Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Words can not begin to describe how much I loathe Wells Fargo. I have had the same checking account for 16 years, from back when it was First Union and then Wachovia. Ever since Wells Fargo took over, it has been one headache after another.

The staff is completely inept. I was told that unless I changed to a different type of checking account (one you have to pay a monthly fee for), I would get charged for direct deposit, so I manually deposited checks for over a year and a half before finding out that I was lied to, probably to meet some bankers quota of selling premier level checking accounts.

Later, I realized that my credit card interest rate had gone up, so I called to discuss. After talking to three different people, I was told that my only option was to WRITE OR FAX the Executive Branch and they may call me if they choose to. I asked if there was an online form... NO. Some sort of instructions as to what to include in the letter... NO. Nothing outlining what was needed and the people I spoke to were anything but knowledgeable. So in the year 2015, the only way to address interest rates is to use archaic forms of communication. I'm surprised they didn't require the use of a carrier pigeon to close a checking account.

The final straw came when I went to get money out of an ATM a few weeks later, on a Saturday, after business hours. The ATM was down, forcing me to go to another nearby ATM, which charged me a $2 fee. When I called Monday, the next business day, I was told that they would not refund me the $2 because it wasn't their charge and because I could have found an ATM without a fee. I told them that I went to the next closest ATM, which they could confirm from the location, but they said it didn't matter, they would not refund the $2. When talking to my friend who works for PNC, she informed me that PNC refunds up to $10 in ATM fees when you are a customer there and use another banks ATM. That is just a standard courtesy for their members. I went on to call customer service and they reiterated that they would not refund the $2 and that the only way for me to get the other $2.50 that they charged me back, would be to wait until the fee is withdrawn and then FILE A CLAIM. I have to file a claim for $2.50

I have never met an institution that does so much to make dealing with them such a hassle that you would sooner just roll over and let them nickel and dime you until you're broke. Do yourself and find another bank... that is what I am doing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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