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Ive been paying every month since 2008, on time, student loan amount of 35000. The principal has only decreased 300.00 When I call and ask for audit they say we dont do that but trust them.

Can you imagine buying a car that you will never payoff. I should of bought used car rather than college education. But these loans are special, you cant default, they will get your tax refund or garnish wages, and they are government backed so Wells Fargo could care less about working with you.

Why should they, the government will give them 0 zero per cent loans so they can put the scews to us> My advice, dont go college its a big ripoff!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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I can prove I was told by the asst dean of financial aid that due to a glitch in the college computer system that my Cal Grant would not come through right away and I could take out a student loan that the Cal Grant would pay once the checks were received, then I was told she didn't believe I was disabled, then the manager of the Disabilities Resource Center held a special committee that investigated my being discriminated against at the orders of the asst dean of financial aid who admitted she interfered with my Disabilities Rescource Counselor to interfere with my accommodations letters who lied to my teachers saying I was not disabled during my fifth and sixth semesters, that even caused very serious life shortening threatening disabilities while I was on campus, I was warned by the dean of instruction that I would be expelled if I were seen on campus using an electric wheelchair so a few days later I ended up walking too far on campus after major surgery to my lower back that failed that caused an main blood vessel to break in my left leg filling my lungs with blood clots, I was given less than two hours to live. I carried a 3.8 GPA until the asst dean of financial aid interfered with my accommodations and grades while practicing medicine without a license, she even called my home on several occasions to antaginize and cause me great stress stating she did not believe I was disabled and even admitted she interfered with my education and admitted she falsified student loan documents because a worker at the financial aid office told me they were receiving commissions for each student loan they signed up, the asst dean of financial aid overheard then threatened she would destroy my education and financial aid if I ever told anyone about what turned out to be very illegal commissions.

It turned out it was true. Then the same asst dean of financial aid was talking to a deputy sheriff about me who lied about my disabilities after he was caught calling my home that was legally recorded stating he was going to kill me if I did not turn over the deed to my property I own, which the calls are held at the AT&T national compliance center that must be subpoenaed to be heard, the same deputy sheriff was then arrested on 44 other felonies. I even caught the same deputy sheriff poisoning 8 of my trees in my yard causing one tree to fall on my house causing extensive damages. It turned out the cop was stalking me for over 20 years after he was fired for lying about me and putting my life in great danger so he then got a job in a different law enforcement agency and began stalking me.

The Disabilities Resource Manager resigned as did others at the college due to the horrible discrimination that continues. It was the most horrible thing, hearing someone over the phone trying to extort my property from me who I stood up to while not knowing it was a on duty deputy sheriff who is also now caught.