Reston, Virginia

Wells Fargo Collections, as an agent of Raymour and Flanigan, makes abusive and harrassing phone calls. They call at dinner, on Sundays, and insist on debriefing you, regardless of your credit or payment status. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was advised there was none available. Then, when I got one, Craig, he was obnoxious and abusive. He intimated I was responsible for the abusive phone calls, in spite of the fact that I had already paid.

I am tempted, since I own my home and don't need credit, to default on my loan just to anger them.

Do not buy from Raymour and Flanigan because of their bank Wells Fargo!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

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If I have a bad day at work guess what i do. I just can not wait for the call its always on time so i vent on the fool that gets my number it so much fun to just mess with these fools .

you should all try its sometime.

i had the guy hang up on me a lot of times. someone has to make there jobs hard guess thats me!!!!!!


John G. Stumpf, C.E.O Wells Fargo

1090 Chestnut St, Apt 12

San Francisco, CA 94109-1230

HOME PHONE # (415) 346-8543

Call John at home and tell him that you don’t like frivolous phone call from Wells Fargo. If enough people call him at home he might start to understand!


FYI-I pay every month and on time! In any case it doesn't excuse the rudeness. You must work for them.


They are sooo rude... Called me on Halloween got me mad. Lets just say I put them on the ignore list!


Good idea, dont pay to make them unhappy, and the calls dont go away. Much more fun then paying the balance in full.