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7 days ago my 80year old mother went to the Wells Fargo Branch at 12641 N. Tatum Blvd in Phoenix to have a automatic withdrawal from one account changed to another.

The banker that served her ( Alyssa N. Morales) was rude and not very helpful, did not try to understand my mother so they called me on the phone and I explained it to her but she disappeared in the middle of the conversation, very rude.

My mother asked her three times if the automatic withdrawal will now come from the new account, and she replied 3 times yes!

6 days later, sure enough the automatic withdrawal came from the old account, which of course did not have enough money in it, so ….big surprise $35 overdraft charge ( a multi billion dollar income source for Wells Fargo).

Today my mother returned and Alyssa was again rude and said there is nothing she can do, it was written on the paper my mother signed and she even underlined it now to show her that it takes 10 days for the new account to be in effect. This after my mother had asked her 3 times if this next withdrawl will come from the new account. I got on the phone with her, but she just rudely blew me off, didn't even wanted to talk to me.

Thanks for your great customer service Alyssa Morales and Wells Fargo. You can be proud to have just ripped off another 80 year old on a shoestring pension budget!

Stories like this have happened to me many times in the last two years, I have lost over $2000 in overdraft charges, not because I did not pay attention to my balance and checks written, just to creative ways the bank can make money, such as depositing checks before midnight with the largest first, so as many as possible can overdraft and then crediting deposits after midnight. Crooks!

I wish I could change banks, but unfortunately, I don't think the others are better.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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The Obama administration has implemented new consumer lending rules that prevent banks from performing such practices. Some banks would like you to think they changed the rules because they are thinking of their customers, when in reality it is due to the new rules being put in place due to Obama

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