Where too start, i have been dealing with this incompetent company for the longest six years of my life! I just had to file bankruptcy last week too save my house.

They don't even tell you that they are putting you in sheriff sale. I have a 515 score do to them saying I don't pay! Even though they take it out of my account every single month and if you looked up my credit score. It shows up i paid one payment all year.

How does a company like this stay in business? They have said they were going to pay for my issues. Now they are just trying to steal my house from underneath me, my wife and three kids.

Its so unfair to do this to people who have never been late. This company has me so messed up i can't even get away from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I also was unfortunate in getting stuck with Wells Fargo. My original mortgage was through Washington Mutual.

I Never had any problems with their services, I liked how they handled business. I would receive a payment booklet with 6 months worth of payment invoice/bill, one for each month, straightforward mortgage info on what and how much was paid into the mortgage, interest, escrow balances. I have/had a fixed rate mortgage, monthly rates with no surprises, convoluted jargon, raised payments every few months or so- sadly that's what happened when WaMu went broke, and was bought out by WF and their megalomaniac banking partners Those corporate raiders most likely caused the collapse and closure of WaMu. This is rather telling about the scandalous business practices that Wells Fargo runs: "....

The new federal action against Wells Fargo comes less than two years after Wells Fargo was fined $185 million over what the CFPB called "the widespread illegal practice of secretly opening unauthorized deposit and credit card accounts. Wells Fargo Hit With $1 Billion In Fines Over Home And Auto Loan Abuses April 20, 2018" Ever since WF took over WaMu's mortgage dept. services, I've had nothing but headaches from them. WF screwed me over real good back in 2009.

They intentionally stalled, hemmed and hawed, and did not pay the Homeowners Insurance policy required in mortgages. The deadline came and went, despite numerous calls from myself and the broker I go through. On the final day of the dead line, we were told that they had signed and faxed the needed info, and paid up....this happened on a Fri.

Tick-tock...WF lied, they didn't pay up nor did they fax anything...my homeowners insurance was past the final deadline, and the policy was canceled...by the time the policy was finally paid for, my rates went way up....Grrrr! That's the kind of BS they pull...


Pay your bills....they want you to, they need you to, otherwise they’ll end up like you - bankruptcy (yeah I guess they’re stupid, I mean they loaned you money)

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