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Wells Fargo is charging me $700 interest on $98

I had a 18 months no interest payment plans for my eye surgery with Wells Fargo. The very last bill of $98 was never sent to us, so now they are charging us $700 interest on the entire amount. I called 3 times and I told them that for 17 months we paid on time, it's the very last month that we never received a bill and it did not get paid (the very last $90 off of a $3000 bill) why are they charging us? Every time they claimed I never called before, and I missed a payment and it's my fault because it is a COURTESY to send out bill statemtents, it is still my responsability to keep up with my payments regardeless of wether they send out statements or not. The 3rd time I called they asked me why have I not been calling every single day to resolve this, and why have I waited 6 months, and they claimed the last contact they had with me was over a year and a half a go when they called me. I tried to explain that not only I called, I also went down to the bank center and talked to them as well, to no avail. They told me they have no record of it, and I must have been calling the wrong number.
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You did say Wells Fargo right? Thats banker speak for "*** of the earth blood sucking leaches that will eventually get their due", just after final judgemant is all.

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Everett, Washington
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Wells Fargo Financial took money from my bank and lied.

DISGRUNTLED WELLS FARGO CUSTOMERS UNITE! I recently had a bad experience with Wells Fargo Financial. On May 5th I made a payment to my account in the amount of $3,500. Wells Fargo then also took a payment from my checking account in the amount of $668. On 13 June I received my billing statement which said, “Paid ahead—No payment due”. Wells Fargo took the payment from my account anyway. In early July I received my July statement which also stated, “Paid ahead—no payment due”. But I had learned my lesson by this time. I called Wells Fargo and spoke to Sharie (employee # 737630). Before I hung up over an hour later, I was assured by Sharie that everything had been corrected and no more payments at all would be taken from my checking account. I would make payments at my desire. On July 16, I checked my checking account online and discovered that Wells Fargo had again taken a payment from my checking account for $668. I then called Wells Fargo and spoke with Deanne (employee # 20313). After over an hour, I was told to fax proof of the $668 check being taken from my checking account. I called USAA bank on my cell phone while having Wells Fargo hold. Within 5 minutes USAA faxed the proof to 605-226-**** Attn: Bobbie. Bobbie told the supervisor that my refund check would be sent by OVERNIGHT UPS. I hung up and waited for UPS to bring me a check for $668 which I had earmarked for other use. This was on Thursday. When I had still not received my refund check on Monday, I checked the tracking number and learned that BOBBIE had lied. My refund check was not sent OVERNIGHT, but 2nd day air. There IS a difference. That refund check slowly made it’s way to me via SEVEN stops between there and here! I received my refund check on Tuesday, but I was at work, so still not able to use my own funds until Wednesday. I had asked that the funds simply be redeposited to my checking account via electronic transfer and was told, “That won’t happen.” Thurday 17 July, I called and spoke to Travis (employee # 1451). I wished an apology for the lies and a check sent to me for the week Wells Fargo held MY money at the same interest rate I pay on my loan. Travis said, “That won’t happen”. I informed him of the power of disgruntled customers in large groups. Travis then said, “We don’t care”. I’ve since spoken with Kevin (employee # 7802) He also told me I would never receive compensation for my inconvenience and “We don’t care” about disgruntled workers in large groups. Of course they don't care. I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily. But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill. I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month. I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing. This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month(check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE. Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates! A swamped mailroom may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals, but if we unite, we can make them listen and care. Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it.
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Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of Wells Fargo & Co. WFF is basically for people who have less than perfect credit hense the high rates and fee's.


My bad experience with Wells Fargo Financial began in 2003 when I decided to take an equity line of credit. I signed the paperwork and a the next day I was told about all the fees that wasn't originally disclosed.

I cancelled the deal within the cancellation timeline. So there was no loan. However, I was not told that a lien was placed against my home, and it was not cancelled or released. I recently (last week) found that out when I tried to acquire a second mortgage with my credit union that there was a 200k lien again my home since 2003.

I called Wells Fargo Financial, and I was given a number for record retention. I called that number and was told to call credit card services since this would have been a revoling line of credit. The number I was given was for Wells Fargo Bank, not Wells Fargo Financial. I was told they are not associated.

I had enough. I explained that I was being passed off so as not to deal with, so I asked Wells Fargo Bank to please help me, even if it meant going up to management level. I was told that I would be transferred to a supervisor at Wells Fargo Financial. The guy I was transferred to was from record retention and I explained that I had already spoken to someone from that department.

He disagreed...basically calling me a liar. He transferred me. It was finally the right person, believe it or not. This was a loan officer named Debbie.

She sent me a copy of the the lien release that is going to the county recorder. It hasn't been recorded yet, so it's not quite over. However, She was the only helpful person in that organization. I will never do business with Wells Fargo Financial...ever.

And they know that now.

Customer beware. :(


I too have had a run in with wells fargo financial bank where I purchased a rainbow vacuum cleaner. I have been making a payment every two weeks (when I get paid) then I receive a statement saying that I made a late payment and was charged $29.

When I called I was told that my payment was made outside of the days allowed to make the payment and that a payment made early does not count for the monthly payment..also that their billing due date is different for each month..

I fought until they did give me the $29 back and I will pay off this account asap.. and I will not do any business with them ever again...


I am a recently former Wells Fargo Financial employee. Here is some excellent news for everyone.

Right after I took my position, I learned that a previous employee and the manager were forging documents for mortgage loans. Long story short, there are a lot of Wells Fargo Financial customers who lost their homes because of this. And the only repercussion was that those 2 employees got fired. Now the branch has a new manager that couldn't manage a bag of rocks let alone the employees there currently.

I chose to leave the position, and certainly will let anyone who asks me what my feelings are there. But I do have 1 major suggestion: DON'T GO TO WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL FOR ANYTHING!! Their interest rates are not competitive at all.

15% on autos, 11% on mortgages, 19% on bank cards. And these are the lowest I ever saw get approved.



Good for you. My brother has a car loan with Wells Fargo Financial and he can hardly wait until his car is paid off.

I saw on the news that wells fargo is going to issue credit cards to non register citizens. I know a lot of the big business drop wells fargo as their bank when the news came out in the paper and television.


Why don't you just leave the bank? get an account at a good place?

WellsFargo puts a fee on everything they possibly can. After being charged $210 in overdraft fees because they deposited my sister's paycheck into my account (not even bothering to look at the name) and then when I unknownly had the money taken out, I used my check card, I plan on closing my account as soon as I get my fees back.


Sorry to hear that, that has happened to you, I am currently going to write to wellsfargo financial and wellsfargo insurance service, and right back to my insurance, due to they are charging me for insurance I have obtained for being responsible they told me i left the car lot without insurance, in the state of Ca. you can not leave without an uninsured car.

They claim I have still they know I traided a car with the same bank that financed me.

Don't you all think they would of already of had my insurance informaiton which was provided two years prior, I laugh at their stupidity. I will not pay the outstanding amount to please their bank pocket.


In response to your complaint about Welsfargo debiting your account, you should never allow any company to debit your account directly and if you do and they do not abide by the agreement, change your bank account number and you control when they get paid.


Sheesh! All I ever wanted from Wells Fargo Financial, from the very beginning, was re-imbursement of interest (at the same interest rate I pay on my loan) on my money while Wells Fargo had it, and an apology from those who lied to me.This amounts to a few cents and a conference call. Never underestimate what can happen when stuborrness and stupidity collide within the same company.


:grin I just wanted to update everyone about the above posting. I called Wells Fargo 1-800 number and checked the status of my account.

The first TEN CENT check was posted to my account on 28 July! Fantastic! I also checked with my bank about what I was doing.

A manager said it sounded like a good idea to him, and that it was completely legal and MUST be posted to my account. I think I'll start including a penny with all further checks.

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Wells Fargo Strikes Again!!!!!!!

I need to vent here. Wells Fargo is the most frustrating mortgage company we have ever dealt with. Any time we have had a question or concern during the 5 years we have had our mortgage with them and had the misfortune of having to call them, it is endless frustration, reps who know nothing and different reps who tell you different answers to the same questions. In December of 2007, we missed our second mortgage payment in a row by paying 4 days after the due date. This was as a result of several months of unemployment after losing both of our jobs. Even though we made the payment, we were informed by letter from Wells Fargo that we were in default and forclosure proceedings had begun. We called Wells Fargo right away to see what could be done. We were told that their law firm had begun foreclosure proceedings and not only did we have to pay the two mortgage payments that totaled only $1,385.77, we had to pay over $2,700 in legal fees. MERRY CHRISTMAS!. Our kids got no presents last year. We have faithfully made every payment since 12/07 and finished our payment arrangement 6/24/08 and received notice just two days ago from their law firm that the foreclosure had been satisfied and all judgements cleared Yesterday, we received a letter dated 7/2/08 saying there was $481.53 in an account that had not been applied to our mortgage and we need to remit an additional $54.36 to bring our account current. I called Wells and tried to find out what the letter meant. After being transfered to 5 different departments and 7 different reps and after spending over 1 hour screaming on the phone, we were transfered to a decent guy (he must have worked for someone else) who opened up an investigation to find out which department sent the letter and what the status with our account was. Today we received a letter from Wells Fargo dated 7/13/08 telling us we were two months in arrears and we were being assesed fees and late charges totaling $1,480.73. Failure to pay would result in forclosure proceedings. After arguing for nearly 1 hr. with a young...and I do mean young lady who kept repeating the same thing over and over, I was given an address to send a formal written complaint. The basis for our argument is that when we asked for help back in December of 2007, Wells Fargo changed our payment date from the 1st of each month to the 24th. Our last payment was 6/24/08. At that time we were told we would receive notice as to what date our next payment would be. I even gave this girl the name of the rep that told us that. She said I apologize if you misunderstood, but that our payment would automatically return to the 1st. after the payment arrangement was concluded. I explained that the rep who set up our payment arrangement told us "your new payment date is every month on the 24th". Over and over she kept asking "why would you think it was changed"? How about because YOU TOLD US IT WAS!! How about you sent us the payment arrangement in the mail and we signed it and faxed it back to you and you sent us a letter stating it was accepted!!! Maybe that is why!!! So now we have to make endless photo copies of all the correspondence and documentation and send it to their executive complaint department and wait our 20 days for what I'm sure will be a decision that will favor Wells Fargo. Sounds like our attorney is about to get richer off of us. Somebody, please send us $58,461.91 and get us far away from Wells Fargo!!!
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wells fargo sent us a letter of intent to forclose, our mortgage is current and up to date. made several phone calls to clear this up.

even more frustrating. finally talked to someone with a brain thought everything was ok . got a letter from the state of maryland today explaining what options i may have being in forclosure and what programs the state has now.

I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE WELLS FARGO IS DRIVING US CRAZY.we seriously need to re-fi with someone else before they get away with stealing our house. :zzz


I have been going through *** with Wells Fargo for the past YEAR. Long story short - I had missed some payments, got on a payment plan, was two days late for the first payment (I thought it was due on the 28th and it was the 26th).

They tell me to send the money anyway - I do. They keep my $2,600 and tell me they are going to foreclose on me anyway, as if I had sent them nothing. They then spent 4 months to set me up on a new payment plan that they didn't tell me about until I called - a week after the payment plan was to take effect, meaning I'd "defaulted" again.

I have faxed them my financial information so many times that it makes me nervous. I'm going to end up losing the house and it's THEIR fault - I have tried to make payments, but they won't accept them because I'm not on a "payment plan." I'm sick over all of this!!!




Disgruntled Wells Fargo Customers UNITE! Here is what I'm doing.

I know it's small but if we ALL would do it, then we'd get their attention.

I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily. But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill.

I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month. I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing. This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month(check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE.

Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates! A swamped mailroom may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals, but if we unite, we can make them listen and care.

Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it.

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Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo Mortgage

Wellsfargo terrible customer service

worse customer service I've ever had with any bank. A lot of hidden and unexpected charges and fee. when I close the account, the Branch Manager told me I had to personally go to a bank and close it off. when i brought my balance to $0, she said i could call her the next day and she will close it for me. I called and she was never available (either in meeting or on the phone), or returned my call. I found out now, i can just all the general number and close it off. They really suck
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New York, New York
Wells Fargo Checking Account
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Wells Fargo Financial

I called Wells Fargo about my account that they scammed me on. I purchased appliances at a store that offered their financing. I was given 6 months to pay without interest, and after five months I purchased a tv and the store said that it wont affect my prior agreement. I made my 6th payment, and when the 7th statement came they took my last payment and put it towards the tv just to screw me with a charge of $62 and change for the appliance. I called and talked to a man and he said he could take $20 off the charge, but only if I paid by phone, witch is a charge of $10, so I'll save $12!
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Washington, District Of Columbia
Wells Fargo Account

Overdraft charges daily until paid

If you incur overdraft charges on your wells fargo account they will add $30 a day in penalties until completely paid off, they will not negotiate or attempt to help. My son kept overdrafting his debit card noot realizing they would ok purchase even if there was no cash available. Recently he overdrafted by $40 because of an automatic debit he forgot about. The charges are now $700. You can borrow money from a loan shark for less interest. It is legalized thievery. The manager at the Del Mar Ca office decide to take it upon herself to teach my son a "lesson" and put a not on his account to never reverse any overdraft charges-even tho they never had. Can anyone help?
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San Diego, California
Wells Fargo Mortgage

Wells Fargo adds $30 A DAY charges if you overdraft. You can borrow money from organized crime for l

Wells Fargo banks charge $30 a DAY for an overdraft until it is ALL paid in full. You can borrow money from a loan shark cheaper. The are legal thieves. Any suggestions? Isnt his illegal? Can anyone help. My son had a $40 0verdraft that is now $700. He has no means of getting that much mpney fast enough from keeping this from accrueing and they won't work with him. When he went to the Del Mar Ca branch because of an automatic debit he forgot about the women he spoke to put a note on his account to never reverse any overdraft charges because she thought he overdrafted too many times EVEN THO NO OVERDRAFTS WERE EVER REFUNDED.
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San Diego, California
Wells Fargo Loan
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Re-appearing fees from Wells Fargo

I have had an unresolved problem with Wells Fargo in regards to my mortgage, which I have been trying to resolve with them for several months. My statements are and have always been set as "online only" in order to avoid their $10 fee to make a payment if you receive statements in the mail. I have not received a statement in the mail for years, nor have I changed my preference to receive them. However, each month, like clock-work my preferences are changed (magically) without my knowledge to show "mail". I have called and emailed them multiple times and they say they will "fix" it but it happens again each month. Now, I have ALWAYS paid on time and while I can afford the $10 fee each month (which is not in my contract that I reviewed prior to signing) it is the principle that I refuse to pay my mortgage company so that I can pay them especially because they claim that I am changing my billing preferences each month -- what kind of *** would do that? In my opinion this is just a method for them to get more money out of me and I refuse to be a victim of their dirty game -- buyer beware. Oh and they reported to the wrong credit bureau for the first few months although I told the rep at signing that my SSN was wrong and they supposedly "fixed it" not to mention the poor customer service whenever I have called with a question... and their internet customer service is worse because they use such poor grammar in their replies....ugh. Don't finance with Wells Fargo, it's just not worth the frustration.
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Why not start doing as many other disgruntled WELLS FARGO customers are doing. We know this is a little thing, but think of ONE MILLION doing it.

I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily.

But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill. I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month.

I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing. This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month(check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE. Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates!

A swamped mailroom may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals, but if we unite, we can make them listen and care.

Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it.

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Cincinnati, Ohio
Wells Fargo Mortgage

Fraud stealing ruined credit scrore and much more

preapproved VA lone falseid resulted in loss of lone stolen escrow and county tax payments and earnest money . Late payment after late payment penalty even after being overnighted requiring signature . Loss payments resulting in having to make double payments ! On Xmas of 2006 Wells Fargo informed me by letter that my house payment had not been made and they were about to start foreclosure if I did not make the payment right away . I had overnight ed this payment requiring signature of which I have copies . But Wells Fargo insist they did not receive the payment and this happened more than once . I have keep ed records of all transactions . Wells Fargo has ruined my credit and its still going on . The date of this writing is 7/14/08 .I need helpppp !!!!!
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they cant start fc if you have missed just one payment! and if this "keeps happening", then why dont you send your payments via another method?

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Reston, Virginia
Wells Fargo Mortgage
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Wells Fargo

I made a payment to wells fargo and they still went into my bank account and took some more money with out my permission, my account is over drawn and so many checks have bounced. They talking about they sorry. i advised them that i want my money back now. I can not wait until i get at least 2 more years off this *** *** loan, so i can trade my car in and get the *** away from wells fargo. Im a claims adjuster when i get a single car accident claim and the lien holder is wells fargo and the vehicle is deemed a total loss you kind of put two and two together.
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Hollywood, Florida
Wells Fargo Loan
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Well Fargo Auto Finance

Well Fargo is the worse finance company you would ever want to have as a lien holder. They are quick to want to repo someones vehicle. Like no one at this company has ever been late or down on there luck with money. If your payment is due on a certain date they will harrass you until you pay them. Calling your phone from sun up to sun down. Also when you need help they have all the excuses in the world not to help you. Its like they want to repo the *** car. They suck as a company
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I am one of the many people who hate Wells Fargo Auto Finance! We were talked into refinancing with them.

The sales guy said we would have a smaller monthly payment. He lied to our face.

Ended up with a higher payment for an additional year. We were not told the bottom line until we signed the papers which was our fault for believing him to be honest.


Wells Fargo Auto Finance IS by far THE worst group I have ever dealt with. They were not willing to help me out with my payment arrangment AT ALL.

I was going to pay TWO car payments at once in 1 week. They refused to work with me and DEMANDED I pay them on the SAME day when my next payment is not even due! They kept trying to put words into my mouth, such as I was refusing to work with them? Right, I am refusing yet I called in advance to set something up?

They were bullying me and acted as if I was 6 months behind on a payment. I had a major life event come up out of no where, MY MOM PASSED AWAY, and they are not even able to work a deal out with me. NEVER have I had a company make me feel so low, as if I didn't have enough going on. *** comes up in peoples lives, and yes, I know I was a whopping 15 days late on my payment, but give me a break.

I will refinance through a better company next time. Once they have your signature, they do not give a *** about customer service. Please take my advice, DO NOT refinance through Wells Fargo, or purchase new.

If your credit is not so great, go through a smaller company. I'll be damned if Wells Fargo assits its customers in any way when *** hits the fan.


I am very Suprised to hear all the Negative Post about Wells Fargo, I have gotten Several Loans from them , And the reason Why... I PAID THEM !!

Every post ive read has someone saying they were Late On Payments, Guess what ?

Every Loan Company will come take Your *** when U dont pay for it !! Dont blame the Lender, They gave U the Money, And NONE of them give a *** about your Financial Hardships, It's Dog-Eat-Dog, And If someone Owed U Thousands of Dollars, You'd Want It Back Too !!


I am happy to say that after all the misery wells Fargo has put me threw I'm technically done with them. However, even though I just paid of my loan they sent me a title from a different state that I used to to live in 3 years ago.

Now I have to wait who knows how ling to get the correct title from the correct state.

If I can give you any advice stay away from Wells Fargo Auto Finance. :(


its not their job to keep up with the titling everytime you move. They hold the original title when you purchase the car. take a little responsibility and quit blaming other people for normal responsibilities


I too am disgusted with WF Auto -- I make a monthly payment and if it is late, I get threats of repossession. Payments are made regularly (albeit a few days late) but made. I will never, ever do business with WF for anything again -- once my loan is paid off.


I have checking and savings accounts with Wells for 20 years. Both have positive balance and my credit card balance is not even at half the allowable level - however they turned down a refinance on a truck loan that is 100% current because of an open home equity loan.

Really? I am so happy we the citizens bailed them out.


As for Wells Fargo Auto....they have the poorest customer service I have EVER had to deal with in my 40 years!...We did not finance our auto loan through them but were transferred when they took over Wachovias dealer services.We fell behind on 1 payment when my husband got out of the service and we have been waiting on his VA disability.I had an agreement with one decent rep I had been working with at Wells fargo, and was told as long as I continued to call her and make arrangments every month so that I did not get farther behind that I would be ok....go figure they took my account from her and moved it around to several different reps. I called yesterday to set up my usual payment and was informed that they could not except a payment past the next 48 hours.

I kindly explained that this was the way I worked things out with a prior rep until disability got worked out. He then transferred me to a real *** named Jessica. She was extremely rude, was trying to put words in my mouth saying that I said I was NOT going to make a payment when I said NO I NEVER said that I indeed said I was trying to set up a payment for in 2 weeks! she cut me off said she wasn't putting words in my mouth and insisted that I was refusing to make my payment then informed me I had till 5 pm the next day or she was sched.

our vehicle for repo! then said well I am not arguing with you and hung up on me! With that being said ...IF I was not showing any good faith that I was trying to get that 1 payment caught up and IF I was blowing them off I could maybe understand...however that was so much NOT the case! I was trying to set up a payment.

End of my scenario...I had to borrow money from a friend from their credit card to make a payment to prevent that 1 payment causing me to lose our vehicle! Thank GOD for her cause Wells Fargo and their employees (most except a slim few) act as if you are beneath them and as if you are taking money from their *** table just cause you are 1 month behind!

I hope carma bites Jessica and knock her off her high horse, maybe a few proper business manners to be taught to her would be beneficial to Wells Fargo. I had someone on another forum tell me that they can NOT refuse to take my payment and I totally intend on trying to verify that along with the whole policy of repoing a vehicle for being behind on 1 payment.


Wells Fargo is a terrible finance company. No compassion for their customers in this economic crisis we are all going through.

I was a good customer been with Wells Fargo for the whole time I had my loan(3 years) up until they repossessed my car last week over 2 late payments and 400 in late fees accumulated in 2 months. Most auto loan finance companies give 3 sometimes 4 months before they want your car.

Don't ever choose wells fargo for any of your banking needs all they really want is your money. STAND BY YOU HAHAHA!


Well I've been with them for some time myself had a few run ins but yes they called but they worked with me BUT NOW I'm on my last car payment an its only 400 told me last month it was 7something to finally pay it off now asking for almost 1400 for mii last payment n can't even. Tell me why.

Sorry *** company at the last min. Wow

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Wells Fargo-Mislead with "non existent" product

Ron Seligmann, Wells Fargo's consultant in Maryland intentionally mislead me in order to obtain business. I have a very good Credit Score and no debt, ideal client and was in good position to negotiate for my mortgage. I did my homework and obtained quotes from 3 companies. On the date I requested final quotes from the 3 companies, I informed Ron his offer was not the best. He came back with "a very aggressive offer" in order to be competitive. The second trust being 7.5% at 30 years through BB&T, "his partner" as opossed than the original 9.25%. I have all of his e-mails to confirm this PLUS his good faith estimate that shows exactly those terms for the second trust (7.5/30yrs). On the day of the closing the papers reflected something different, he said it was meant to be "converted" the next day (bank is closed so he can not get the papers), my broker talked to him as well and he assured him that all was fine to be changed the next day. Well, next day I get a 10 year not 30 year trust more than duplicating my payment. I could not not sign at closing or I would loose my escrow deposit $. Next day he says over the phone he got confused on what BB&T told him, my options were to come up with more money, or refinance...he could help by paying the fee. Well, I'm no longer the ideal customer (the large 380K trust already in Wells Fargo's pocket and the comission in Ron's pocket) since it's just for a small second trust. I contacted Wells Fargo at every level, they had Ron Seligmann's supervisor contact me (Patrick) and when it was time to meet he cancelled all meetings and stopped responding to e-mails or calls. Clearly Wells Fargo supports his consultants misleading clients, they get their business and then claim that the other part of the business is not theirs there is nothing they can do about it. I am outraged, I have all in writing from Ron Selimann. Avoid this person and know that Wells Fargo clearly supported that kind of "doing business" when refused to discuss with me as a client. Ron Selimann is as close as a *** man as it gets, beware!
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My opinion is that this company needs to go out of business or some other company buy them out and fire all the *** people that works for wells fargo. They are rude , they give people a rough way on loans and etc. I have never seen a *** company as wells fargo.


:cry :( Wells Fargo is horrible I was prequalified for a mortgage with them in August the offer was for a short sale when the sellers lender came back with the ok Wells Fargo then got started with the underwriting. After a month and a week I was denied due to an NSF on my bank account that was not at all anything I did.

Turns out Wells Fargo will not allow anyone to do mortgages with an NSF no matter what the situation.

I ended up having to pay for the appraisal on the property even thought I didnt even get the mortgage. I feel they lead me on and on all the while knowing they couldnt approve my loan.


so you're one of those that blames mcdonalds for making people fat. riiiiiiiiiight.

lets hold a company responsibe for one person's unethical decisions. looks like you have an issue with that specific person. you're just going to be back on this site complaining about the next bank that you feel screwed you over when it was just the one person that screwed you over.

oh and thats also why they give you disclosures. heres a thought, read them.


I certainly do not understand how a company can output such a varied service. We have had our mortgage through them for nearly 5 years with no problems whatsoever.

In fact, we had our choice of three places (my husband's company's relocation department only gives so many options) when we moved this summer and chose Wells Fargo again! They have been simply wonderful and very easy to deal with, for us. I also do not understand the high percentage that you're paying because our credit is just less than good and our first mortgage was 6.25 % and the new one is 6.0 %. The only complaint is that the other departments do call us to try and sell us the insurance plans but after fussing at them for about 6 months, they have finally stopped.

They have never automatically enrolled us in anything nor have they added extraneous charges BUT I look at everything very closely and question everything that I do not understand. I am sorry that you have had such a terrible time.

I wonder if Mr. Seligmann was actually fired but they would not tell you that.


Why am I not surprised by this... They fired my wife due to her disability...

while they didn't come right out and say it that's what they did... they have been trying to get rid of her for over a year because she's epileptic.


Wells Fargo is notorious for adding extras onto any type of loan they fund. We had an RV loan that ended up with a premium checking that was charted 30.00 per month, we never signed up for that.

We had a credit card they personally filled out the application online for us and found it convient to add in some Credit Defense that we specifically denied at the time the application was being filled out. It has been 6 months that this Credit Defense continous to charge us month approximately 60.00 even after calling them every single month to cancel. They claim they have canceled and will be crediting our account. When we asked Wells Fargo to show us the original application for the credit card we get the same *** response about calling Credit Defense to cancel.

Our family has also had a conventional home loan through them which they took upon theirselves to add mortgage insurance to. There is no accountability being taken and all of their employees are liars and incompetant monkeys.


You are not the first one Wells Fargo did this to! The are crooks and all about ripping people off!!


Read your documents. Dont just sign.

If a good faith estimate disclosure goes up you have to resign.

It is faulty on both ends; yes he shouldn't of lied but you should have read your papers. You also have a 3 day recission period when refinancing as well!


Frankly if it were me, it wouldn't even made it to closing. A good faith estimate is just estimate.

When I bought my house I hired an attorney to read over everything and make sure everything was what it was supposed to be. When you're dealing with that big of a deal you shouldn't go it alone!

BTW, I have a Wells Fargo mortgage and it's been fine and no issues, but I knew what I was getting into. Hope you get it straightened out.


:( Wells Fargo sucks eggs! I believe every word.

you can't rationalize with big banking today. Wells Fargo will screw every one they can.

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Wells Fargo

Got a blank wells fargo check on the mail, it writes, "transfer your high rate credit card to wells fargo bank, pay only 3.9% until sept 2008". I called and confirmed, and customer service said yes, 3.9% for balance transfer until sept 2008. I completed the balance transfer, however, i noticed that my credit card statement has interest rates of 15%. I called custoemr service, but they claim that the 3.9 rate are only for new purchases. If this incident also happened to you, please email me ferdzter@***.com. i will fight back. enough is enough!
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This is the worst of the worst! Went to take my car payment in on the due date, and was tokd they don't take walkin payments.

Who ever heard of such a thing. Of course I was charged kate fees, as I then had to mail it.

They need some serious customer service training. Manners woud helo, also!


you are retarded, learn how to read.

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If Wells Fargo Home Mortgage d.b.a. Americas Servicing Company has hurt you and your family, please contact the two two attorney's working to file a class action suit on behalf of outraged homeowners. INSIST ON YOUR RIGHTS! GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE NOW!...
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When you say a second home for rtnael, do you mean a second home that you will sometime reside in or do you mean a second home strictly as a rtnael.I would consider a duplex as most lenders consider a duplex the same as a single family house. As a matter of fact 1-4 units are normally considered as a single family home for mortgage purposes.You should check and see what type of mortgage you would be qualified for, the approximate interest rate, as well as the amount you plan to pay for this rtnael.Now you should figure out the income of the property and if you will have to come out of pocket with any of the monthly mortgage,insurance or taxes.There is also up keep of the property that should be added to the equation.You might also check with the Apartment House Association in your local area for additional information.

Since you are now gonna be a land lord you might consider joining this group as they have the necessary rtnael agreements, eviction forms, means to run credit reports and other things necessary for you to be land lords and will supply you with limited legal advise.I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. FIGHT ON

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Option One & Wells Fargo litigation

Unfortunately my story is not unlike many others. I file this complaint because without consumers standing together against injustice we will never be heard. In 2006 I took out a loan with a Option One mortgage company and after a substantial job loss got behind on payments. The bank foreclosed and evicted me. What I found out next is absolutely mind blowing. In short Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed and they did not own loan. Now before all of you email me to explain how mortgages are sold and re-sold let me save you some time. I am very well informed on the foreclosure process and know exactly what laws must be followed when large banks buy and sell loans. I understand what assignments must be made when those loans are sold. I also understand what documents and due process are required before foreclosure can commence. What I have learned over the last 6 months is truly disturbing. This is what I have learned. Loans are bought and sold all the time; in fact almost all of sub prime loans are sold. Banks are required to execute assignments when they sell loans informing not only the borrower of the change of ownership but more importantly for auditing purposes and to give the new bank legal ownership of the loan. A fifth grader can understand this. It’s the same thing with a car title. It indicates that a sale has transacted. Wells Fargo never executed an assignment! Giving them no legal ownership of the loan. This in itself is only a minor problem. After all even banks can have paperwork errors. What’s to stop them from executing the assignment and starting foreclosure again with legal backing? This. The banks don’t know who owns the loan. After researching this matter diligently I have found out that big banks are (newsflash!) greedy and dishonest. Imagine that! (sarcasm intended). They choose not to execute assignments because it ties their hands and won’t allow them to manipulate the system. An assignment is a legal binding document and banks don’t like to be bound. Also, there has been a huge lie perpetrated on the American public as these banks all claim they own the loan when only one bank in fact does. For instance, you take out a 200K loan, its sold 4 times, assigned 0 times. 4 banks claim they own it and now a 200k loan has turned into 800K of assets! Hence the reason the notional value of OTC’s and mortgage backed certificates is now estimated at 1.54 quadrillion dollars. And banks like bear and sterns are going out of business because they are insolvent! People, the money doesn’t exist! I have stumbled onto this and am in the fight of my life. I have filed a federal civil action against my bank, the public trustee and several lawyers. I am very angry with the local public trustee because they know the law and willingly do not follow it. In a Colorado foreclosure when the original bank on the deed of trust and note is not the foreclosing entity an executed assignment is a required document before the trustee can foreclose. (CS 38.38.101) My bank did not present this and the public trustee foreclosed anyway! What’s scary is I believe that most sub prime loans are like this and in the end it will be the hard working people of America that pay the ultimate price for these bankers greed. I post this because I need your help. One person is not going to change the system, only Americans standing together as one will bring attention to this matter. Please email me if you have any resources or would like to join the fight. I am currently working on starting a class action and looking to consumers who are being foreclosed on or already have been foreclosed on to stand up and demand their rights. If you would like to see the federal action please contact me. Thank you.
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I have been dealing with Wells Fargo Bank for years and they do not consider anyone on disability as important not to charge *** fees like little receipts on an ATM machine every time you want verification on your balance. They charge $1.00 for every receipt you get.

They also have to have too many claims # for the same disputes. I wasted my time and health to get complaint to FTC and FDIC with consumer credit governments and want money for damages from WFB. After I filed these complaints,then WFB online services contacts me by email being concerned about my claims I have recently filed with them and complained to the authorities. What a bunch of jerks WFB is!!

I want to join an Class Action Suit and have contacted Mr Harris for this purpose. Lets get WFB.


:eek :? :( Wells Fargo is steeling my money!

I have been charged overdraft fees for no reason. Two times this month they have transferred funds to my checking for items pending. I also had deposits pending.

One of the deposits was cash and they still have transferred money to my account and after their 153.00 transfer my ending balance for the day was 304.67. Totally unnecessary fees.


Is there an email you can post so I can send you my email? I don't want to make my email public online because it uses my name.. I would like to be part of the class action if possible against Wells Fargo.


As I type this comment I am worried because I don't know what to do. WellS Fargo I thought was working to help me out.They were suppose to have me in a program, instead things got worse. All of the promises that they made was a total loss. I was steadily trying to pay what the program had me paying and still at the end I lost out. Then I heard about the NACA program, this is also a dead end. If I don't find someone that is HONEST enough to help me, I am sure I will loose my house. I am seeking help from everywhere and no one can tell me anything. I just happened to be reading trying to find some information and I saw this. CAN ANYONE help me or tell me what to do. I have the paperwork that WELLS FARGO had me to gather, the NACA had me gathering information. Please someone tell me how to get some help.

Thanks and waiting for information.

N.M., Birmingham, Alabama


I want to get involved. I have a similiar situation where we have been ignored.

The bank refuses to work with us and all they manage to do is talk in circles.

We even enlisted the help of NACA, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (, and even NACA could not get a response from them. Please email me: mugzi81@***.com


To make my very long story short, am having a very similar problem. Wells Fargo entered into a forebearance agreement and then sent my payment under that agreement back because it was not certified funds.

No place in the agreement indicated certified funds were required but I offered to send a bank check. Well, they would not let me do that because my forebearance agreement was in default due to nonpayment!!!! I had to enter into another forebearance agreement. Under that agreement I send a bank check and in conversation with a CSR to confirm the check arrived I am told that yes it was but that I do not have to send bank checks, a personal check will be fine!!!

Then, a few days later, I get a call from Wells Fargo that my payment (the one I was just told was received) had not been received and that if they did not receive payment, my house was going to foreclosure in a week. I sent proof of payment AND electronically sent another payment (so now I have paid one month ahead) so that I can avoid the sale of the condo. Wells Fargo acknowledged the payment but sold the house anyway!!!!

I am now in litigation with them over it. Has anyone else had a similar experience and I would love to know how you are dealing with it and is there anyone who managed to get it resolved?

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Wells Fargo Mortgage