Palm Beach, Florida
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They are already threatening to take my car. I told lost my job and home and the woman said thats no excuse when is our company going to get paid.

I said not sure they asked for my address and what color of the vehicle. My payment was due the 8th. Panuzzo And its only the 12 of june. I write my last name because i am real person.Don't appreciate being yelled at or threaten at 17.9 % they ripped me off.

and stuck me with a bill. My understand under florida repo laws can not threaten harrass me, which they have, worse company ever.

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Our payment was due on the 18th of November and Sunday morning, the 21st of November we got a threatening call from someone at Wells Fargo. This account has not been delinquent and I make the monthly payments from a separate bank account because I refuse to set up autopayments because I have read all the horror stories.

Are they for real?

Three days late -barely and I get a harassing call?!

They coulnd't just send a friendly reminder or a friendly call? Ten more payments & then so long...never again.