I went to the Wells Fargo branch located at 1121 S. Broad St., Trenton, NJ. on Saturday 12/2/17 at approximately 1 PM, to withdraw funds from 2 seperate cards, (Families First, & Direct Express). I was to then deposit the money into my Wells Fargo checking account to pay the months rent, (due by 12/5), and to purchase groceries on 12/6/17.

I first tried to withdraw from the Families First card. The ATM displayed a screen that simply said, "Cannot Complete Transaction." I assume there is an issue on the card's end that I need to resolve, so I then try to withdraw the monthly disability funds from the Direct Express card, and I get the same error. Now I assume the ATM must be out of money. I go to the alternate ATM located at the front of the same branch.To complete my transactions only to find that although the ATM did not dispense any money whatsoever, both cards showed the withdrawals as valid.

I returned home and immediately called the bank. I was told that there was nothing they could do since the branch was closed, but to file dispute claims on both cards. I was told that the error will be rectified once the ATM is balanced on Monday, although I should file the claim just "to be safe." When filing the claim with social services/Families First, we were told that they have been receiving calls all morning regarding Wells Fargo ATM's, leading me to realize that my issue is not isolated. On Monday morning I contacted the bank and was told that it could take 3-5 days to resolve their machine's error.

I then explained that my rent would become overdue on Tuesday, 12/5, and I would then be charged a late fee. I requested a simple letter stating there was a malfunction with their ATM, to give to my landlord to explain the lateness. I was told that the bank does not give out any letters or anything in writing. I escalated my issue to Wells Fargo's executive complaint department, (866-878-5865).

I spoke with Jesse Okoi at length. After placing me on several extended holds i was finally told that the bank could not do anything because they are not their cards. I reminded him of the fact that the problem was a direct result of their ATM's malfunction, and further they could simply view the security camera footage to substantiate my story. Still nothing offered.

Finally before ending the call I explained to him that these were the only funds that a family below the poverty level will receive all month and that this problem will directly result in my inability to pay my rent or purchase food. I further informed him that I planned to contact my local newspaper, The Trentonian, and well as to make this known on every social media site possible since they won't even as much as acknowledge the error. I was asked to wait, then was placed on hold once again, and when Jesse returned he asked me I wanted exactly. I explained that I of course need the money refunded, but in the interim I would be willing to wait if they would just give me something to give my landlord, if the money hasn't been restored by Tuyesday, 15/5, as my rent is due today.

He agreed to these terms, told me that he will be arriving to the office at 9AM CST, and that I was given priority status for then, as wel as a case #3445588. 12/5/17 I finally receive a call from Jesse at 12:08 PM, and to the point Jesse's entire outlook on the situation has changed when I told him the money had not yet been returned. He stated that he never said that I would be furnished with a letter for my landlord, and further reverted to his original position of Wells Fargo's lack of any fault. I told him that I was through with the bank and that I would attempt to resolve my issue via alternate routes that I described the previous day.

As I am typing this I receive another call from Jesse at approximately 1PM which states that I should call the cardholders and remind them of "Regulation E," to get them to address my claim. I will continue to publish this factual account regarding Wells Fargo's handling , or I should say mishandling of this situation. I will also be forwarding this to any and all reporters and or/newspaper editors that I can find contact information for until this situation is resolved. If this matter is resolved is a positive manner I will be sure to follow up with that experience as well.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN CONSIDERING ANY DEALINGS WHATSOEVER WITH WELLS FARGO. My family has been treated horribly, why would you be treated any differently?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Atm Machine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Samething happened to a friend of mine, bug run around, won't give the money back, 600, i was standing right next to him , stroudsburg p.a, ATM, wells Fargo


This same thing happened to me in California. $800 taken, making me short on my rent.

I am so disappointed that even today, 10 days later, our money has not been refunded. This is so sad!


It happen to me on the same day 12/02/2017 as your I had $1000 stolen from me. What is going on with WELL FARGO.

Someone is stealing our money...I've called my bank and they are suppose to be handling the situation. I was going Christmas shopping when it happened to me. It thru my whole week off. My bills are overdue..and i'm get late free and bounce check fee's all over the place.

We need to get the word out on social media about Wells Fargo they are Criminals..I'm going to drop the ball on these people because this is not right. Most all I wan't my money back or we are going to find a real good lawyer to sue these ***...


Same happen to me and still waiting I get different stories from the ebt card claim representatives rent is over due now I have to pay extra for a problem that wasn’t mine


I had a very similar experience on Dec 2, 2017 at a Wells Fargo ATM. I was told I have to wait up to 45 days for my 1203 dollars to be returned.

I'm beside my self overwhelmed with stress. I'm a single working mother of three and my rent is now past due and accumulating late fees.

I can not even pay my rent let alone Christmas for my 3 children. I'm so sorry this happened to your family also.


Wells Fargo stole my money!!!! $600 rent is due and my landlord want her moneyyy. Can u say sue if I get an eviction I have childern.


I got a 3 day eviction notice Wells Fargo acts like they don't know what happened but when I called my provider they said Wells Fargo knows this problem am sorry I feel your pain no Christmas for my daughter


Oh my gosh that happened to me all my money the ATM drive threw didn't release my money

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