Dear Ma'am/Sir

I had applied for a home mortgage with wells fargo bank

From Day 1 I had informed their representative that I don't have a 2 year employment history yet but he

still sent me a pre approval letter and said loan could be processed

Based on their OK,I went ahead to submit an offer to the realtor for closing on the property and paid

wells fargo to process the loan

Wells fargo got the house appraised and appraisal was more than sufficient to process my loan.

Their representative told me to extend the duration of the contract so that bank can complete its

formalities and release loan so l got the date extended

Their credit dept kept asking me for 2 year employment history till the last day inspite of telling me

them that I don't have one from 1st day of contact with them.

The contract expired but they did not release the money to buyer

I lost the chance to get the house due to delay and negligence on well fargo's part.

I had to arrange cash at a very high cost at the last minute so that I could buy the house.

When I asked wells fargo rep why was I charged this amount when my loan could not be processed,he

didn't have an answer.He directed me to call his senior and speak to her

I kept calling her but she would not pick.It would go to her voicemail but she would not call back.

I realized that wells fargo had cheated me by charging me and getting appraisal done for the house even

though they knew this loan could not be processed.

I have attached a copy of all correspondence with them over email and text.


Amandeep Sawhney

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: New York, New York

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