Then to ferment my aggravation with WF I get a call from a very belligerent Wf employee supposedly helping a trainee to handle the call.Each time I speaking with the trainee, this trainer buts in and over speaks the trainee. I finally say if he buts in again, I would hang up, and I


Now I will tell you, I'm not shooting from the hip. All my other banks of whom I have accounts do not require an additional SS explanation ever. The only reason I stayed with WF, is I was with Wachovia, and since involved with WF I had other problems like a mixup in routing and account issues.

Your integral personnel support needs better supervisory support from the top. Being a 76 year old successful retired

CEO/DO/HR and still remain active as a consultant in various ventures I do believe I have background to support my complaint.

Store Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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