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Wells Fargo/Auto Dealers

I bought a new vehicle 2 days after returning from Iraq for my third tour. I traded in my old vehicle who Wells Fargo is the lein holder on. 3 weeks after purchasing my new Jeep, I found out the dealership had gone out of business. I contacted Wells Fargo just to make sure that my trade in was paid off. Low and behold it hadnt. After over 2 months of Wells Fargo "fraud" department having all my information and conducting what they called was an investigation, they called to tell me I was 72 days late and owed over $1200 on a vehicle that I havent seen since early Dec. I now have 2 different auto loans. One for the Jeep I have and one for a Subaru that I dont have. They are making me pay $13,000.00 for a car that I have a contract stating I traded in. Why the *** does anyone sign a contract if the only people it protects is the bank????!?!?!?! I am so furious. I am a struggling veteran trying to work full time and attend school. I cant afford this. On top of all this when I asked if I could be put on some sort of hard ship payment program to lower my $500 a month payment, they told me not until the account is current. Wells Fargo doesnt stand behind their customers, the troops, or anyone else. Heartless company that deserves to get the same respect they give others.
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Wells Fargo Fees

Two months ago I had my automatic transfer from my checking to my saving reduced from the $75.00 to $25.00. I looked at my online statement today and I was overdrafted because the bank charged me a $12.00 fee for lowering my transfer amount to $25.00, so if I would have know that they are going to charge me $12.00 then what would be the point of lowering my transfer amount, they failed to mention that when I called to make the change and were bailing them out? Wells Fargo ohh and they were genrous to credit me bak $6.00.
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There are several class action lawsuits pending against Wells Fargo for excessive overdraft fees and manipulations.

I'm fighting close to $500 in overdraft fees right now, that the bank caused because of their sneaky creditcard debt recovery practices. They refused the payments I offered them in good faith on my business line of credit, as not enough, then without notice cleaned out my personal bank account, and didn't leave even enough money in there for pending charges. Now they say that *I* overdraw the account.

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No ten day grace period and was told there was

I finaced my car through wells fargo and I called to see if I had a ten day grace period was told I had a ten day grace period and when I needed a couple of extra days to make my car payment they charged me a late fee and ten dollars to pay by phone and counted it against my credit I was under the empression I had the ten day grace period to make my payment and not be charged a late fee plus have it counted against me I finaced a 2009 car thru wells fargo in december
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Bill Qvq
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Rate of Return

I was just curious when the banking institutions in the US will start charging people to keep money in there banks. After getting the bail out money from your children and grandchildren (not me I will be long gone) to purchase other banks, mismanagement of institution, and getting no return on investments. It seems like the next logical thing to do is charging people to keep there money safe. Checked your interest rate lately, I did . Hope I get a 30 day notice from Wells Fargo when they decide to do a little more fleecing and not one CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has been fired for this. lol
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Gets on my nerves!!!!

WellsFargo gets on my nerves so bad. I wish I didn't have my car through them.. They will call your house about 15 times a day. Starting at 8:00am until 9:00pm. I work all day and my caller I.D. has WellsFargo all over it. I told them I know when my payment is due I don't need them checking up on me, I make the payments! But, they still call. I hope one of them read this so they know that their jobs duties are making people hate them!!! They really need to redo their employee handbook.
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Does anyone know if Wells Fargo, Saxon Mortgage and First Franklin the same company? Everything that I have received has all 3 names on it.

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Wells Fargo Financial same as cash is bogus

I bought some Lazy Boy furniture because it came with an 18 month SAC financed through Wells Fargo. I made payments enough to pay it off in the 18 months. Unfortunately I also used a portion of the "credit line" for other purchases. I made payments enough to pay off the furniture but Wells Fargo applies your payments however they want. I even made a large payment over $1000 which was supposed to be applied against the Lazy Boy account. They applied it to the credit card instead. Then they hit me for the finance charges on the furniture. So the SAC program with them is a bogus scam. Don't Fall For It! Their website allows you to make a payment but you cannot direct it towards what they call a "sub" account. And you can't check your account balance or see how your payments were applied. There also isn't a place on your statement to show that you can direct any over-payment to one account versus the other. I'll never do business with them again. Think maybe I will go to CitiFinancial.
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I worked for Wells Fargo in Des Moines on the Lazy Boy account - with the credit card service people upstairs. It was normal business to apply payments in the companies best interest.

I'd try to help customers but it was next to impossible to get the girls upstairs to change the way a payment was applied. I apologize to you for ever working there!

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Heads Up if you have line of credit with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is jumping on the band wagon. My husband recently made a large pmt to his line of credit. They immediately decreased his line of credit--"due to credit bureau based account management review." BS--with higher int rates and decreasing credit limits--the only thing lowering his score are the banks right now. According to WF--they don't have to give you notice--that comes in the mail after the fact. So be careful if you are doing the whole bal transfer deal--trying to get it all on one card w/lower locked-in int rate. Or if you use a balance transfer check. They might yank that credit in the middle of all of it. Also, according to the bank--they can do the same with your WF Business Line of Credit/MC. They can decrease it anytime--without prior notice--right in the middle of a transaction with one of your vendors.
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I bought furniture at roomstore for $3000.00 which was charged to wells fargo roomstore account and a GE account with 0% for the life of the 1500.00 on each card. I have made payments to each card every month on time.

My GE card now has 50.00 remaining and my Wells fargo account had 951.00 remaining. (???)

I called WElls Fargo and was informed oh,a couple of months ago, three of my payments were retuned NSF. Turns out that when I changed bank accounts and imformed Wells on the new checking account #, they had never switched over my new account information. Instead of telling me about the NSF charges that they were STILL trying to get from my old account, they were also accepting the automatic payments from my new checking account.

So it turned out that my monthly payments were only paying for the NSF fees. Once I figured out what they were doing for FOUR MONTHS, I asked the call center supervisor why I was not notiifed. He advised me it was my responsibiility to make sure my information was correct not Wells Fargo. I told him to go *** himself and paid the whole account in full right there on the spot.

I was assured I would never have to deal with them again. That was in Jan 09. Today, April 20th, I get a letter in the bank from Wells Fargo stating that I owed them 90.00 for unpaid NSF fees back in Jan of 09.

Again they are doing the same thing!!!! NEVER OPEN A WELLS FARGO ROOMSTORE ACCOUNT!


They did the same thing to me, and managed to generate themselves additional $1000 in various fees that they are holding me responsible for now (on a business card with $6500 balance).

No wonder they are turning record profits, while my Engineering business is going under (because of bank's liberal lending, and housing market in the toilet).

They messed up the market, and now they're squeezing the last penny out of displaced service providers in the market they ruined.

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Joseph Mpt
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Wells Fargo is the BEST bank ever...

I don't understand people's problems with Wells Fargo. For one, they are by far the most friendly people I've ever dealt with in a bank setting. I do understand, though, that it is an annoying friendly at times; like it's too phony. Also, they were willing to open an account for me, when nobody else would; I didn't even have the $100 open fee. I have never dealt with a better bank. They always answer their phones and follow through on home calls. The online banking is the best I've ever used and being able to get fraud alerts sent to you and getting your balance texted to you in seconds on request, come on. Anyone who has problems at Wells Fargo, probably deserves it. Like the guy who complains about them giving attitude over being "ONLY 5 days LATE" on a a payment, DUDE! YOU WERE LATE!
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I've been with wells Fargo for 20 years, and never in my life bounced a check or had any other financial issue due to personal responsibility lapse. I'm also a degreed proffessional.

Last recession I managed to survive, this recession is hitting particularly hard. As soon as Wellls Fargo smelled a weakness, instead of being willing to work wioth me with good faith payments for a little while (I've been out of full time work for over a year now due to the recession, and my income is 1/4 of what it used to be), Wells Fargo is hitting me with any possible fee they can dream up, and trying to liquidate any assets that I may have left.

Their collection people are the worst I ever dealt with. I had a slim period during the last recession, and worked with American Express Credit, and with Discovery card Credit, and Capital One. All of them allowed me to make smaller payments for 6 months to a year, during the worst recession period. When I recovered, I paid them back every penny I owed. No chargeoffs or settlemets for a lower amount.

Wells fargo, on the other hand is manipulating. First they closed my business credit line without notifying me (it was current, and not even close to the limit. Maybe half ways, and being paid monthly very significantly over the minimum payment). The sudden credit line closure with no notification resulted in $2000 in fees they tacked onto my credit, explaining it's the usage of a closed credit line, and over the limit fees, and are holding me responsible for. They also jacked up the interest rate from 12% to 25%. A year ago I still had some business going, and was going to *** the bullet and pay the fees. Since then business dried out even more, and I couldn't keep up with $600 or more/mo business credit payments.

Over the last year, Wells Fargo VERY RUDELY refused any reduced good faith payment offers (and making them) on my part. They insist on being paid for it, and be paid now. Their way or no way.

Just recently, they seized my personal checking account, apparently I agreed to them doing this due to some sort of a small print I signed off on then years ago when I opened up my business, and business banking with them. This too was without notice, and with leaving ZERO balance in the account, blindsiding me with $800 in unpaid drafts, and close to additonal $500 in overdraft fees resulting from them cleaning out my personal checking.

A week after this happened, I finally recieved a letter from their collection department, saying the will do this.

Oddly, the letter was postmarked the day after I said I'll have to have an attorney look into resolving the matter, as I believe I was getting conflicting information. (April 6). The letterhead itself is dated (April 1).

My repeated attempts to contact and resove this issue with their collection department (in the last couple of weeks) went unanswered.

Wells Fargo will be kissy kissy with you when you can bring them value. If they sense weakness, they will play the worst hardball of any bank I've seen.

The saddest part is that being a Civil Engineer, my business is very tied to Real Estate and lending and banking industry, and this lending debacle has pretty much ruined my business. When they want new homes, you;re the bad guy because you can't crank the projects out fast enough. Now that everything stopped, you're the bad guy again, because you can't keep up with the bills.

Also, unlike Wells Fargo, my little business didn't get a government bailout. They're using my tax money to help themselves, and putting a screw to little people like me, whom theese taxes came from.

That's how Wells Fargo is turning record profits, they took $4000 of debt that I had on a $10,000 credit line, and using various fees, manipulations and jacked up interest rates turned it into $8000 they are now holding me responsible for.

When I went to talk to my branch manager, and explained the whole situation, he was very nice, apologetic, and acted flabergasted with the situation, and the business credit department aggressiveness, but basically told me that his hands are tied.

Since I'm a very small business, and not incorporated, but a sole proprietor, Wells Fargo is going after me personally and wanting to liquidate my family assets the same way they would liquidate a business.

No human consideration whatsoever, no consideration whatsoever for having been a customer for 20 years with excellent and squeaky clean banking and credit record.

Wells Fargo turned out the be the worst kind, super sweet in your face, and ready to stab you in the back the minute it is convenient for them.


I used to be really happy with them too. But times are changing.

Basically WF has penalized me for using my CC too much. (Never late, always pay more than the minimum, FICO mid 700s) They are raising my interest rate 40%. I have talked to countless CSRs and today, Executive offices. She basically told me it was my own fault (remember never late, never overlimit, always pay more than minimum but it's their 'ratios')

I have 6 accounts with them. By Summer they will all be moved or paid off and closed.

BTW my relationship with them goes back to 1981. THIS is how they reward loyalty.

If I told a long time good client "Thanks for your business, I'm raising my fees now" it would be professional suicide. I'm very disappointed.


Joseph, you have got to be kidding! You either must work for them or you live in an "Alice in Wonderland" world.


:grin I have 2 Wells Fargo checking accounts, 1 I have had since 1977 (32 years) and have had no problems. :zzz :p

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Jade Cpu
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Wells Fargo Make A Formal Complaint

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency If you have a problem with Wells Fargo or any other national bank, you can make a formal complaint here. The bank will listen to you after you do this. They do not like to get these kinds of complaints. As a matter of fact if they get too many they could be in for big problems. I would suggest that you make a formal complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency. 1-80*-613-**** Customer Assistance Group 1301 McKinney Street Suite 3450 Houston, TX 77010 FAX: 713-336-**** You can also go to your Attorney General of your state.
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I went to wells fargo in rancho bernardo to do a wire transfer not noing that it was a scam the person helping me didnt question any of it at all. if he would have asked me that the person that it was going to is the same person that did the work i would have called that person and asked.

so I filed a clam with the fraud dept and of coures they said there is nothing they can do. so why are we insured by the federal goverment.


My mothers house was refinanced without permission. What do I do?


I normally don't do this, but today I was at the WellsFargo bank (branch 4648 Mission St., San Francisco, CA) and the person "helping" Antonio, the customers in line was the most rude and offensive perso. First of all I am a customer...I am 8 1/2 months pregnant..I waited patipatently in line for 10 min...I went up to the sister needed to verify check, which we did, but they helper made us get in line again for another 20-30 min...


With all these complaints and yet I see no respond back to any of these comments. This website is just a cover up for all the flaws that Wells fargo has.


I was approached about obtaining a secured credit card while banking at my local branch. No, I did not inquire about the card, I was only making a checking deposit.

The card wasn't even to me yet when I decided not to obtain it. In the local branch, I was told that it was already being processed and that I should call to cancel as soon as I received it. I did so, never activating the card and at the very end of the conversation (well past the process of closing the card) I asked about the funds for security being deposited back into my account. I was very upset when the girl on the line said that it would take 30-60 days to receive my "security" on a card I'd tried to cancel from the beginning.

It has now been 60 days since the funds were taken from my account so I called again. Today, I find out that the first girl never closed the account????? Another 30-60 days??? There was absolutely ..

ABSOLUTELY no doubt that we were well past the closing of the account when I became upset about the time involved in receiving my secured funds. (Do you agree? Yes. You can never get another secured card ..

no problem.. way past the point of agreeing to the closure of that credit card..WAY) I honestly believe that the first "representative" maliciously failed to close the account. In fact, when I started the phone process today, the first person said there was no such account number (card number). Yes, I was very upset since I tried from the beginning to decline this card, but listen to the recording and see if this account was not very obviously closed during that conversation.

I should NOT have to wait another 30-60 days for my funds to be returned to me.


I was ask to leave the Wells Fargo bank on Henderson road in King of Prussia Pa . by the manager.

Because I refuse to applied for one of their credit card . I was also ask to close my seven year old account and don't come back .

All because I got upset with the bank teller who keep trying to push me to applied for their new credit card . There's branch has the rudest and worse people working.


I'm standing ...for over 40 min ...on the 3rd of the month ...In the Wells Fargo lobby, on Northern/55th ave ish while only 3 tellers are on duty! REALLY??

While people who have disabilities, time restraints ..*** ... LIVES in general, wait needlessly, as the branch manager nonchalantly explains to me, the reason for the wait is.. that people were promoted.. My question in return..

You did not know that in advance?? This is ridiculous I plan on closing the account never to return!


yes the Wells -Fargo in Henderson Road in King of Prussia sucks especially the big tall manager . How they take your money and then treat people like garbage


wells fargo has been a problem from day one with me I open a account as to do business as a small company and then they tell me my atm card can only take out 300 hundreds dollars a day that's my limted what the *** if want take out 600 dollars I have to wait the next day then the posting money time is a joke we are in the computer age but they are still back in the horse and cow boy rider zone this bank has the slowest computer system if that's what they are using this bank need to come up to 2013 not 1889 *** ther car faster then ther service must be a two year old running wells fargo i want to take my money and move but the broker that i deal with wants me to use this bank cause he next door and can depost it easy for him but living *** for me .


I have been trying to close an account for almost 3 weeks now. It's been a headache and I feel like they are keeping me trapped, trying to pay them fees each and every time.

I opened up a new checking account with them and wanted them to close the old one. Instead of issuing me a temporary card, I was told that they could link my current debit card to the new account. My old account I wanted to close had one pending charge so I was told to call them back the next day and have them close it over the phone. Sounds easy right?

Well, after that bank visit, I made 3 purchases. A couple of days later, those charges were posted to my new account like they should have been. My husband goes into a branch to close the old checking and they say that I have pending charges which were the purchases I made that day. I am looking at the screen on my laptop as I am on the phone with my husband, and they are telling him that is not what they see.

Apparently, what my online account was showing me at home, wasn't what they seen on their screen? Hmm. They could not explain it and said to come back on Monday and get it sorted out. On Monday, I check the accounts online and all the sudden the charges that were showing up as posted to my new account, were not posted to the old account that we've been wanting to close!

WHAT THE ***?!? What kind of phuckery is this??? Husband goes back to the branch and they managed to fix it to where we will not be charged the NSF fees. That worker could not explain why those purchases got switched to the old account.

I swear, WFB has some evil little trolls posting those transactions to wherever the *** they feel like it.

They will tell you anything to throw you off so they can justify their shady activities. Burn in *** WF.

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Wells Fargo will not close out my payed off Credit Card Account

Two years ago I payed off my Wells Fargo Credit Card because the interest rate was too high. Now, two years later, I receive a bill with two charges that total $76.33. I called Wells Fargo Customer Service and asked why this account wasn't closed and was informed "Sir, you never closed this account". I then explained what happened and was transfered to Customer Fraud. Customer Fraud (Alena id ec5) stated they would research the charges and go ahead and take these off the account. I stated that I closed the account two years ago and why wasn't it closed. They stated I would need to contact Customer Service to close the account. Now, I'm transfered to customer service and spoke with Chris (#2881) who promised me the account would be closed by 10.10.08). Today (10.15.08) I receive a new Wells Fargo credit card in the mail. Now, I'm really shocked because what part of close my account do they not understand? I call customer service the the representative stated I never closed my account. I then asked for his supervisor and I'm transfered to Enrica Canales (S4136). I explain what happend going back two years. he then states, what do you want me to do, I stated "close my account" then he asks me why? I explain again and now he says that I never closed my account and asked me why I can't keep my stories straight. About that time I because more than upset. He then said "Sir, you have two options, tell me what you want or I hang up". I have already explained to this person more than once that the account needed to be closed. He then stated that the record showed that I only called last week and spoke with customer service and never requested to have my account closed". About this time I asked for his supervisor and he stated "I don't have one". I asked "so, you don't report to anyone? We all report to someone?" He said, "I report to a board". He refused to give me the information but a PO box that I could write to. Now, I'm really getting pissed off and this is no lie, he called me a lier, an *** and I must be stuipid because I am making this all up and never requested to have my account closed". I want to know why my account wasn't closed two years ago, last week via Chris (#2881) and this evening. I also want to know why I receive a new credit card? I was so pissed I hung up. I have a feeling this was his goal. I called back and spoke with Raymond (#807072) who gave me a number to contact in regards to complaints against this manager. You can believe me, I will be calling tomorrow, contacting the Attorney Generals Office, the CEO of WF and every site that talks about Wells Fargo. What I don't understand is why they are great about setting up an account, but when you close it, they always seem to "forget" to close it and stated that it was never done.
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I am a lawyer licensed in 2 states. Do not waste your time or heart tissue with worry.

Simply write Account is closed on the latest bill they send you and be done with it. If they send another inform them you will sue for harasment and be done.

If they ever contact you again do it, you could get a tidy little sum because anything below $15000 is cheaper for them to settle than fight. Also notice Wells Fargo is the subject of way to many complaints, and they know it.

T G Wyz
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Wells Fargo failed to adivse me of deposit return

12/18/08 I made a deposit from a check I got from my home insurance. 12/29/08 I noticed the deposit was 'returned' on 12/24/08 and I never was advised of this. This check was for damages caused by a busted water pipe which I had already took 300+ out of the 2k$ check to pay for some repairs. So, now i'm -300+ because of this. The reason, I needed my local branch to sign/authorize it. I would of liked to be informed of this before I took money out of it. It showed to be in my account from 12/18/08 to 12/24/08. It took them 6 days to decide I needed my local branch to authorize it? I called them up and all they said was that, I need them to authorize it. So, I asked how can I do that without having the check because I already deposited it; it has been mailed to you. They better pray it does not get lost in the mail and I get it very soon because I have checks I just mailed off thinking that money was in there. I am really thinking about getting a lawyer and for sure leaving Wells Fargo for this. That is total ***.
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Alanie Mzl
map-marker New York, New York

800 - 900% Lender Placed Insurance Premium rip off

We are complaining horrific mortgage LENDER PLACED INSURANCE PREMIUM RIP OFF by American Servicing Company, American Security Insurance company, & Assurant Specialty Property. (American Servicing Company is A WELLS FARGO) 1.Exorbitant 800 – 900% Lender placed insurance premium without any notice. We provided Home owner’s insurance policy covering from Aug 2006, so there was about 1 month and 2 weeks of lapse which they claimed they notified us to cover from June 2006 which we never received and we demanded them to provide the proof of such notice but they failed to provide. 2.Excessive 800 - 900% gauging – if it is not illegal, it is willful exploitation. For mere 1 month 2 weeks short lapse, they charged insurance premium whopping $1568.52 ($1078 + $490.90), prorated abut $8000 yearly for DWELLING ONLY without any liabilities for COVERAGE AMOUNT $750,000 while comparable industry average Dwelling only premium for that coverage is about $1200 YEAR. 3.Unilateral lender placement charge –BETRAYAL OF CUSTOMER’S TRUST. They unilaterally insured at the highest gauging amount of premium THRU THEIR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY WITHOUT CUSTOMER’S CONSENT. They betrayed customer’s trust to profiting themselves, which should be breach of fiduciary duty. This self-dealing insurance premium rip off is directly hurting consumer and should be stopped. When we complained, ASC replied they sent notice to us on July 17, 2006 which we never received and we demanded proof of notice they delivered to us but they refused it and failed to prove they gave us notice. 4.Unilateral deduction from Mortgage payment and started to charge late fee. Despite we paid full amount of monthly mortgage payments every month in time without any skip, ASC took the gauging insurance premium away from our mortgage payment unilaterally and did not applied our payments to monthly mortgage payment and started to charge late fee. THIS WILFULL EXPLOITATION IS HURTING CONSUMER AND MUST BE STOPPED. Despite of our complaints in the past a year to correct it, they are keep charging late fee and harassing to foreclose. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. PLEASE HELP TO PROTECT THE CONSUMERS. THIS IS WILFULL AND DELIBERATE EXPLOITATION BY GAUGING INSURANCE PREMIUM. 5.Retroactive insurance premium charge should be stopped – if not illegal it is wilful exploitation. OUR INSURANCE POLICY COVERAGE DATE WAS AUGUST 2006. ASC'S LENDER PLACEMENT INSURANCE BINDING AND NOTICE DATE WAS OCTOBER 2, 2006. NONTHELESS, ASC CHARGED RETROACTIVELY FROM JUNE 2006 6.ASC confessed it was their error not able to notify to us as ASC audit team discovered later there is no hazard insurance on our mortgage after they purchased the loan from Ohio Savings bank, this facts were confirmed by ASC employees “Miss SHANE, and Miss ALICIA both working in Frederick, MD office. 7.Despite of all above, not only there was no fire on my house during the lapse period but also WE NEVER MAKE ANY ERROR ON OUR SIDE for that short lapse, in fact it was their error as they confessed. Therefore it is very natural to grant courtesy and grace period for that short lapse, but ASC refused which proves that their practices are WILFULL EXPLOITATION, TRAP, AND PREDATORY TO HARM CONSUMER to profit themselves. We are very very frustrated as they continue to refuse to correct it for the past year and giving us painful ordeal. Please kindly help us let them stop this kind of ASC/Wells Fargo Bank's willful and exploitative practices as I believe this is their pattern of consumer exploitation not only us but others as well. Sincerely yours, Hong y Cho ASC/A Wells Fargo Mr *** Kovokovich CEO 7495 New Horizon Way Frederick, MD 21703
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I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo which I have had for many years.

I refinanced 18 months ago with them with no problem. Rates dropped and they contacted me about refinancing again which I decided to do. After 4 months of nothing but problems (them losing items I faxed to then and having to refax many times etc) I was denied refinancing stating I had to much debt to income ratio.

Go figure refinancing would drop my payment that they are already

receiving now. Looks to me like they want to keep me at a higher interest and not interested in helping me lower payments. What kind of business is this?


We have had similar problems with them. They purchase flood insurance for us to match the hazard insurance level even though our insurance person has talked them telling them we do not need the same level on both insurances.

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workruler c
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In appropriate banking practices: gouging consumers

Wells Fargo Client Services P.O. Box 6995 Portland Oregon 97228-**** Re: letter of complaint against Wells Fargo Bank. Client Services, On Wed. 3 September I drove 60 miles from Fort Sumner New Mexico to Clovis New Mexico to deposit my bi-weekly salary into my checking account. I deposited two money orders from Wal Mart; one for $700, the other for $500. I was aware at the time of deposit that a check had been honored 24 hours previously resulting in a negative balance in my account. Upon checking my account on the computer Thursday morning, the on-line bank statement showed a positive balance of about $150, the $1200 deposit was pending and the $700 money order was on hold until 08 September. When I accessed my account today, Saturday 06 September, the on-line bank statement showed a negative balance of about $149, and both the $700 and $400 money orders were on hold until 11 September. I checked the reason for the hold, and there was annotation of irregular deposits to my account. I called the phone bank and spoke to a “Michael” and shared my displeasure about all of my funds being placed on hold and my puzzlement as to what irregular deposits were being questioned. He quoted the bank policy; I told him I know their policy, but why both money orders, and what irregularities? He responded that the bank needed to verify the origins of the money orders; I replied they were from Wal Mart and I use Wal Mart money orders often to deposit money into my account. I questioned, what was so different this time? He again began quoting bank policy. I thank him for his time and told him of my plans to file complaints to Wells Fargo and the New Mexico State Attorney General. I went for a drive and cooled down and decided not to file a complaint, until I logged onto my computer upon returning home to see that the reason for the holds had been changed to “repeated overdrafts in past six months”. Upon checking my account history, I decided that I would complain. First of all, if anyone wishes to examine my account, a person could set their watch my deposits. I get paid every two weeks, on Wednesday and the number of times I do not deposit my salary every Wednesday evening can be counted on one hand, minus the thumb; there are NO irregularities in my deposits. I do have 2 or 3 utility bills that are automatically withdrawn from my account within the first 2 weeks of every month, without fail; again no irregularities. If anyone examines my debits, they would conclude I own stock in Wal Mart, have a car payment, a home mortgage and also pay rent on a house where I work out of town; again no irregularities. As for overdrafts, the last overdraft I incurred was in June of 08 and since I am a Doctoral Student I do run into financial problems, such as the one I had in March of 08, I did have several overdrafts. However, I believe if anyone were to look closer at my over drafts in March as well as the one a few days ago, there appears to be a banking practice that I do question. The person who makes these decisions is aware of my banking patterns; deposits and debits. They are aware I am sure that if a hold is placed on my account during the first part of the month, I will incur several overdrafts because I have 2 or 3 utility bills that are automatically paid out of my account, resulting in several overdraft fees and extending the account holds, which then results in more overdraft fees because I do have a mortgage and rent and other utilities that I pay towards the middle and end of the month. So yes, I find it hard to believe that the person who makes these decisions is not aware of the commutative affect of holds when some bills are automatically presented for payment. I can only deduce, assume and therefore conclude that the reason that someone places a hold on my account during the first two weeks of the month is to increase the income of the bank through overdraft fees, resulting in greater financial hardship and psychological stress for me. In this case Wells Fargo could not decide if the reason for the hold was irregularities of deposits or persistent overdrafts (two since June). What do I want? I would be satisfied if debits that occur automatically would be honored during financial holds without overdraft fees and the reasons for the holds are realistic and honest. If this practice is occurring with the many patrons of Well Fargo, I can only image amount of money the bank gains through this practice.
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Wells Fargo Financial - rude customer service -denies receiving certified mail for 2nd time!

I just got off the phone with a representative from Wells Fargo Financial. The man I spoke to from customer service must have been one of the rudest people I have encountered in a long time! I was recalled to active duty and under the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act am entitled to an interest percentage drop if the obligation was entered prior to enlisting. Anyways, I mailed the paperwork (a letter explaining the situation, my orders, my enlistment contract) and certified/registered mailed it to their address that handles this in late August this year. Since I hadn't heard anything by September and the delivery confirmation stated it was received in late August (even had the signature) I decided to call. The customer service representative said they must have not received it. I explained that it was certified and he told me to try to read the signature. Needless to say, we didn't come to an agreement and I resent the information, again certified and registered mail. Fast forward to a month later. Today I decide to call since no changes have been reflected on my account. I speak to a gentleman and tell him this is the second time I have sent in this information which now clearly states it was received Sept 29th of this year. Since it's mid October, and I still hadn't heard anything, I wanted to speak to someone who could help. He was possibly the rudest customer service representative I have encountered. He told me it hadn't been 30 days and they had not received anything. He verified that the address I was sending it to was correct and said to resend. I told him I wanted to speak to the dept that handles it since obviously someone was signing for this and nothing was being noted into the account and he said no one could help me. I finally asked to speak to his supervisor and he said no one could help me. He told me that I couldn't count since it hadn't been the thirty days so no one could help me. I reiterated to him that this was my second attempt at sending this information but he was too busy telling me to just mail it again that he failed to realize that I have two receipts that state this was received by Wells Fargo. He was so rude - why work in customer service with that attitude? It reflects extremely poorly on Wells Fargo to hire such incompetent people. Finally he patches me through to supposedly his supervisor which was actually cordial however said I would have to mail the paperwork again and to certify it (obviously this method has yet to work). I told him I would humor him and send it in again, however, I wanted a point of contact so that if this is not received once again, I can speak to someone to fix this issue. He said to call back customer service. I am extremely upset with the way Wells Fargo is treating me and this situation. I've served my country to nine years now and Congress and our President have put this Act in place to help us. It is a shame that companies like Wells Fargo do everything they can to not comply. Do NOT bank with Wells Fargo Financial!
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As a fellow soldier, I understand and realize what poor customer service Wells Fargo has. Call 866-677-**** to file your complaint.

Also, contact your State Attorney Generals Office and your Congressman. Trust me, this will get the attention it deserves.Thanks for serving.

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Will not correct their mistake.

I have been trying for a year this month to get correction on my car loan. I have faxed copies of where the payment was put onto an account that had already been paid off. They continually harrass you ,you try to explain it and send or fax paper work showing them it was put on another account and they don't want to here that. They would have to admit they were wrong. I will never make the same mistake again. This is one place I will never borrow money from again. If I even buy another car and they say Wells Fargo is our lender,I will walk out and not buy my car there.
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it sounds like its your fault not wells fargo, smart guy


I'm with you. I will never do business with them again.

I boght some Lazy Boy furniture because it came with an 18 month SAC. I made payments enough to pay it off in the 18 months. Unfortunately I also used a portion of the "credit line" for other purchases. I made payments enough to pay off the furniture but Wells Fargo applies your payments however they want.

In short they hit me for the finance charges on the furniture.

So the SAC program with them is a bogus scam. DON'T FALL FOR IT.

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