Euless, Texas

i have been trying to do a modifacation since june 2011. I have sent all documents they have ask.

i was calling every other day. every month they ask for the same papers over and over. they never accepted a mortgage payment, now i was $15,000 behind. 2 days before the foreclosure date i was told the modification was denied because they had postponed the foreclosure too many times(which was their fault for not resolving on time) Now what?

it was saturday and the selling date was tuesday. they left me no other choice but to declared bankruptcy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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Wells is refusing to sign an assignment of proceeds form and my builder is about to void the contract and keep his deposit. brief : house fire, ins paid out to me/wells.

I sent wells check, they put in escrow. Signed contract with builder. Picked out modular home. Went to put order at factory.

Factory needed a form signed by money holder, promising payment either COD or wire for the modular home. Wells refuses to sign, says they will only pay out remaining money when 100% complete. Factory says they will not build home for delivery. Contractor says if factory cant build then he has no choice to walk away and as it's my/wells' fault, he will keep 1/2 deposit, meaning house will never be rebuilt.

It's over 1 year, ins. money to pay rent is done and I am tapped out.

Filed complaint with state and feds, no luck. Where do I go ?


Email me your story and I'll forward it to my attorney firm. I recently sent them 182 complaints and 22 pages of emails I have received with your similar circumstances.

Mike below is right.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen. My email is:


Contact the FBI or US Attorney in your state.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen.