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My complaint involves the Wells Fargo branch located at 2550 S. Parker Road in Aurora, Colorado.

This is a horrible branch with horrible customer service. Although I doubt that any of the others are much better I really wish that I could give this branch zero stars instead of one. They lost several of my deposits over a two-year period (never showed up in my account after I had deposited checks them at the branch). The drive up lanes have the absolute slowest service of any branch even though there are no other cars waiting.

If you need to speak to a banker and English is your primary language then you will have a hard time finding anyone who can communicate with you there. The Wells Fargo branch manager at this location is Lana Gindin and she treated me in a very rude and unprofessional manner. Also her manager Derrick Fuller and his assistant Stephanie Phillips made harassing calls and sent threatening letters about closing my accounts without my authorization. The way that they treated me was extremely unprofessional and threatening.

In late December 2015 I was notified by Wells Fargo that there had been some unusual calls to customer service regarding my accounts. They placed a hold on all of my accounts which could not be released until I went to a local branch and signed a release of liability agreement. I did sign the agreement within 2 hours of that phone call and it was my understanding that this would resolve the situation. I also changed my online account user name and password at that time.

About a week later I went to my local branch to discuss this situation. They stated that they had never seen the form I signed before and they were totally unfamiliar with it. I was very upset by the total lack of customer service that I received and I left the branch. Within 30 minutes of returning home I received a call from Lana Gindin, branch manager, telling me that she would be closing all of my accounts by the end of business that day and that if I didn't go to another branch and withdraw all of the money from my accounts right away then they would be closed and I would be sent checks for the remaining funds.

I took time off of work to go to a branch and I did withdraw several thousand dollars in cash because I was so fearful that I would have no access to any money at all by the end of that day. As it turned out they did not close my accounts that day at all. I also realized at that time that Ms. Lana Gindin at the branch had neglected, who had no knowledge about the release form that I was forced to sign, had neglected to sign the document that I signed even though there was a signature line for the Wells Fargo employee to sign.

And to top it off, they sent the original form home with me, with just my signature on it. It was then that I realized that because she had not executed the liability release document properly she was most likely worried about the repercussions if that form was challenged by me since she had not signed it and neglected to keep the original signed copy for the bank. Since that day I received numerous harassing telephone calls from several Wells Fargo employees, namely District Manager Derrick Fuller and his assistant Stephanie Phillips, as well as Branch Manager Lana Gindin. These calls, both on my voice mail and in live conversations with me, have all included threats to close my accounts based on "risk to the bank" and "security issues", when in fact I have been told by the Wells Fargo Loss Prevention department at least five times that there were no current security issues with my accounts and I have never seen even one unusual transaction on my accounts since this all began.

These harassing calls from Derrick Fuller, Stephanie Phillips and Lana Gindin were been very emotionally disturbing. The constant threats to close my accounts without warning affected me every day since early January. They ended up closing five of my accounts in late February 2016. I had been a customer of Wells Fargo Bank since 1981 and I had never experienced such horrible treatment until then.

I have passed this information on to upper management at Wells Fargo in the hopes that these employees will be reprimanded for their actions. I would never recommend this bank to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wells Fargo Cons: Incompetant, Resolution to problem.

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