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My husband and I have been loyal customers to Wells Fargo for years. We run millions of dollars through their bank each year.

We tolerate their problems with technology and turnover of staff with a patient attitude as we understand not everything in life can be perfect and instantaneous. We had a VP of Wells Fargo as a client in our business. I don't believe that she even realized that we were a customer of Wells Fargo. She threw a crazy fit at our front desk, barged her way through 2 locked doors by lying to my staff, came in to an executive meeting and proceeded to rip me a new one regarding a subject that she had no idea what she was talking was talking about.

She made threats toward organization and personal threats towards me as the owner. I went through 4 different routes with Wells Fargo regarding the threats she made. They didn't care. I even had one of their employees tell me that she was sleeping with her boss and nothing would come of my situation.

That lady has the wrath of the devil in her.

She has a history of belligerent behavior in our community (published in the newspaper) and Wells Fargo continues to employee her. I would be careful if you are working with Wells Fargo branches in Central Florida as the Regional Director seems to be questionable in stature.

Reason of review: Attacked. Violated. Threatened in my own company..

Preferred solution: VP should be let go. Formal apology made to my executive team..

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