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Well Fargo is a big company and is untouchable. I guess its OK to manipulate customers with their dubious act.

I'm with the mind set that the Federal Govt says it alright for their action. The bank is still open for operations after all the comment, the agony, the pain, the suffering of innocent customers, some of who are working so hard to make the end meet. Who can feel the pain of the lower and middle class in this situation except if you have been there. I was left with zero in my bank account for two weeks.

I have to call out from work because i can not afford to put gas in my car, my two boys (ages 8 and 10) have to go hungry because of Well Fargos overdraft withdrawal from my account. I wrote four checks to Citibank to the same person, the individual deposited the check at citibank on Thursday at exactly 6pm. i usually have a direct deposit to my Well Fargo account (from my state job) on Thursday. Wells Fargo will hold my direct deposit in their warehouse on Thursday and will only make the fund available on Friday.

Even though the individual supposed to deposit the check in his account on Friday because the checks was dated for the following day which was Friday. He deposited the four checks on Thursday to another banks Citibank at 6pm on Thursday. The deposit in my account by 12 pm on Friday was over the total amount of the check in my Wells fargo account (both savings and checking) Wells fargo went along and charge overdraft fees on each check and the processing fees all total 179 dollars. I guess they're unstoppable.

My hardworking sweat money. My account was zero balance both savings and checking. It was painful. We lived on homemade pancakes for two weeks.

I have to call out from my job since i can not afford the gas. I hope my writing will reach the senate, the white house, if there's anything they can do to curb this animals.

Wells fargo, shame on you, shame on you.You are dubiuos, deceitful son of a ***. I pray that someone will see this writing and help to expose this bastards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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I can understand that you would be frustrated but I think you should know, writing checks on your account when the funds are not available is illegal. When you write a date on the check that is an agreement between you and the person you gave the check too.

its not WF fault that you didnt have the money when you authorized this other person to take the funds out. and if your that hard up for money and live on such a tight budget, like myself, then you should always wait till the funds are in your acct before making payments just in case anything were to go wrong.

i had to learn the hard way as well. im hoping this is some advice you take seriously, from one hard working person on a budget to another.


My husband and I both share a Wells Fargo account and we don't necessarily inform each other of our transactions because we never really have a problem with not having much money in our Wells Fargo account. But, and I do say "but" today was the rare day when we were low on our checking account funds.

I typically use my Bank of America debit card for all transactions but today I made the mistake of using our Wells Fargo debit card to pay for a product over the phone. As soon as I had given my debit card information to the sales person and had hanged up the phone I decided to check my balance on my Wells Fargo account (I know what many of you are probably thinking right now, I should had checked my remaining balance prior to making my purchase).

It turns out that I was just $12 short and now our account read minus $12. So, I caught the mistake and within minutes I rushed to a Bank of America account ATM and withdrew money to go and quickly deposit it to our Wells Fargo account.

I even called Wells Fargo at 5:30 pm PST and told them that at 5 pm PST I had made a transaction over the phone and that I didn't realized I was short $12 so I was going to quickly make a deposit that same day at that instant (I was literary in a Wells Fargo branch parking lot when I was talking to them on the phone). My simple question to the Wells Fargo representative was: "If I make a deposit at that moment, that same day, less than 1 hour of difference, will I still get penalized for an overdraft fee?" and her answer was YES! She even went on to say that all banks have the same practice and I was quick in responding to her that with Bank of America that is not the case. All positives (credits) from largest to smallest get posted first then all negatives (debits) from largest to smallest get posted last all by 8 pm PST.

So needless to say if I would had made this mistake with Bank of America and if I would had made a deposit (credit) that same day prior to 8 pm I would not have gotten an overdraft fee. After this incident my husband and I are closing our account with Wells Fargo and moving everything to Bank of America.

The only reason as to why we even opened a Wells Fargo account was because our mortgage is through them. But other than that I am so glad we never closed our Bank of America account.


I too bank with WellsFargo, and while I agree their policies and customer service are not the best, the core issue here is that there wasn't adequate funds in your accounts to cover the checks. If you don't have the money to cover the checks, don't write them.


Oh, shut up. People do it ALL THE TIME. He clearly said his direct deposit was supposed to go in that night, so he wrote the checks in good faith that the money would be there. Not everyone has the option to just wait until everything clears and the money is showing up in your balance.

As a single mom with 3 kids and no child support, I can't tell you how many times I've had to write a check before my funds posted to keep my electricity from being shut off. any other bank would see the direct deposit coming in and give you the benefit since it's obvious funds are coming through, instead of charging you NSF out the yang and I think that's the persons complaint. I've had money wired to me numerous times abd WF has no consistency. One time it will come through within minutes, the next time it might take a full day and it's BS. Same person, same bank, funds are always good. It's also BS that they run transactions through with the largest first so that you incur as many NSF as possible.

My life insurance comes out automatically abd the last SIX TIMES I've gone through the ATM to deposit the cash to cover it, the ATM said "service unavailable at this time". I work 2 jobs and evenings are the only time I can deposit, so going to a teller isn't an option for me. As a result, I had NSF hit my account abd do you know what WF customer service said to me when I called to complain?? They said they had no way of knowing if I was telling the truth and refused to remove the fee! Now I take a picture of the damned thing bc it happens all the time, whether I go through at 10pm or 2am. There is no rhyme or reason.

In the last six months, WF has made over $200 in fees that they charge for a wire transfer, but you're going to nickel and dime me to death with NSF *** as well bc YOUR EQUIPMENT DOESNT WORK AS IT SHOULD?

While attempting to talk to another service person, the woman cut me off mid sentence and told me to "get to the point". Seriously?

I have been with WF for years and never had an NSF. Since they refused to remove the fee, I asked if they would credit it back as a courtesy since I'd never had one ... My last bank, a small, local bank would credit you if you hadn't had one in the prior six month period. But, WF, a multi million dollar bank? They won't do it and don't offer anything like that bc they're greedy and don't give a *** about their customers. As soon as I have a day off, hopefully 3 weeks from now, I'm closing this *** account and my savings and investment accounts abd going to ANYONE except these rude, profit driven thieves. Oh, and another thing... They charge account holders TEN DOLLARS FOR a cashiers check. Are you kidding me? Ten bucks to print out a piece of paper with my money from my account??? And $5 for a money order. You can get money orders from Walmart or the post office for less than a dollar but I'm stuck Wheh I have to have a cashiers check. WF, your customer service people are rude, barely speak English, and most of them are clueless about your policies... Maybe spend a little more time training them? And your policies are antiquated, unfair and profit driven. You care nothing about the people who make it possible for your branches to stay open and you make more money THAN ANY OTHER BANK on NSF ***, but you refuse to help your customers out when it's something that's not even their fault! I would rather bury coffee cans in the back yard than to deal with your BS. Can't WAIT to close my accounts.


Most of the time when you write a check that is post dated, the people that the check is written to, don't pay any attention to the date. At a place like Citibank or any other bank the checks probably aren't even checked by the human eye.

My guess is that they are put into some kind of sorting machine. However, what to you expect your bank to do when you write four checks that end up bouncing. Of course not finding a way to get to work, so that you aren't earning any money is really going to help your situation. Actually this is your fault, and why on earth would a person have to write four checks to the same company and person on the same day?

Couldn't you have written one for a larger amount?