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Because of an emergency I fell behind on my credit card payment. I was 10 days behind, told the company what date I was going to pay, the date my Social Security payment arrives.

They did not listen and laughed and told me they would call me every day. They called me every day at 8:30 am and at 5:30 pm Mon - Sun. Each time I told them again what date I would pay. It did'nt matter, they told me they would call every day.

The harassment would not end. I am a long time customer having had a second mortgage and loan at seperate time. If you are a good customer and fall into hard times, don't think WF will work with you. Don't get a card from them.

If you have one get rid of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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John G. Stumpf, C.E.O Wells Fargo

1090 Chestnut St, Apt 12

San Francisco, CA 94109-1230

HOME PHONE # (415) 346-8543

Call John at home and tell him that you don’t like frivolous phone call from Wells Fargo. If enough people call him at home he might start to understand!

Turn about is far play


:sigh Wells Fargo Sucks. they called me at 1057 at night to ask me about my car pmt.

which got behind because they added 300$ to my payment because supposedly they didnt have my insurance information which i had faxed to them and i have had the same insurance since i bought my lexus without a break. does anyone know what the law is as far as calling people in houston texas?

this is ridiculous. disrespectful ***


These people upset me to the point of making me sick today. I spoke to four different people and they all talked to me like I was a piece of *** This has to stop.

Seriously guys, I'm putting a stop to this. I'm going to try and take this all the way to congress. I'm going to develop a petition and do my research and then start contacting anyone who will listen.

I'll come back on here and give the petition information if anyone's interested in becoming involved!!! More details to come...


This company is absolutely horrible they'll be nice to you if you buy something but if you fall behind its *** my parents fell behind a month on their car payments and it got repoed then they wanted my parents to pay 2000 bucks a month on a 109000 dollar mortgage for 20 more years when they useally paid 1400 for the last 10 years we had a 30 year 1400 dollar mortgage it shot up 600 dollars and we still had to pay for the next 20 it's not happening we got a lawyer because of the 7-8 harassing calls a day and they threatened my mom to the point I picked up the line and told them if they did not stop I would sue for harassment issuing threats and price gouging


Oh? I have been a customer of wells fargo for 13 years.

My mortgage is due on the 1stwith a grace period of 15 days, they send me a debt collection notice via text message on the 3rd! Then call me constantly asking why I am in default 5 days later! Really?? I am in California and depending on my sister in Florida to pay it - she finally did because obviously wells fargo couldnt wait till I fly back on the 11th.

Even after she paid it - They still called me!

I have one year left, THANK GOD. This is not the end, I'm PISSED.


I had also fell behind by 2 weeks on a car loan through wells fargo in 2009 i was doing the best i could to catch up paying what i could talking to them trying to get them to work with us as we had had 2 other car loans through them and never been late until that point due to the economy a man called me on easter sunday and i told him i didnt think he could call me on holidays or sundays and he had done both he proceeded to tell me he could do what he wanted until i gave him some check info told him i couldnt give him that info cause it wouldnt do any good if there was nothing in there and i was also telling my husband what he was saying he started yelling at me to quit talking to my husband and that i needed to just talk to him i told him he had given me no other option except to go file for bankruptcy and he screamed at me that that was not one of my options i then hung up on him and wouldnt answer the phone after that when they called.


Traded my vehicle in and a delay was made by the dealership. They are threatening to sue on a vehicle I don;t even have anymore.

Payment for payoff was sent to them , they have just not registered it.

Call me at least 5 times a day. I am looking into a lawsuit as I found this article.


I have a education loan through these guys, they lost my statements for 4 months and when I tried to get that fixed they told me I had to pay the total loan. I said I couldn't because I was filing for bankruptcy from medical problems, they told me they couldn't talk to me.

then when the bankruptcy went through they started calling me again, saying the bankruptcy didn't include this.

I understood and tried to make arrangments, however, they continue to tell me they are going to sue me because I won't pay, I have tried so many times to make arrangments but they won't this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I don't understand a company that wants their money but won't work with you.


I hear you. I have an auto loan with Wells Fargo.

I fell behind once because of my college tuition and was 10 days late and they called me and treated me like some sort of criminal. I called and spoke to a supervisor that belittled and screamed at me on the phone. After that, I felt, why pay on time and have paid 28 days late since for a year. Now when they call me-I tell them they will get a payment when I feel like sending it.

Their policy- check on the credit card one- but they don't report it to your credit till its 30 days past due. I have never received a late fee or anything. So they want to be rude, they can be- but they will NEVER get their payment sooner than 28 days from the due date from me.

I am honestly so fed up with them that i cannot wait to pay this account off and be done with them. They have also given my account information to a 3rd party that has no authorization on the account, so I am about ready to sue them.