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Over the last year due to lost hours at work and kids college tuition I have been incurring a late fee on all my mortgage payments, which I paid after the 2 week grace period. I have never gone past 30 days or missed a payment.

I addressed this and with Wells Fargo and was placed on a 3-month forbearance which lowered my payment by $500.00 starting Oct/2009. I was informed in Nov/2009 that I was up to date and didn't need to make a payment until Dec/2009. Jan 2010 I started to recieve foreclosure notices stating I owed over 7,000.00 dollars in debt. I was terminated from the forbearance Dec 28, 2009 for uncompleted financial statements which they never asked for.

Wells Fargo decided to take the $3,100.00 I paid in 3-months and apply that toward Oct/Nov/Dec mortgage payments which only covered one full mortgage payment and put the rest toward outstanding late fees. I know stand 3 months behind in my mortgage and scrambling to get caught up. No-one is handling my case and I deal with who ever answers the phone. They would only offer to put me back on the 3-month plan and giving me a run around about receiving my financial statements which I have faxed twice.

This is going to wipe-out all my savings and I think they have notified the credit bureau about being more than 30 days late.

I have not been Helped but totally screwed by Wells Fargo. Beware.........

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Here is my bizarre story about Wells Fargo. I have two homes in different cities and two mortgages for them.

The statements say the payments are due on the 1st and past due after the 16th. For years, I paid on my primary home sometime between these dates. I never paid past the 16th. I have never been assessed a late charge and there are no late payments posted on my credit report.

The loan on the first home with be paid off in the next couple of years. When I bought the second property, I followed the same practice. I have never been late. Out of the blue, I received a call two months ago on or about the 10th of the month from Wells Fargo asking why I hadn't made the payment on house #2.

I stated that I had been paying it closer to the 15th for years and didn't know there was a problem. The rep. told me they call all customers that haven't paid on the first. I know that isn't true because of the other mortgage with them.

So, I decided to just start paying the mortgage for house #2 earlier. It is Feb. 3rd. The mortgage payment (due on the 1st late after the 16th) has been paid electronically and has already been deducted from my bank account yet I received another call tonight.

Again, I have never paid past the 16th, never, ever been assessed a late fee in all my years with Wells Fargo and show no late payments on my credit report. Anyone have any ideas why I am getting the random calls?


Wow my story is exactly the same! Except mine has been going on for over 2 1/2 years!

Get out now! They have tacked on $100.000 to my mortgage, dont go down the same road, your story sounds just like how mine started! It doesn't get any better!

They wont stop until they've total ruined your credit, mental drained you and financially ruin you! Get out some how!