Wells Fargo Bank is back to their old self again...

On Friday, November 12, 2021, I drove to our local Wells Fargo branch in order to deposit a check we received in the mail. After inserting my card and entering my PIN #, I was informed by the machine that the check deposit feature was not available.

In order to get my card back I decided to get $100 cash. Unfortunately, I only received a receipt. The money was never dispensed by the ATM machine. I took my card and immediately walked into the branch to report the incident.

I waited for about 15 minutes until a banker became available. I gave her all the information and showed her the ATM printout (Transaction # 6635, ATM # 0239X, Time stamp 10:21 AM). The banker called your ATM operations department to report the incident. Claim # 711******** was assigned by them.

I was told the issue will be resolved within 1-10 days. Following the incident, my account was charged $100, while I received no money

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, I called your ATM operations department (877-230-****) for an update. Jessy, the Wells Fargo representative who answered the phone, took all my information, verified my identity and vanished for a long period of time, she came back on-line and confirmed to me that her department was aware of the situation and people are still investigating the incident. She explained to me that normally it takes up to 10 days to resolve an issue like this.

I was a bit disappointed with her response. I didDon't usent feel there was a sense of urgency in the ATM Operations department to resolve my specific situation. I requested to talk to a manager. After a very long wait Eric came on line.

He apologized for the incident and the long delay and told me that he will investigate the situation and try to expedite a resolution.

I requested that he refund my $100 ASAP and said to him that may be if it would be Wells Fargos money, they would be incentivized to investigate and expedite the resolution of this specific situation.

Why should it take you 10 days to resolve my claim when you actually know exactly what went wrong with it? May be if it was the Bank's dime who was being held hostage, your management would feel that 10 days was way too long to investigate, hold customer's funds, and resolve the situation.

User's recommendation: Don't use Wells Fargo's ATM machines.

Location: Howell Township, New Jersey

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