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I called Wells Fargo to request a credit card line increase. With the exception of one person in the Credit Dispute section everybody I spoke to was extremely RUDE. Discover raised my credit limit $4,500 over the phone, Wells fargo only increased my limit $400. They told me it would take 5 days to review my credit to consider a higher limit.

The representative told me WELL IF YOU HAVE ONLINE ACCESS YOU CAN SEE IF WE RAISED YOUR CREDIT LIMIT EVEN MORE, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO CALL HERE AGAIN. She proceeded to tell me, I SEE YOUR CREDIT SCORE WAS IN THE 700s and now is in the 600s let me put you through to our CREDIT protection people, and tried to sell me a plan. I refused.

Every branch member I have dealt with has been extremely rude. The ATMS rarely work either!

Now I am stuck with a horrible company!!

Best experiences have been with DISCOVER AND CITIBANK!

I am no pee-on. I have never missed a payment and never gone over my credit limit, usually paying in full before the end of the month!

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