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2014. WF are loan "sharks vultures" giving creatures bad name, animals prey to survive WF take advantage for Corp GREED?

My loan was takeover from Whacovia when bank went out business.

My MOD was done approx 2014; due job loss I needed get out WF ARM loan.

Home purchased 6/99

*NO lates, home never underwater, in 2 yrs would began paying down principal instead of interest!!!

When approved, WF HELD my payments, said to "make sure I could afford payments," then reported credit agencies loan late! *I was never late before!!

WF, *restarted new mod loan back to 40 yrs, & only lower new fixed rate by TWO (2%) lousy points, old adj loan 4.75%.

I read some mod loans where mortgages were in default, owners owed muti -thousands; getting mortgage greatly reduced, & really lower interest rates!

Good for them, wondering why my loan was so stingy.

Was it because home was in desirable location, bank knew if loan went into foreclosure, WF would make out like bandits again.

Stay away, don't fall for new change ads.

They've proved they can't be trusted, evidence in news about numerous scandalous behaviour.

Mr. Wells and Fargo are spinning in their graves!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Reason of review: Modification Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $500000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wells Fargo Cons: Take advantage customer situation.

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Holy cow, dude you really have to stop drunk posting like this, I mean wow, maybe that’s the issue you’re having with the bank, if you were sober you wouldn’t be having issues with them

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