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1/18/2012 WASHINGTON (AP) -- A $25 billion settlement between the nation\'s major banks and U.S. states over deceptive foreclosure practices during the housing crisis is nearing completion.

Five major banks — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Financial (formerly GMAC) — and U.S. states are \"very close,\" Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said Wednesday.

Separately, two officials briefed on internal discussions say a proposed deal could be announced within weeks. Negotiators are finalizing a draft of the agreement, which must be reviewed by state attorneys general. Under the deal, banks would pay states and the federal government, which would fund programs to compensate homeowners.

The two officials asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the deal.

Talks have been dragging on for more than a year between major U.S. banks and state attorneys general over fraudulent foreclosure practices that drove millions of Americans from their homes during the housing crisis.

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ASC deceives, lies, asks for documents over and over and over, loses them (?), stalls customers, delays modification process, keeps your money and doesn't credit your account, etc, etc, etc.... The attorney I hired months ago has done his homework and is now ready to go after ASC/WF.

Let's get behind him and give him the proof he needs to do a job on them. SEND YOUR EMAIL AND DETAILS OF ABUSE TO: and I will forward them on to the legal firm.

If you have notes, documents, communications (letters, emails, etc.) please get them organized into a file for the attorney.

I'm not just blowing off steam or blogging a complaint; I'm ready to tackle these thieves and hope you're as ready as I am. How many more families are we going to allow them to harm?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yes, wells fargo is stalling an 11 month forbarance to modification. Each day the underwriting dept finds thst they need the same info repeated.

Prior to this in 2012 a proxy called partners for payent relief came to empty our 401k or WF would foreclose. This was all while waiting on disability pay from crippling accident. Yeah it took this long!

No pay yet but favorable! I still have the house but wells fargo is right there makin my life ***


OMG ... Wells Fargo gave me my first white hair in 2013 ...

a total of 3 incidents! January... I had merchant claims for price line and Expedia (they suck!) and I had submitted documentation and proof(long story but basically I was quadruple charged for a 2 night stay!... Wells Fargo did not do anything and the lady I spoke with accidentally broke it to me that they have a contract with certain merchants...

so no matter what, they can't help you get your money back (yes i did contact the merchants first like 10x but they were no help at all) .. wow!! sounds like a hidden agenda to gain profit to me! ..

So I was out 500 dollars ... 2nd incident, I had 2000+ dollars stolen from my account! .. i wasn't paying attention to my wells card, I was using my Chase and just routed my student loan to the account...

they didn't do anything! the customer service rep did not take down the claim completely and when I called again a fraud agent filed the claim and reviewed it in 5 mins, and said no...and the reasons they gave me were so ridiculous!!! (example they can't check surveillance! oh okay so a fraudster can get away with it, just as long as he doesn't use a Wells Fargo branch or ATM machine?)The activity in the account was suspicious!

why didn't anybody call from fraud prevention? why would I stop at 15 + gas stations and get cash back? .. on top of that!!!

they let my amex payment of 800 hit the account which made the account -600 dollars! wtf! since when does a transaction post when it drops the balance that low? i had also had a scheduled a small at&t payment that they attempted 5 times!

they can't attempt it more than 3 times (ive worked in banking so i know these things) so now, I also have 200+ dollars of overdraft fees!! they didn't even want to reverse that for me! i called so many times, i cried, i explained, and no they didn't give a ***! This affected me so much!

I didn't even get sympathy! This was the money I was going to use for school;(... that was not it... After I lost my job(November) I really struggled financially..

I lost 15 pounds because i couldn't afford to eat and I care about my credit score so much that I rather make my payments than buy groceries... I am young and want to buy a house someday soon... My Wells Fargo payment for my credit card was due on the 7th and I wasn't going to get my first paycheck till the 20th... I literally only had 25 cents in my pocket..

I thought I would go ahead and make the payment late since it was within 30 days and I have perfect payment history with them for 2 years and have been a customer for 5 ... on the 20th, when I went to make the payment, ... they had closed my credit card! and the letter I recieved in the mail that day as well did make any sense or have anything to do with the reason why the rep told me it was closed!

.. one late payment and they close my account? I don't even want to know how this will affect my credit. ...

I have been a great customer. I have never done anything shady with my accounts or called in countless claims ... I have only called in the two this year... I am in disbelief and sooo angry ...

I don't know what to do! How can they treat people like this!!! ... I didn't go to far into detail about customer service I serviced because it would be too long but you guys have no idea what this bank put me through!!!!!!!!

Never bank with them ever. I am actually scared to even have a bank account anymore. I hope this never happens to anybody. Surprisingly the worst part wasn't losing all that money, it was how they treated me like I was nothing.

Like I was *** or a bad person trying to make quick money.

I have never felt so degraded in my life. I talked to them as nicely and professionally as I could.


Have any of you contacted a federal agency to help with this I said before - we need to communicate with each other and help one may know somethings that might help me and I might have info that might help you. With all of us - we can win this.


Traci and keepsitreal, thanks for emailing me. I just sent my attorney firm 22 pages of emails just like yours.

I'm hoping for an update from them soon. Will let you know.


I was working with Wells Fargo on a loan modification. I spoke to me so called home preservation specialist who told me on 1/3/12 that I had already been on 2 programs and did not default so there should be no issue with doing a loan modification.

She asked me to update my financial information, fax it in and then call and let her know I had sent it in. I did just as she told me. I asked her about the forclosure date and she told me that as long as we were working on the modification she would continue to push the sale date back. I came home 2/6/12 planning to update my financial info again (I was told to do this monthly)instead I find a notice to vacate my home presuant to foreclosure.

The notice was left by the investment company who purchased my home that day in an auction. WOW was I surprised. First thing I did was call Wells Fargo who had the nerve to tell me they have been trying to contact me since Oct and I have failed to comply.

How funny they say that because I have phone records proving I spoke to them at least twice a month since Nov. Now I have 7 days to find a place for me and my 3 children.


America's Serving Company and Wells Fargo,played me fromm 2006 - 2009. 3 long years of sheer ***.

They treated my fixed rate mortgage as if it were a varible or some kind of ballon rate. Every month my mortage payment fluctuated for bewtween $440. to $1500 a month, and at the end of the year they would ask for an additional $1200. only After all the exposesure about predatory lending my mortgage went back to it's normal fixed rate.

I would like some type of compenstion and all the extra money repaid to me or reduced from my loan amount. I was homeless as a child,so no matter how much they asked for I paid, because I didn't want to lose my home, I paid the full amount every month on time for 26 years. I never missed a payment.

I would like and deserve some kind of relief. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Well, It's been two more years, from 2/3/12 to 2/28/14. I have not heard a thing.

Have not received one copper penny, no type of compensation whatsoever. I just don't know what to say or do except continue to pay on this 7.5 rate for the next 5 years. That's all I can do. Can't sell the house, all the thousands we spent on the house and can't even get 10,000.

So foul, so I guess I will just lie here and let Wells Fargo and ASC continue to rape me without a condom or K-Y Jelly. I will never deal with anymore banks.

:sigh I hope somebody, somewhere will fare better than I did. Good luck all!