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Wells Fargo-Overdraft Fees

All I can say is that if you have an account with Wells Fargo, when you have the opportunity, LEAVE! Now, apparently you need a college degree to bank because God forbid, a financial institution should have simple rules. Basically in my case, I always check my account online. WHY? Because if I call and ask a question about it, the bank tellers will charge me for it if I am able to see things online and I don't have time to go down to the bank and ask questions at my leasure. So when I check my account online it says I have money, so I make a deposit and by my calculation I should not be over drawn. Well low and behold, I get nailed for 6 overdraft fees(in the amount of $204 total, $34 apiece) When I spoke with the manager, she had this nice software that conveniently points out when I was overdrawn. So I asked, if you can see when I was overdrawn, how come I cannot see when I was overdrawn? She then points out I should balance my checkbook, because apparently I am an *** and I should have known about this. But she also advised me Wells Fargo has no way of knowning officially when I am overdrawn until it posts so this justifies me getting charged this money. If you have to reread the last 2 sentences for clarity, please understand why I was escorted out of the building. So I am just advising any sane person with a brain who reads this should go to a credit union. I realize some of the people who read this, might think dee dee dee..this guys an ***. Well when this happens to you, at least you will have been warned.
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Only been with Wells F&#* since 4-10 but

as of Aug could see Monies Missing, Check book balance was off. Its not about spending too much money, its about beening ripped off.

My check is written and accounted for so my balance should ALWAYS be lower than Wells. It wasn't.

NO WAY to prove anything, so I'm back at Credit Union. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


A similar thing happened to me. I can't wait until I no longer bank at Wells Fargo!

Wells Fargo Customers- Just because you get your paychecks direct deposited doesn't mean the money is actually there to spend! I've been charged overdraft fees unjustly as well.

My paycheck is allegedly depoisted into my account on Friday. It was still "pending" on a Monday, the perfect time for WF to "charge" ridiculous overdraft fees.


What is wrong with you people. Don't spend more than you have! How hard is that?


Lying thieves. They cheat. If they see you overdraw, even for a dollar, they will go back a few days and jigger the dates on a few small transactions so they can hit you with several $35 fees instead of one.


News flash. dont spend money you dont have!

Every bank does this!! dont write checks, because people can hold on to them for a looooong time. if ur not sure if its posted then dont spend that money!

its really not that hard ppl. be responsible.


Completely agree. How the *** am I supposed to see that my account is overdrawn when one day it's in positive balance and the next day I have three overdraft fees ($105)?!


Wells fargo is definately crooked and they need to be sued or something. They are just ripping people off!!

Literally. My sons army recruiter personally took him to Wells Fargo for D/D of his military checks, so I think the Govt is involved thats why nobody does *** about it.

That poor kid never had any money at all because of *** fees when he supposedly had money in the bank. I finally just added him to my account at a local bank that does things the right way.


They just hit me the other day with 9 overdraft fees in one day that equals about 400$ and I talked with 4 different people they all said I am an *** and I should keep better track of my money. They stole my paycheck and its still overdrawn, now they keep hitting me with level 2 od fees and its still in the hole.

They make me so angry and pissed off, I decided to bury my money in my backyard. I hate this bank.


Wells Fargo sucks!! I did leave them after 23 years and got an account at my local credit union.

Let me repeat - Wells Fargo sucks and will suck your account dry in fees - no matter why.

Boycott Wells Fargo NOW!


gaaah! i hate wellsfargo! im leaving as soon as it is monday cause im sick of their fees!!

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Wells Fargo Deposit
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Fargo Financial

i was ripped off also, I was told to file a police report in stone mountain, ga and also filed a complaint with bbb and state attorney general office--- I guess they had fun shopping for christmas was all of our money-- since now the phones have been down for 2 weeks if anyone has gotten there money back at all, please post-- and if anyone has any other suggestions on how to get the money back please also post we should have known it was to good to be true thanks for any help, i can get i would really like my money back
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I was ripped off my this company also...this happened to me back in October 07 they got my money but never got my loan they kept giving me excuses they they stopped answering the phones. I am a smart lady and can't believe it happened to me I filed a report with the BBB but I know my money is gone. I did some research and any reliable company will not ask for any up front as well don't send anymoney western union or moneygram

Pissed off too

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Wells Fargo Loan
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Fargo financial AKA

Well I'm in the same boat as other people are. I was riped off by this company for $1250.00 in November 2007. I found out that this company is not for real. I found out through resources that this is a scam. do not use this company at all. It said I was approved for a $7000.00 loan. That I needed to send money by a western union wire transfer to Canada. I had to but a insurance policy or make a minimum of 5 payments before i could get the loan. they said it would make this loan a secure loan. I was told that I would get the money within 24 hrs. It now has been about 6 weeks and still no money.
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I was trying to get a small loan to pay off bills i don't have great credit and this company called me with great news. $5000 loan however the lender would only approve me if I made an insurance deposit of $950.00 but only by wire transfer and to Canada I was kind of leary about this but they had a legit website and active e-mail addresses plus the loan contract looked fine too. Well after the wire transfer I was told I would receive the monies in 24hrs well of course that did not happen and I kept calling after 3 weeks I still had no monies. They would give me every excuse in the book the transfer did not go throught we entered the wrong numbers and so fourth. I finally told them to return my deposit that was a month ago and still nothing. I am just going to say that this was a rip off and never deal with this company. They are still in business and if they call you hang up on them don't make the same mistake I did
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I was ripped off my the same company who used the exact same line as the exact same amount that they wanted from you$ 950.00. Wire to Canada.

I thought it was legit because they had a contract email website but i was wrong. I did some research and any legit company would never ask for monies up-front and never wire transfer to anywhere especially out of the country well hard lessoned learned but I will never ever get a loan thru anyone not even if they are legit.

the best thing is try to go thru your own bank also American General Finance is great company for those with less then perfect credit. Hope that helps


The website is gone now, and the website has changed. We recently had a chargeback processed by Visa for products purchased from our website using stolen credit card information by someone with an email address at the domain.

They used the same credit card to pay for pay-per-click advertising at Google, MSN and Yahoo. So be very careful about giving your credit card info to these kinds of sites.

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Wells Fargo Loan

Wells Fargo Financial for Raymour and Flanigan

I wouldn't recommend Raymour and Flanigan to anyone, especially since one has to deal with Wells Fargo Financial. I paid off this account in October and received a statement indicating I owed nothing more on this acct. Then in December received another statement saying I was "slightly late" and charged a late fee of $10. I want the word out there about this company and their underhanded business practices. I will never do business with Raymour and Flanigan as long as they continue to use Wells Fargo Financial. I depise this company. My sister has had problems with them, as well. For about the same thing, making bogus charges.
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I feel that Wells Fargo is discriminatory on the basis that I do not work. I do get an income because I am disabled.

Their decision was based on a credit report "but the reporting agency played no part in their decision". Make up your mind WFF. Give me some specifics then. My credit report isn't perfect, but I scored over 6hundred.

I know I'm not the only one complaining. The way the banks are failing, you'll need the average consumer soon WFF.

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Wells Fargo Account
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Craig, I guess this is what WellsFargo does to military indiv cause they have a lot of military accounts. My son had the same problems.

After having vehicle and paying for 4 years, he still owes 17,000 for orig 19K. Then we tried to get a payoff, non for 3 years. Drop lien and then repo/stole vehicle after 2 years no contact. U 2 should write a complaint 2 Federal Trade Commission.

May enough complaints and they will do something. (Maybe wishful thinking).


This bank is full of unscrupulous bastards! They constantly harass me that my daughter's car loan is late.

Sending mail and phone calls non-stop. I get on-line to review her account information and even their records indicate she is current. They put unnecessary insurance on her vehicle without contacting her, trying to charge her extra, until she proves she already has her own insurance. They take extra out of her account for her payment.

Her payment is $345 a month and sometimes they take a double payment and then act like it was her fault when her account didn't have enough to cover it, charging her another fee. I hope Wells Fargo folds and another banking company with some morals buy's these idiots. They are ridiculous and deserve to be out of business.

My daughter is in the military, serving our country and this is how she is treated. Sickning!


As far as I am concerned that is much better than your neg am loan. You will at least now pay down the loan instead of owing more than what it started at.

No one forced you to take the loan that was offered.

I would bet you didn't eliminate your debt after it was paid off. You need to learn to manage your money.

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Wells Fargo Mortgage
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WELLS FARGO, dba, AMERICAS SERVICING COMPANY TURNING THE AMERICAN DREAM INTO A NATIONWIDE NIGHTMARE My lovely home of seventeen years is up for a Sheriff's sale on October 3, 2007. My home. I pray Disaster Relief is made available immediately for families in crisis. For a record number of home owners, the American dream is currently a nightmare. Wells Fargo dba American Servicing Company (ASC) hopes to take my home. The balance on my loan is very small, less than half of the home's appraised value. My mortgage payments are low, I can afford them, and I have always made them on time. My mind spins as I try to understand how something like this can happen. But the truth is nothing is for certain. Last February, I received a letter from ASC. Effective immediately, my mortgage payment increased 200%! I called Customer Service and was told my payment increased due to a negative balance in my escrow account. I told them they didn’t escrow on the account, had never escrowed on the account, and I confirmed with them my monthly mortgage payment would not change. They told me I would receive a letter confirming the details we had discussed within 7 to 10 days. I was to learn letters with good news never came. Somehow the letters threatening foreclosure were relentless. At first I tried to talk with the same employee who had promised me he had “noted everything in the record” and “he had discussed my account in detail with his supervisor to make sure all the problems on my loan had been fixed.” agent who just promised you all was taken care of arrived confirming assured me over and over and over, that yes, definitely this time, they had truly made the corrections I thought had already been made. And they definitely would be reinstating my loan, the one I thought had already been reinstated. I was always told I would receive a letter confirming all was well with my loan. But the promised confirmation letters never came. November, ASC suddenly, without reason, began to escrow on my loan. They had never escrowed before. I didn’t receive any notification or indication that they planned to begin to escrow. But their error, and they do readily admit it was their error, was not But ASC paid two additional property tax property tax two more times, and paid the annual premium for home owners insurance. I always paid them monthly. On August 14, I was told, again, my loan had been reinstated. While waiting again for another confirmation letter that never comes, I call them again. I I didn't contact anyone else for help because I didn't think I needed to. ASC was always so sorry after they didn't follow through on one of their promises. Then they reassured me all was well. I was very stupid. But ASC made an error, and that’s OK. But their error, and their inability to quickly correct their error, I might lose my home. My home was my savings account. And it was my retirement account. More important than anything, it was my security blanket. I am so very sad! In 1990, WATERFIELD MORTGAGE CORP, honored me by approving my request for a mortgage loan. It’s difficult to comprehend how truly good something is until you experience something bad. I miss Waterfield Mortgage with all my heart. I know help is coming soon for families facing foreclosure. God Bless anyone who helps someone keep their home. Kelly L. Hansen Overland Park, KS ctsmyhon@***.com
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At a time when banks & companies were over burdened by handing out loans like candy I was buying my first home. I had contacted several lending companies to only have them take my info over the phone tell me what I would quali for & not follow through.

Wells *** was the only company take the time to return my calls & actually speak to me. The agent informed me that due to my resistance in having large quanties of charge cards with balances on all of them & my bad habit of actually paying off debits, it hurt my standing in getting a low intrest rate but promissed that with timely payments he would pay the aprox $850.00 refi fee in a year so I could lower the intrest rate. I was in a spot & needed to get fiananced so I could close on this house I found. I took the deal.

At no time was it disclosed to me that this was a variable intrest loan that could double at the end of two years. I had spent two months going over the draft loan papers having errors they made corrected. I discovered variable rate while reading through the papers at the signing. A year to the day I started searching for a refi, with a $8500.00 fee payed to Wells Fargo.

I was able to prevent my payments from doubling and got a rate that was .25% above prime (with my anti-credit card, debit paying poor rating).

I was one of the lucky few to excape the Wells Fargo *** with alot of work, scrambling & a friend. I won't outwardly say their agents lie due to laws & such but they are good at omitting & bending facts.


I understand your feelings about fees that banks charge re credit cards. In some states these delinquent interest rates, were what loansharks charged, and this very statement was made by a senator/or congressman when the credit card companies were called on the carpet last summer or fall for raising an up to date credit cards interest rate to a delinqunt interest rate, because the person was behind on a different credit card an outrageous practice.

After the congressional hearings most credit card companies have stopped this completely outrageous practice.

One thing here, though Turner, that is important. If you like the credit card company or not, by closing the account you lowered your credit score. Part of your credit score is based on available credit, so if you pay off an account, leave the account open, it will heighten your Fico score, showing you have additional borrowing power should you be behind on another card, you have the ability to transfer a balance, by closing accounts you cut yourself off from that additional availability of extra credit, and you lower your total point score. Pay off yes.

Close the account no. Source

My sympathies to the lady who had the problem with Wells Fargo. Please keep in mind all banks have a mortgage mitigation dept.

Most consumers do not know this and banks have complained to the media when people accuse banks of being insensitive about foreclosure that their depts were never contacted, and were willing to work something out. This is true to a certain degree, most consumers, do not even know about mortgage mitigation depts.


I had an old wells fargo credit card. After the predatory lending charges and fees were paid off and the card paid off we cancelled the account vowing NEVER to do business with Wells Fargo again.

Amtrust just sold my Mortgage to them. So now I am back in business with those *** BAGS.

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WELLS FARGO, dba, AMERICAS SERVICING COMPANY TURNING THE AMERICAN DREAM INTO A NATIONWIDE NIGHTMARE In November 2007, Wells Fargo d.b.a. American Servicing Company (ASC) decided to escrow on my mortgage loan. For no reason. My taxes and insurance were always paid on time. They’d never escrowed before. Then, instead of paying my annual property taxes once, they paid them twice. And I had already paid them. Then they pre-paid my property taxes that weren’t due for another year. I’d never had an escrow account with them, so usually the balance was zero. Now it was -$5500.00. My mortgage payment increased from $655 to $1446 a month. I can’t pay it. Wells Fargo admits their error. They promise to fix it. Then they don’t. Again they promise to fix it AND reverse all the late charges. Doesn’t happen. No one corrects the original mistake so the snowball effect is creating havoc with my mortgage, with my credit, and on my life. ASC Phone calls and letters threatening foreclosure were relentless. I have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem. So many ASC Customer Service agents promise all your problems are taken care of, rest assured. When you check the next day to confirm all is well (you’ve learned to check) they can't even find a note in the record that you ever called. So then I am forced to start the process to correct my loan all over again with a different agent (weird isn't it that you can never get the same agent because they don't have extensions, and they refuse to give you their last name. They will give you their three-letter employee ID code that has never helped me a bit. Many agents refused to give me the company’s physical address when I wanted to talk with someone face to face. Over this six-month nightmare I was assured over and over and over, that yes, definitely this time, they had truly made the corrections I had been assured already been made. Yes, isn’t it wonderful, my mortgage loan had been approved for loan modification and the loan I’d been told dozens of time had been reinstated, had really for sure this time been reinstated. I was always told I would receive a letter confirming all was well with my loan. I was told not to make any monthly payments on the loan because until the correction had been processed through their system, the payment would be considered a partial payment and would be returned to me. So in February and March I couldn’t send in a payment because the monthly payment amount was never corrected. I was forced over and over again to start the agonizing process from square one with another agent. Most agents couldn’t find any notes in my record. I had the brilliant idea that faxing the whole story, along with receipts, and other requested forms, would be the answer to our communication problem. I would finally receive a letter confirming receipt of the requested documents. Four days later I’m told my documents were never received so my home is in foreclosure. On April 23 I was emergency admitted into River Oaks Mental Hospital for 10 weeks due to a complete emotional breakdown. I was suicidal and unable to care for myself. Wells Fargo Mortgage made a mistake, and acknowledged it. However, they were unable (or unwilling) to fix the problems their error created. My sister was given power of attorney so she could resolve the issue. Upon discharge from the hospital an ASC agent confirmed my loan had been fully reinstated, the payment had been corrected, the escrow balance adjusted. They promised the late charges and additional interest charged because of their error would be credited back to the account. I insisted and they agreed they would contact the credit agencies to report their mistake, remove all negative remarks, and change all comments they had made regarding my mortgage account to “paid as agreed.” My home was my savings account. And it was my retirement account. More important, it was my security blanket. In 1990, WATERFIELD MORTGAGE CORPORATION honored me by approving my request for a mortgage loan. It’s difficult to comprehend how truly good something is until you experience something bad. I miss Waterfield Mortgage with all my heart. I know help is coming soon for families facing foreclosure. God Bless anyone who helps someone keep his or her home. Kelly L. Hansen Overland Park, KS Ctsmyhon@***.com
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A lot of people considered their home (and what used to be) their acquity as their saving and retirement investment. Why would you question that Caveat Emptor?

After all, for MOST people that is the biggest investment they ever make.

Unfortunately, now that home prices have nose dived, many people have a big liability (their home) instead of a live in nest egg.


You had me up until the end. Your house was your savings and retirement? That kind of shot your credibility to heck.

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Wells Fargo Mortgage
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WELLS FARGO, dba, AMERICAS SERVICING COMPANY TURNING THE AMERICAN DREAM INTO A NATIONWIDE NIGHTMARE My lovely home of seventeen years is up for a Sheriff's sale on October 3, 2007. My home. I pray Disaster Relief is made available immediately for families in...
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I live in Wenatchee WA. Wells Fargo stole my home too. We had to declare bankruptcy in 2007 because of medical bills, but had ALWAYS paid our mortgage on time. In 2010, my husband lost his job and I went right away to Wells Fargo to tell them what happened. I immediately was told to pay as much as I could and to apply for a Home Modification.

Through the next several months I got all the paperwork and went through countless hours talking on the phone and jumping through their red tape hoops. I thought it was worth it to get my interest rate down to 2% from 8.5% and saving the hundreds of dollars a month and still stay in my home. In filling out the forms and writing the hardship letter, I specifically told them that although my Husband was now getting a retirement check, he worked 9 MONTHS out of the year as a substitute custodian at a school district. I had proof of it too.

To make a very long story short, Wells Fargo DID approve the Loan Modification, HOWEVER they calculated my husband's supplemental income INCORRECTLY. The problem was that they multiplied the monthly supplemental income by 12 to get a HIGHER gross income, then divided by 12, instead of multiplying it by 9 and dividing it 12 to get an ACCURATE monthly income. They miscalculated enough that we were no longer "qualified" for a 2% loan but a 4.5% modification. We were still going to pay more than we could afford by about $300 monthly.

I quickly got on the phone and spoke to the person who was supposedly "helping" us. She was so rude and unhelpful. I explained to her that the miscalculation was not right and it needed to be re-done. She said "it's set in stone. You can't change it" and most horribly, "It's not OUR problem that your husband is seasonal labor". She was snotty about it and was completely ignoring my tears. When I asked about talking to the underwriters, she said that NO ONE talks to the underwriters and they don't "even have phones". WTH!!?? She said the only options were Foreclosure or Short-Sale. I tried to explain what good is it if they get less for the house if WE could pay it ALL off if the interest was lowered? She just said "It's not our problem".

I tried talking to other people in the short sale department and told them of the horrible treatment from this witch. While they were more sympathetic, they were no more helpful.

A few months, later, my house sold for $60K LESS than the amount of my original mortgage contract, and the people now in my house pay LESS than what I'm currently renting for now. I am heartbroken and may NEVER again have a home of my own. WELLS FARGO IS EVIL!!! and they didn't even TRY to work with us and ACCURATELY depict our income. :cry :cry :cry :cry

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