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I am very upset with a bank manager of Wells Fargo Bank. His name is Matthew Lodato.

I have had two bad experiences with him. The last one caused me to no longer be able to be a patron of Wells Fargo Bank. During what occurred I had withdrawn all my very substantial funds from the Wells *** bank. I am currently with Chase Private Client Group and being treated in the manner I am accustomed to being treated by Chase Bank.

Mr. Lodato replaced the previous managers and he seems to be full of himself and made a poor judgement decision pertaining to me.

First, I had dealt with the previous manager (Ganine) of Wells *** bank and was promised that upon my opening of large $$$$ accounts with Wells Fargo that any and all fees would be waived on my accounts. This had occurred for well over 5 years or longer. What occurred was a new regional manager was only going to allow me 3 or so wires a month as stated to me by Matthew. About a year ago,I was upset and complained because this is not what I was promised. Matt stated it was a result of the new regional manager, however I contacted the executive office of Wells Fargo and dealt with Mr. Adrian Clark.

Upon Mr. Clark getting involved it was corrected and stated to me that they were resolving the matter. Mr Clark then stated to me that was not the true case and Matt read the message incorrectly. I later had a 3 party call with the regional manager, Mr Matt Lodato and myself. The matter got resolved. Later, speaking to Mr. Lodato, he stated to me he will waive all wires, receiving and sending and was upset as he stated to me “the regional manager threw him under the bus.” At that point all was copasetic.

About a month ago, I had an instance where I overdrew one of my accounts by a small amount of money. I was charged a fee of $35.00 which I then left a message for Mr. Lodato to please reverse. It took many days and over the following weekend. I received a phone call and he stated to me “that he will waive it this time, but in the future that would no longer happen.” Again I got upset and informed him that was not my agreement, and I am not in agreement. I went into the bank to speak with him; during the conversation, he admitted to me it was his decision solely.

I told him I would like a conversation regarding this matter with Ganine, who originally made the assurances with me directly. I told him I would only speak with Ganine as that was the manager at the time who honored my opening of my accounts and made the promises directly to me.

Lo, and behold he made a 3-way conversation with me, himself and a Mr. Sean Matrisse. I was upset as I never met this person, never ever spoke with him and don’t know him. I told him that this matter was for me to discuss with Ganine and not Mr. Matrisse. Basically this phone call was a “cover his *** for Matt. I told him that I don’t care what he has to say, and ***

I was later told by Matt he would no longer deal with me and I subsequently received a letter from Wells Fargo informing me that I could no longer be a patron of Wells Fargo bank.

Wells Fargo was closing my accounts by a certain date and I had to go to the bank to withdraw all my funds, which I did.

This caused me multiple damages as I could no longer access my accounts, retrieve my payees list for my numerous new accounts with Chase Bank. Also, many of my payments sent via on-line banking subsequently were rejected. I had some late fees and spent much of my precious time which is costly to me and expensive.

I spent well over 3 weeks rebuilding all my accounts and payee lists by paying new bills and late fees as a result of the closing of my accounts. My time is worth approximately $450.00 hr. I have considered and am considering suing Mr. Lodato but haven’t at this time.

It is solely my opinion that he should not be a bank manager, makes poor decisions on his own and at best should be a bank employee and not have managerial duties. In my sole opinion, he can be very detrimental to a business. He is a phony and is not a people person. Actually, while he was acting as a manager I thought we had a good relationship as long as he was happy, he would come over to me, talk and confide with me, and put his arm around my back. I wasn’t aware he was the type of individual who would be looking for an opportunity to stick a knife in my back. I get along with almost everybody in the bank and often brought my pooch in named “Noodles” with no problems what so ever.

I trust all businesses and or banks looking to hire Mr. Lodato, consider my personal sole concerns and feelings related to him, as he does not have the personal skills necessary for management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Personal Creations Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: none.

Wells Fargo Cons: Poor management & people skills.

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