Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Bank continually charges you overdraft charges. They will say you have a pending balance or not post your items for days They pressure anyone who walks through the door to sign up for services.

Is this a bank or a telemarketer?

They will charge $35 overdraft charges then conveniently post all your items so they are now negative as well. Managers have no training. Place is a joke.

The eau claire wi west side branch is the worst.

Most unprofessional place around. No training, place is unorganized, workers swearing, workers smoking outside entrances etc I advise anyone to stay clear of this place

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I have fought their lack of integrity for years but because of business reasons I cannot leave them at the moment. They are always charging new fees without notice and then justify it with the explanation that they are provding me with wonderful customer eervice.

I once had them pay off my bank credit card which had been set up for monthly payments, it was their error and it took them 10 days to fix it. I had no access until my next direct deposit because they had to charge me for the last advance withdrawel.

It was awful. There services are set up so they can steal from you.


They steal your money. You ask them for help for help so the fees don't keep happening and they don't help you.


Wachovia Was better. Even though they went bankrupt they did care about their customers.


Well, I must say I have to agree they are stealing. A lot of nieve people fail to believe that.

Just please be more attentive. I took a look at my account I had (example) $500 I bought something for $100 so now I have a pending withdrawal of $100 avail bal is now $400 well I deposited another $500 cash so now my avail is $900 well at 12 am I checked my bal and I have nothing pending but avail is now $800.... They double dipped!!!! They took my pending and held on to it when I first made a purchase but then that night after midnight when all transaction clears they took another hundred.

But this is the thing! When you go online and check your account you see all transactions daily but, once everything post and clear (so they say) you can no longer see previous transactions like if you buy something on mon return it and get a refund on sat. You don't even see the purchase on mon it disappears from your online account.

Only thing you see is that it never happened you don't even see the refund... Extra money appear in account...so smartie pants from Kentucky how in the *** you keep a track of that when you don't see it

@Terri Berri

I have had the same thing happen. I also have had other issues, I had $53.00 roughly in my account and had not spent any money in a few days and then my gas bill gets sent to me in an email for $49.98 roughly and so then I waited a day to check my balance and now my balance is only $43.00 roughly. Luckily for me the bill won't be taken out for a few more days but I can garentee the bank was aware of the upcoming charge to my account and was trying to overdraft me.


Yeah that's the problem with banking. U signed up for it but u don't Read the terms!

Fees are assessed because it is a bank not a charitable institution. They pay for ur purchase then u complain?

Wells Fargo wont work for dumb and skeptical people who doesn't even know how to take responsibility of their own account. If ur don't know how to compute its ur loss


Yes they do steal your money, Ok I have had wellsfargo for a very long time and never have had a problem till recent, first of all I had money in my account at the time of my purchase and I use my card at work for lunch and as credit and wellsfargo would take it out from my actual bal. but for some reason they havent been doing that, so I checked my bal.

before I left work I had money in my account I went to a ATM took out some money to pay a bill and at the time I was not aware my bal. I was looking at was not my actual bal. so all of a sudden in the middle of the day :( they decided to run all transactions from 4 days prior as soon as I took out the money so my account went in the negt. I had two pending trans.

I brought my account current over the weekend then I had two pending trans. and on Wednesday they ran trans. from Fri and still charged me overdraft fees..... So now Im with Chase because Wellsfargo did nothing to help I had a few trans.

under 2.00 and was charged 35 for them they suck. I DO KEEP UP WITH MY SPENDING BECAUSE IAM ON A BUDGET!!!


It is not the bank's job to keep up with your spending. Only you should keep track of your finance and how much you have spend.

You are an adult, learn how to manage your money. Don't spend the money that you don't have and stop swiping that debit card like it's free money. Some body has to pay for those purchases that you made when your account is overdrawn, those someone are good consumers like some of us. Because those fees ends up passing to other customers one way or another.

Just like stealing from a department store. Prices of goods increased due to losses of theft.

Simple solutions to people like you. Close your account and start using cash.

@Use a register book


You are kidding me, aren't you? Or else I guess you're using another bank account.

For your statement, what I understand from Wells Fargo ads post is: Debit card is a safest way to help customers using money. Well, since customers don't like automatically overdraft protection, they can uncheck it and WELLSFARGO will cancel any transaction with amount bigger than the current balance in the customer's account.

Sounds so good, right? But it's a fraud, in fact this the fake policy WFG uses to ease its penalty of $203M they have to reimburse customers for charging unfair overdraft fees. But they lied, they still let customers over spending and charge multiple-over draft fees, for $25/each.


#1. The large transactions always go first, and then the smaller transactions will be led to negative cash on the checking account

The largest values of transaction will be processed first, by this way, the money in customers' accounts drain faster, and then of course there will be insufficient balance for smaller transactions will listed later. Those smaller transaction are happened without enough money, and WFG charges overdraft fees for those transactions.

#2. The pending transaction dates are recorded falsely:

According to the definition of WFG, the pending transactions are the transactions waiting for the payment request from the merchants (for example the grocery store where customers shopped food). Within 3 days, if the merchants don't make any request the money will deposited back to customers' accounts. If the merchant requests on day X, then day X will be the date transactions are posted.

However, Wells Fargo normally lists the post transactions on the purchased day the customers went for shopping. By that kind of action, the bank shorten the time and if the customers deposit money in one day later, even with the same day the merchant makes payment request, Wells Fargo still records customers deposit late and charges for over draft fees.

#3. I read some other customers's review about the mistake she made similar to the things on number #2, just only one hour later after she purchased, she deposited money at 5:00 PM PST. But she was charged for the overdraft-fee.

#4. When I called to a bank representative, a woman, with the same sentence like yours, told me that "customers are responsible for managing their money".

=> If we customers can do that, I guess there will never existing a bank in the world. This response, although somehow is true, but is NOT acceptable from the customers' aspect.

#5. I'm collecting evidences and anything legal to sue WFG somedays. This fraud and un-honest policy must be banned and WFG must be paid for what they did.

@Use a register book

LMAO, you know what, this isnt a blog for you to tell ANYONE your *** *** opinion! There are FAULTS and Bank Errors they do make and if millions of people complain about the same thing then guess what!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ Your comment is *** and you must work for that sorry *** bank, ***!


What a bunch of bu!!$hit. I've had Wells Fargo for years and they don't "steal" my money.

Know why? BECAUSE I DON'T OVERDRAFT MY ACCOUNT!! Everyone complaining about bank overdraft fees should learn how to properly balance your checkbook and stop whining and always blaming the bank. Overdraft fees?



I hope you never have to live paycheck to paycheck on a salary just above minimum wage.




You know, I think banking today has too many rules. I do not overdraw.

Today, I appeared at the Wells Fargo branch at White Horse Road and Anderson Road in Greenville, South Carolina with a check made out to "cash" from a welding supply company that bought a pair of welding cables from me. The buyer had made out the check to "cash."I already knew the games banks play. I went into this particular bank because it was the bank the gentleman used. He had tried to call this bank about ten minutes beforehand to confirm I could cash the check at this branch with no charge.

I carried to the bank the check for $200 made out to cash, and a business card with the man's cell number on it. The bank teller made me show two forms of ID and took my fingerprint before she would even call the man who had the bank account. Finally, she called, and then demanded $7.50 to cash the check.


You must pick your fights; I choose this one. I'm very tired of all this tripe that big business continues to ram down the throats of little men.