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Just plain ****** us around!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep reading how wells fargo has been literally messing people around as if they are God or something. They got bailed out and we all got ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There must be some way to stop these games they are playing! My husband works his *** off every day, and does not deserve to be constantly threatened with forclosure. And, why is it that when you are having trouble making your payments that their solution is to charge you late fees and RAISE your monthly mortagage?? Someone needs to stop them because they are out of control. I was hoping it would be Obama, but doesnt look like it did anything but give them more money to put in THEIR bank accounts and home mortgages!
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Turbop, you are a complete ***.


to the incompetent *** below. Apparently you have never come close to losing your home ( NOT AT YOUR OWN DOING ) Does Wells Fargo sign your check?

Or do i pay your bills out of my escrow (which they stole money illegally from) AND THEN, took an entire year of phone calls and *** and run arounds to get my ****ing money.

And to the People who are losing their home: Im sorry that you have a loan with Wells Fargo and are losing your home. Sadly I know what you are going through. And even having 2 people in the home working they are still dicking people out of money ILLEGALLY. Its not the people's fault (or at least not always) some people do pay their bills on time.

People don't deserve to get their homes taken. Especially if they have no good reason for it.

Wells Fargo does not treat people with respect. They think that they can take money from people and think that people should just take it lying down.


Blah, Blah, Blah. Listen to yourself.

You say your husband works all day and has problems making payments. Do you even have a job? God *** lady, stop *** and get up and make some money, help him out. Either way he's reponsible for paying his bills.

If he has to be "threatend" for not making his end of the deal then so be it! Get a fricken job, I hope you loose your house if your as lazy as you make yourself sound on here!


It's all about smoke and mirrors, and kick-backs to politicians. My and your tax dollars are what bailed these pieces of crud out, and ballooning rates and repos is all we get for our sacrifice...and of course, deeper in China's dept, so that when these creeps get finished treating their families and themselves to lavish vacations, $100.000 cars and million dollar bonuses, our impoverished children can spend the next 50 years paying for their comforts.

It's not just the's as much our government - all need to be up-rooted if this ever going to change. We the people are just plain weak and powerless to do anything about it using conventional methods such as the power of vote, you see, as they decide WHO we get to choose from when voting...Russian roulette will find your financial brains all over the wall when all chambers are loaded, and that's what we get when voting here in America...both sides are corrupt as Iran and/or Russia. The only real difference is that Russia has the balls to not worry about hiding it, whereas our government officials are weasels and lacking balls, so they, and all these financial institutions, just flat use trickery and deception to drain the peole of all they can...which basically is everything! Anymore, you can't own anything without insurance on it.

You can't get insurance at an affordable rate unless you have good credit.

You can't have good credit unless you apply for and use credit, and it's one great-big vicious cycle that is well thought-out by politicians and banks and insurance companies, designed to do one thing, and one thing only - drain the life out of us, while theirs flourish. In the end, you're either a part of their turtle club, or you're the masses, which get raped by the *** we elect to office :upset

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Omaha, Nebraska
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I hate WELLS FARGO. I was late but I also paid half, you would have thought I was in hiding for months. 250 dollars late, Come on now. For 250 and they hurassed me. I finally told them to come pick up the car, if that would stop the studip phone calls. I recieved 24 phone calls in one day. I have the time for all of them. I finally told them. I will be recording all coversations & times they call. Now when they call after they say "This call may be monitored and recorded" I tell them the same. They hang up everytime! ***
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Military Family losing their home due to identity theft of thousands of dollars that the bank will not acknowledge and attempted to cover up 4 years 60 letters later and refusal to answer CFPB We may be homeless this Loan started out $1333.000.00 2001 and today 2015 they want $1333.000.00 I guess we did not pay in 14 years and I guess statements letters 1098 cancelled checks and direct with drawls to them are meaningless and just so you know they do not honor the Military I was told do not use my boys state in the Military as it will not get me sympathy compassion caring or help me keep my home shame on them


The suddenly raised my pmt almost double due to taxes I paid and ARM without notice. Then someone from wells fargo calls and tellsme to catchup the would settle for $7000.00 IF I PAID IT RIGHT NOW but they wouldnt write a letter saying they wouldnt forclose.

I sild my house but wells fargo changed the locks so the buyers couldnt do the final walk through. They knew it was selling because they accepted the shortsale. It seems like they tried everythng to keep the sale from happening since they were auctioning it off in 4 days. This should be illegal.

I financed my new house with 1st national of new york and have never been happier. They are so nice and wells fargo was threatening and rude


I agree with everone who has posted! I have NEVER had problems with banking until Wells Fargo took over my Wachovia accounts - now I have fees upon fees, withdrwals deliberately taken out BEFORE deposits are recorded, and today, they reported me to the credit bureaus because my credit card was over limit by $16.91 - THE DAY AFTER IT WENT OVER LIMIT - without ever alerting me, or allowing me to correct it. I have 12 accounts with Wells Fargo, and will closing them all as soon as humanly possible!


I absolutely LOATHE the way Wells Fargo runs their overdraft system and their online banking in general. I used to rely on my online banking account to check my balance until WF completely screwed me over.

What they basically do is this:

They show you your total balance: X dollars

You make a purchase: Y dollars

They show you your new balance: X dollars- Y dollars

Then 2 or so days later, your purchase is nowhere to be found on your "account activity", and they show you your balance without the purchase: X dollars

If you make a lot of purchases or simply TRUST YOUR *** BANK TO GIVE YOU ACCURATE INFORMATION, then you see your balance as X dollars and believe that that is your true balance.

Because you believe that is your balance, you spend X dollars.

Suddenly, your previous purchase of Y dollars appears, and your balance is NEGATIVE Y DOLLARS.

Wells Fargo proceeds to charge you a significant overdraft fee.

This is deliberate manipulation of data in order to fool trusting costumers into paying unnecessary overdraft fees. I sincerely wonder how many MILLIONS of dollars WF has made off of this little scam. When this first happened to me, I called my local WF to complain, and they told me to keep a physical log of all of my purchases and keep a running balance written down in a notebook. That is what I do now, but the entire purpose of online banking is to do that for you.

DON'T TRUST BANKS. DON'T TRUST WELLSFARGO. It is a soul-sucking, merciless megacorporation that, if given the chance, will rob you of all your worldly possessions and then, when all else is lost, feast on your very flesh.


The way WF runs their overdraft protection system maximizes their potential to make sure that you misunderstand what money is in your account and what isn't so that they can charge you an overdraft fee. It's an automatic process that pulls money from my backup account to the checking/debt account. I can do this process myself online without a fee but they prefer to charge me 12.50$ every time they have to do it... it's an automatic computer action... F U WF.

How they process transactions is another way that is a horrible practice. For example I setup AT&T to take out my phone bill on the 14th, it just so happens that the 14th was also my payday. So I didn't worry about if I had the money in the account because it was being paid. Oh no, no no no. Wells Fargo said that the AT&T transaction happened before the direct deposit for my paycheck... so they charged me an overdraft fee. I should not have to bank hour by hour in order to avoid fees from these money raping monkies.

Taking my money to a credit union, F the banks and *** WF


They are a greedy bunch of incompetent scumbags.Get this,they don't even have to document customer interactions over the phone or any account changes they've made or who you spoke one person can tell you something,you can get their name and when you spoke to them and it can be total lie.I told them how I have done customer service for 7 years for various companies and NEVER have I heard of such a negligent policy.You are always required to document EVERY customer interaction.I've worked for some bottom of the barrel companies and this is always required,of course not word for word but some kind of documentation on who you spoke with and what was done to the account.You would think someone as prestigious as a nationwide bank would require this but they don't.I was completely lied to about the overdraft policies by a guy named clint who I spoke with on the phone and when my account had overdraft fees I demanded to speak to him and why he lied to me and nope no record jus a buttload of overdraft fees and a "sry but thats the policy,tough luck"I demanded to speak to a supervisor and upon telling him this he HUNG UP on me.NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE ***


Is there ANY branch of Wells Fargo that IS competent? We're have a small business and have banked with them personally for years.

Over the last 2 years, w have had huge problems with branch bankers, branch managers (who have since been promoted),their corporate business banking reps, online billpay, and the investigative bankers of the various groups.

Each of our numerous and varied problems resulted in no apologies, multiple charges for us that took too Hurculean an effort to work through. These widely varying issues involve such situations as a stopped check that was easily cashed at a WF branch, a billpay that took over a month to reach the payee (resulting in work stoppages), transferring money from the wrong accounts and denying it vociferously when the evidence was overwhelming (of course resulting in charges to us) and so many more to enumerate.


wells fargo sucks!! i hate banks of all kinds..they make Jesse James look like an angel. at least he didnt shoot people in the back.


Dear I hate Wells Fargo. I make my payments on time.

I don't get those calls to remind me of my promise to pay timely.

by the way if you really want to see who is "***", check your spelling next time. Might add a bit of credibility to yourself.


So I posted this note on my facebook account......I hate WELLS FARGO - letter to them: When I first bought my house my lender was NOT wells fargo then the houseing market started to go for the worse and Wells Fargo purchased my loan, I received a notice from my previous leander and I cried that day because I really hate your company. You disgust me. Is it possible for you to show me that there is a sincere and trustworthy party to deal with. All I am asking is for honest and respectable measures to be taken. I paid my account in July - you even sent me a bill for aug showing the payment was made - now I received a second letter showing that I am behind, so we called you and now we are being charged a late fee and a fee to process the account, because of your error- and your also going to report negatively on my credit - I think you owe me money. Let's make it fee $40 dollars every day you don't credit my account the processing fee and late fee, if you report negativly on my credit report I will be taking you to court. Sincerely, me

then my friend who works for a bank posted the following:

You know they're being sued in federal court and they've been forced to close Wells Fargo Financial, right? You may be due more than you're asking for. I can send you more info from work tomorrow or you can look up Consumer Action's website.

When she give me more info I will also post on this forum.

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Wells Fargo Mortgage sucks

Wells Fargo has made my life a living ***. I am currently laid off and I got 1 payment behind in my mortgage and they sent me a Foreclosure Notice. I called the "Mitigation Team" and asked for help.They asked me to send them some specific paperwork and I did. I waited 1 month with no action. Called again and they asked for paperwork again. Sent it out now 2 more months later, they asked for the same paperwork again. Just sent it. As I told the snippy young lady on the phone, my house will be gone before you ever process the paperwork. Do they care, *** no. It takes several people to get to the right one when you call. They all ask the same questions. I tried to set up an automatic payment, after 3 people on the phone I got the right one. I explained my situation and he said" I won't set up a payment 2 weeks in advance because you don't have the money yet". I explained that I woul;d have it in the bank by then. Hre eluded that I was behind and if Icouldn't pay today , he wouldn't help me. I said well If I made the arrangements would'nt that stop all the calls. He said "No". This bank stinks and by the way, I have a vehicle financed there also-anpther story!
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Richardson, Texas
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Wells Fargo Bank stole $5,000.00 from us legally

We had a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo. Our house was robbed twice in 3 days, and on the first robbery, they took a whole box of new checks. We had no choice but to report the theft to Wells Fargo. We were successful in preventing the thieves from getting any more of our money, but paved the way for Wells Fargo to drain us! Since we had direct deposit to both checking and savings when they closed our account and transferred all funds to a new account our direct deposit was stopped. They started a snowball effect when they bounced the first NSF check. By the time they were finished with us they had taken $5000.00 of our money and sent me to a collection agency saying that I still owed them $179.00 in NSF fees on the account. I did all the right things like going to the federal agency that handles Banks and filing a complaint with them. When I got the run-a-round with them, I decided to go see an attorney and file a case against Wells Fargo to recover our money. The attorney told me the truth about banks and what they can legally do with our money. He showed me in the little booklet they give you after you open an account, "....once your signature is on the dotted line, you give up your right to sue the bank for what ever they do with your money..." They can legally steal from you and you can't do a *** thing about it!!!!
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La Habra, California
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Their irresponsible behavior ruined my credit

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Written Correspondence P.O. BOX 10335 Des Moines, Iowa To Whom It May Concern: I am in the process of relocating from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to Amarillo, Texas as part of my job. I currently own a home in Puerto Rico that is financed by Wells Fargo. The company that employs me as a General Manager asked that I transfer to Texas. On May 4th, 2009 I went out with a realtor provided by my company to find a new home. As part of the relocation package I am placed in temporary living until I can find a new home and upon closing all of my belongings are then transferred to my new home. When I contacted the relocation specialist regarding the interest I had in a home I saw, and that I was interested in buying, I was instructed to call Wells Fargo to pre-qualify for a home loan. I called the number she gave me and spoke with a gentleman. He asked some questions such as SSN# etc., and then after a few moments informed me that I did not qualify for a home loan. I was stunned! When I asked why he informed me that it was because my credit score was below 600. I will take a moment to let you know that I have never missed a payment on anything in my entire life. So when I asked how I could have a score that low he proceeded to tell me that it was because I had been late on 8 payments on my mortgage with Wells Fargo! I told him that I had never missed a payment on anything. He then informed me that my wife had called a while back and asked if arrangements could be made to split one of our payments over 8 months. Apparently, my wife, in trying to appease my daughters request for funds in order to change living arrangements in college, called Wells Fargo and made these arrangements without my knowledge. I had previously spoken with my daughter and had told her that I would not fund this change in her living arrangements. However, the point is that Wells Fargo did not have my authorization to conduct this transaction. At no point in time did I ever authorize my wife as being able to conduct ANY transaction with Wells Fargo. While I understand that my wife did this with my daughters best interest at heart, she states that no one at Wells Fargo told her she could not do it. Furthermore, no one informed her that this would have a negative impact on my credit score. In this day and age of "Identity Theft" I cannot believe that an organization such as Wells Fargo would allow this type of thing to happen. I am completely disgusted with your position on this matter and demand that you take these late payments off of my credit report. Your company acted irresponsibly and I will not accept your punitive action towards me. Should you decide to hold fast to your position, I will have no recourse but to assign this to my attorney. I look forward to your decision and hope that you do the right thing. Regards,
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I had the same thing happen to me.

When I finished school I realized that I may not be able to make my mortgage payment for the first time in the nine and a half years since I had been in the place. I called Wells Fargo Mortgage to see if they could do any sort of a hardship program. They offered me a "special forbearance program". I asked specifically if my credit score would be effected and if my interest rate would change. I was told that my credit score would be intact and my interest rate would not change. I was further told that there would be a note placed on my credit score saying that I was on a repayment program, as I would be making "reduced" payments.

Six months later I tried to buy a car, only to find that my credit score had been thrashed by late mortgage payments.

It has now been nine months and I am STILL trying to finalize the modification and stop the recurring negative items on my credit report. I have complained to the FCC, and the BBB. I have sent my story to Senator Jeff Merkley, and he is sending a complaint on my behalf. I have been escalated to the "Presidential Offices" of Wells Fargo Mortgage. I have hired Lexington Law Firm to dispute all negative items on my credit report, and I STILL am going to have to hire a lawyer.

Go with a credit union. Ditch your bank. LET THEM FAIL.


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Fayetteville, Arkansas

Charged 9 overdarft charges by rearranging an auto payment.

Wells Fargo charged me 9 overdraft charges on monday, by inserting an automatic debit that came in that day in front of card activity from the weekend. They then told me 4 seperate stories about why this occured: 1. That they are require by state law to pay from highest by lowest. 2. That they must wait for paperwork to come in before they can post and it all came in on monday and then they paid highest to lowest. 3. That they do not rearrange to pay highest to lowest at all. 4. (By Mark in Systems operations) that they do not actuallyget any paperwork, it is all electronic and it is legal and they will do it.
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This same situation has happened to each of my children and recently myself. They showed charges as "pending" Thursday.

Plenty of funds in the account. I wrote a check to someone who took this check to their bank at 3:00 PM on the following Tuesday. The pending charges showed posted Monday. The check caused an overdraft.

The bank reversed the pending charges causing 4 additional overdraft fees, which made the check also an overdraft. The total cost $175.00.

There would have been one charge if the previous charges had not been reversed and Wednesday morning this would have been resolved. Once again this bank uses creative bookkeeping to allow themselves to increase their revenue at the cost of their customers.

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Seattle, Washington

I can't believe these people!

Unfortunately my husbands hours were cut back tremendously and we became over 90 days past due, so of course they came and got the car. After finding out what it would require to get the car back which was 1700.00 and proof of full coverage ins. etc we did just that. Well the day was going by and i called a few times to check and the person helping was very short with me not offering me much information so i called the place where they were holding the car only to find out that the car was fixing to go to action. The lady I talked to told me that i needed to call wells fargo right away and tell them to call her and put a redemption hold on the car. When i attempted to do this the person helping me put me on hold 3 times and due to having a prepaid cell phone i hung up and eventually called wellsfargo repo department to try and talk to someone else about it. About 15 min later the person who had been helping me called me back and began to tell me how i was not going to rush her and how impatient i was being and that i should have thought about this before i became over 90 days past due. I told her that Wells Fargo had the rudest people i had ever known working for them and I hung up. Well her supervisor called I answered and she said I am so and so supervisor and I am calling to find out why you keep calling wells fargo which i had only called 3 times being placed on hold everytime. I told her that i was calling because they were my leinholder and that i wasnt aware that there was a certain amount of times i was allowed to call. She then told me that she wanted to speak to my husband and that i wasn't allowed to call wells fargo ever again and that they didn't even have to let us have our car back if they didn't want to. Well they ended up releasing the car but we will getting away from wells fargo as soon as possible. Man, what a day!
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Bellevue, Washington
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Wells Fargo the lender without a heart

I will hate this company until the day I die.And you can all comment on how its your fault you should pay your payment.Yeah well you can all kiss my rear. We paid our payment up until they raised our amount almost 3 hundred a month to pay escrow for this year and the next two years.We never asked them to pay our taxes. This house isn't worth what we owe on it,but yet we wanna stay and keep our house.So when you ask Wells Fargo to help you out it is a no go.There isn't two people in that place that knows what anyone else is doing. Maybe if they didn't wanna help anyone out they shouldn't of taken all of that money from the government. They should be ashamed of themselves,and God help anyone who they screw over,cause there is a lot of us out there.
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wellsfargo need to be suited that are not helping anyone that know we are in a recession and everyone is doing their best to pay their bills why take some home when the could lower the mortage and help poeple and their want be so many empty homes no the rather put familes out doors sad world all about money the goverment need to step in are the presdient and do somehting to help the people they help the auto industry why no help the hard working regular guy help us please someone help us wellsfargo is killing us we are trying to have a home to live in but the won't help us work something out .
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Oradell, New Jersey
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A chance to stop Wells Fargo

Please, this is a chance to make a real difference with regard to the way Wells Fargo Auto Finance does business. I spoke with a Wells Fargo Rep this morning, and tried to make arrangements to bring my account current (I am behind a payment, like millions of Americans, I had lost my job, and only just recently got a new one). I informed her that I could make the current past due payment on Monday, and she flatly refused to accept any payment. After having spoken to 3 different reps at the company, the best they would do is say that they wont accept the past due payment in full on Monday, and wished me good luck (I do have audio recording of this conversation). Following the conversation, I contacted the Consumer Affairs reporter at one of the local network affiliates here in Columbus Ohio, explained the situation, and played him the audio from the call. After explaining to him what had transpired, and pointing out that Wells Fargo Bank had already received $25, 000, 000, 000.00 (that is $25 Billion) in bailout money from taxpayers, and explaining the lending practices, interest rates, etc. He has expressed a strong interest in doing a story on them. I will be meeting with him next Wednesday to discuss what they are doing, and he thinks that they can be brought under fire for what they are doing. He feels that an expose on their practices can have a serious impact on what they are doing, and that the story of what they are doing does have a potential for full network coverage, if enough examples can be provided for what they are doing, it would be a great help. Even if this doesn't stop them, in our local market, which is very substantial, it will put pressure on dealerships to stop using Wells Fargo Auto Finance, as well as other preditory lenders, as a source of financing, at least in the local market in Central Ohio. This is a large market, and if the only way to hit a company like this is in the pocket, this should do it. I am asking for your stories regarding Wells Fargo Auto Finance in particular since they are tied with 2 other banks that have recieved more Federal Tax Dollars for "Bailout" than anyone else, and are engaging in the exact same practices that have helped lead to the current financial problems here in America. This is a real chance to change them. Please, send your stories to jeffereywatson@***.com I will review and submit them to the reporter during our meeting next week, and will send out responses to all with regard to the story and its' progression. I will be posting this to every board I can find, and should you stumble across one that does not have it, feel free to post it there until May 5th (I need time to get everything together before my meeting). Thank you Jefferey Watson
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:( Yup same issues with these vultures

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Columbus, Ohio

Worst credit card company ever!!!

I went on to my wells fargo account and changed my address. The credit card bills still went to a different address for 2 months. Now they closed my credit card without even telling me. When I call and enter my card number and try to speak with a customer support person. It says, "sorry we can't help you" and hangs up. screw that!!! the rest of this is for the word count. so blah blah blah blah and so on and so forth. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, you know the rest
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San Tan Valley, Arizona
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I went to wellsfargo a few months ago with my brother to cash his check. He doesn't have an account there and he has downsyndrom but can still talk and everything. The first time they needed two forms of id. We forgot and only bring one form of id. They then asked us if we want to open an account for him because then we don't have to pay the fee of cashing the check, I told them no because my brother don't even knows how to read or write and don't even know how to speak english. We then return home and bring another id along. When we got there again, we didn't even reach the teller, we were just at the line, and one of the banker rush at us and ask us to open an account there, I said no, my brother will not be using it. He only recieved government assistant and everytime we will just cash it. Then we got to the teller and the same banker was there also, now both the teller and the banker was asking us, trying to persuade us to open an account there when I told them we won't because my brother will not be using it, they kept on asking and insissting and I kept on saying no and there were some tensions, finally the teller got our ids and cash our checks for us. He was really angy because we don't want to open an account there and you can see it in his face. When he gave our ids back he didn't even gave it back nicely, he kind of slam it to where the window is so we can pick it up and he also kind of gently throw our cash at the window also, like here you go!! I was very angry because this is alot of disrespect. They are angry at us the customer for not opening an account? That's bull, if we don't want to we don't want to don't get angry at us and don't try to force us. This is the most rediculous thing I have ever experience. I was so close to yelling at them and making a scene but good thing I calm down. Now when I got my checks I usually just deposited it into the atm. Should of have bank with tcf instead!!!
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While it may be true that ATM's are considered impersonal, it also means that you don't have to deal with rude employees.

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Savage, Minnesota
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Wells Fargo Roomstore Account charging fees on a 0% account!

I bought furniture at room store for $3000.00 which was charged to wells Fargo room store account and a GE account with 0% for the life of the 1500.00 on each card. I have made payments to each card every month on time. My GE card now has 50.00 remaining and my Wells Fargo account had 951.00 remaining. (???) I called Wells Fargo and was informed oh,a couple of months ago, three of my payments were returned NSF. Turns out that when I changed bank accounts and informed Wells on the new checking account #, they had never switched over my new account information. Instead of telling me about the NSF charges that they were STILL trying to get from my old account, they were also accepting the automatic payments from my new checking account. So it turned out that my monthly payments were only paying for the NSF fees. Once I figured out what they were doing for FOUR MONTHS, I asked the call center supervisor why I was not notified. He advised me it was my responsibility to make sure my information was correct not Wells Fargo. I told him to go *** himself and paid the whole account in full right there on the spot. I was assured I would never have to deal with them again. That was in Jan 09. Today, April 20Th, I get a letter in the bank from Wells Fargo stating that I owed them 90.00 for unpaid NSF fees back in Jan of 09. Again they are doing the same thing!!!! Never open a Room store account with Wells Fargo!
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Oh, so you don't like it when someone else assumes something about you and calls you names, yet you seem comfortable treating others that way. Again-you aren't reading the post and nor do I care-I wrote this to give a heads up regarding the behavior I experienced.

I refuse to continue with this trade off of insults with you. If you don't like the subject, then stop reading the post. And as for asking me how it feels to be so ***..I dunno I haven't put myself in your shoes. I'm thinking the view cannot be great if you continue to go to a post and insult people to get out your passive-aggressive behavior.

We get it...YOUR perfect. It's your world, we are all justhere to learn from you how to be perfect people.


To Xguccigrl:

You're the loser that can't keep track of her bank accounts and make the payments on time. You're the *** for not making sure everything was in order. How does it feel to be so ***?


Uh Sally..No it is not my fault. Again, they were using my correct account number for the payments, but using the old account number for my NSF fees that HAD ALREADY been paid when I paid the account in full.

Also, automatic payments are offered by Wells Fargo as an incentive for the 0% rate.

You should read the post fully before you judge someone by calling them an ***. Now adjust you Wells Fargo name tag and answer some calls at their collections call center that you work for...Loser.


automatic payments is just asking to be scammed. By the way sally, which public relations firm do you work for?


I will never set an automatic payment. Automatic payments only benefit the banks, for one there are no physical evidence linking to a payment.

Use the old fashion way, please write a check for each payment. Banks do not like customers to write checks, becasue it cost them money, and the customers have no prove of payments.

Please help yourself by writing a check for each payment, and make sure your payment is posted in a timely manner. Please accept my advises, becasue I used to work for the banking business.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Wells Fargo

I can't believe all of the cheerleading because wells Fargo made 3 billion dollars in a quarter we should be pissed and feel violated that a bank took billions of taxpayer dollars at 0% interest and loaned it back to us poor saps at 5 to 20% interest good job with that stimulus package Mr Obama a bank turning a profit at our expense does not create jobs...what a slap in the face!...we should be protesting on the white house lawn like the Brits and the French do when they get screwed by the gov but we just lay there and take it time and time again
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Texas: Is anyone still having issues with Wells Fargo as of this date? I am looking into some practices they seem to use on unsuspecting home owners - mostly Veterans.

Looking for people who have lost their homes or are having loan modification issues. Don't need personnel information. Just the big picture. Texas especially.

Would like to find other interested parties and take this up further.

I know some have experienced foreclosure while thinking they were still in loan modification - or their escrow amounts changed after the sale/money refunded and then house payments upped after the sale to unmanageable amounts. What's your story?


I have been in contact with Wells Fargo for the last three months to keep my home from going into foreclosure. I am three months behind in payments due to a hardship.

They tell me that I am about to go into foreclosure status but want me to continue sending them payments and to call them every sixty to ninety days to stay in modification review but unfortunately, they can't stop the foreclosure. I don't have the money to keep sending them if they are going to take my home anyway and not willing to help. They are full of it.

They don't want our properties but not willing to help but they took bailout money from the government but won't help people who really need their help. They should be ashamed of themselves.


after almost 1 year of dealing with wells fargo. on a home loan modification i too am still with no answers, they tell me i am still in review.

i can not take anymore of this. we are behind and upside down in our house.

any help would be greatly appriciated.. montana mike


We have been in loan modification since May 2009. They have done absolutlely nothing.

Now in November 2009 they send a letter saying the modification has been cancelled. WTF! Why, they have done nothing but tell us it is under review for the past 6 months. There has to be something we can do about this ***.

The worst part is I would have never gotten my loan with them.

My original loan was sold to them. Go figure.


July 31, 2009MADIGAN SUES WELLS FARGO FOR DISCRIMINATORY AND DECEPTIVE MORTGAGE LENDING PRACTICESIllinois Attorney General Alleges Lender Steered African-Americans, Latinos Into Subprime LoansChicago—Attorney General Lisa Madigan today filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders and servicers. The complaint alleges that Wells Fargo and Company; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., also doing business as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; and Wells Fargo Financial Illinois, Inc., illegally discriminated against African American and Latino homeowners by selling them high-cost subprime mortgage loans while white borrowers with similar incomes received lower cost loans.“As a result of its discriminatory and illegal mortgage lending practices, Wells Fargo transformed our cities’ predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods into ground zero for subprime lending,” said Madigan.

“The dreams of many hardworking families have ended in foreclosure due to Wells Fargo’s illegal and unfair conduct.”Madigan’s lawsuit, which is the result of an investigation into possible violations of fair lending and consumer fraud laws, cites marked disparities in Wells Fargo’s lending data. In 2005, according to an analysis of Chicago-area data, approximately 45 percent of Wells Fargo’s African-American borrowers and 23 percent of the lender’s Latino borrowers received a high-cost mortgage. That same year, only about 11 percent of the lender’s white borrowers received high-cost mortgages. The trend continued in 2006, with approximately 58.5 percent of Wells Fargo’s African-American borrowers and 35 percent of its Latino borrowers in the Chicago area receiving high-cost mortgages, compared with only 16 percent of white borrowers.

In 2007, approximately 49 percent of Wells Fargo’s African-American borrowers and 25 percent of Latino borrowers were sold a high-cost loan in the Chicago area, compared with only 15 percent of white borrowers.The lawsuit also follows a recent Chicago Reporter analysis of mortgage data submitted by Wells Fargo to the federal government. That study found that, in 2007, Wells Fargo sold high-cost, subprime loans more often to its highest-earning African-American borrowers in Chicago than to its lowest-earning white borrowers. According to the study, in 2007, about 34 percent of African Americans earning $120,000 or more received high cost mortgages from Wells Fargo in the Chicago metro area, while less than 22 percent of white borrowers earning less than $40,000 received high-cost mortgages from the lender. “These disparities indicate that something is very wrong with Wells Fargo’s mortgage lending,” said Madigan.

“They strongly suggest that the predictor of whether a borrower would receive a high-cost home loan from Wells Fargo was race, not income.”Madigan’s complaint alleges that Wells Fargo established highly discretionary lending policies and procedures with weak oversight that permitted Wells Fargo’s employees to steer African-Americans and Latinos into subprime loans. As cited in the complaint, Wells Fargo’s discretionary policies and procedures included a compensation structure that rewarded employees for placing borrowers into high-cost mortgages.The complaint also alleges that Wells Fargo targeted African-American borrowers for the sale of high-cost loans by hosting a series of “wealth building” seminars in cities throughout the country, including Chicago.Madigan noted that high-cost, subprime loans of the kind sold by Wells Fargo are defaulting and going into foreclosure in record numbers, and are largely responsible for triggering the worst economic recession in recent memory. The Attorney General’s complaint comes as the home foreclosure crisis continues to affect hundreds of thousands of homeowners in Illinois and across the nation. Illinois saw almost 69,000 foreclosure filings in the first half of 2009, up nearly 30 percent from the first half of 2008.

In Cook County alone, it is anticipated that mortgage foreclosure filings will top 52,000 by the year’s end, compared with 43,876 in 2008.“By targeting African-American’s for the sale of its highest-cost and riskiest loans, Wells Fargo drained wealth from families and neighborhoods and added to the stockpile of boarded-up homes that are an open invitation to criminals,” Madigan said.Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Wells Fargo Financial Illinois, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo and Company that primarily originated subprime loans, engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices by misleading Illinois borrowers about their mortgage terms, misrepresenting the benefits of refinancing, and repeatedly refinancing loans, also known as loan flipping, without any real benefit to consumers. Also, Wells Fargo Financial used deceptive mailings and marketing tools to confuse borrowers as to which division of Wells Fargo and Company they were doing business with – prime or subprime. As a result, borrowers believed they were doing business with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, which offered mainly prime loans, when in fact they were dealing with Wells Fargo Financial, a predominantly subprime lender.The complaint alleges violations of the Illinois Human Rights Act, the Illinois Fairness in Lending Act, and the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, and asks the court to rescind all contracts entered into between Wells Fargo and Illinois consumers by the use of methods and practices declared unlawful and to grant full restitution to the consumers. In addition, the lawsuit asks the court to impose civil penalties for the violations, permanently enjoin Wells Fargo from conducting the alleged illegal activity, and order Wells Fargo to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees.Madigan has investigated Countrywide Home Loans, the nation’s largest mortgage lender and servicer, and found evidence that the lender violated fair lending laws.

Madigan has provided the results of her analysis to Countrywide and is waiting for the lender’s response. In November, 2008, Madigan negotiated a ground-breaking, national $8.4 billion settlement in a predatory lending lawsuit against Countrywide.

The settlement established the first mandatory loan modification program in the country and now serves as a model for other lenders and the federal government for how to help homeowners stay in their homes and stabilize communities.Illinois homeowners who believe they may be victims of Wells Fargo’s discriminatory and deceptive lending practices can contact the Attorney General’s office via a special e-mail address at wellsfargosuit@*** or by calling Attorney General Madigan’s Homeowners’ Referral Helpline at 1-86*-***-**** for assistance.Madigan also reminded homeowners that her Web site at, provides resources to assist homeowners in crisis including access to her Illinois Mortgage Lending Guide, a resource manual containing step-by-step instructions for those struggling to make their loan payments and a list of HUD-certified counseling agencies that offer default counseling services. Homeowners who do not have easy access to the Internet should call the Attorney General’s Helpline, to quickly receive the guide by mail.


Wells Fargo Customer Data Breached – How Did Cyber-Criminals Get The Access Codes? – Why No Strong Authentication?

Cyber criminals somehow acquired Wells Fargo “access codes” to consumer credit bureau MicroBilt, and logged in and mined the personal data of thousands of individuals. Information accessed included names, social security numbers and addresses.

Here is a link to a notification letter that was sent to the New Hampshire Attorney General on July 31, 2008. What’s ironic is that MicroBilt sells consumer “red flag” identity theft detection services.

One wonders how these “access codes” (I assume this means passwords) were obtained by non-Wells Fargo employees. Could there have been a spear-phishing campaign into the bank to get these access codes? Could there be malware on some Wells Fargo internal computers that is keylogging passwords?

This also highlights the continued need for strong 2-factor authentication to networks and websites. As the world goes more to Software As A Service (SaaS), an increasing number of web services will be hosting critical customer data.


Only five days remain before workers at Quad City Die Casting are scheduled to lose their jobs, and the battle with creditor Wells Fargo continues to brew. Back in May, the bank opted to cut off Quad City's line of credit, endangering the jobs of 100 employees who work at the 60-year-old aluminum manufacturing plant. In the month since, the bank has refused to explain its decision to the workers or to grant extra time for the owners and officials from United Electrical Workers Local 1174 to find another source of financing.

Now the union alleges that Wells is also withholding vacation pay and health insurance benefits from the workforce. A UE press release explains:

UE Local 1174 filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board today because workers are being denied their benefits. The company informed employees that Wells Fargo would not approve the expenditure of owed vacation pay. In addition, they have refused to comply with a 2% wage increase due the employees under their legally binding collective bargaining agreement, pay a floating holiday, and they have eliminated health insurance coverage.

This situation is developing strong similarities to the Republic Windows dispute last December (also led by UE members). As you may remember, the factory sit-in at the company's Chicago factory came after creditors refused to cover severance and vacation payowed to the works under the WARN Act. After workers occupied that plant for six days, the banks in question agreed to fork over the $2 million in withheld payments. In a recent Huffington Post entry, Mike Elk quoted UE political action director Chris Townsend on the effect of that sit-in:

"One of the most interesting things about the Republic Windows occupation is that the banks wanted to settle in as rapid a fashion as possible. Two giant banks -- in one week -- were forced to pay the workers what they were owed to the tune of almost two million dollars. There are lawsuits and legal actions that have been going on for years against banks for similar things that have never been able to achieve those kind of results. These banks don't want to be in the spotlight, they want to hide at all costs. They wanted to settle as quickly in order to stop the movement of this type of direct action from spreading because they know such a movement could crush them."

The Quad City dispute is now in the hands of the NLRB, which will hopefully investigate the allegation promptly. In the meantime, workers will continue pressuring Wells to help save the factory, pointing out that Moline's local economy will take a significant hit if it closes next week.


Wall Street has long worried that the hundreds of thousands of foreclosed houses in the U.S. are losing even more value as they become havens for vandals, vermin and drug dealers looking for a place to crash.

But here’s an unusual squatter: A senior vice president at Wells Fargo & Co., who is in charge of many of the bank’s foreclosed properties.

According to an LA times article this morning, a Wells executive, who is responsible for the bank’s foreclosed commercial properties, was seen throwing parties at a $12 million beach house in Malibu, California, which the previous owners had to surrender to Wells to satisfy debts. According to the article, Wells Fargo had refused to show the house to prospective buyers, perplexing local real estate agents.

For the latest update on this controversy, see our latest post: “More on the Wells Fargo Foreclosure Flap”.

Adding fuel to what must be a public-relations nightmare for the bank is the fact that the couple who lost the home in foreclosure had to give up the property because they were victims of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme.

The Times interviewed neighbors who said they spotted the Wells executive, Cheronda Guyton, throwing lavish parties at the sleek, modern house with a patio overlooking the Pacific. At one party, guests arrived by yacht. (Click here to see pictures of the house)

According to the Times, Guyton couldn’t be reached at her downtown Los Angeles office and Wells Fargo declined to discuss Guyton but said the bank will “conduct a thorough investigation of the allegations.”

It hasn’t been a great week for Wells, one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders. Banks like Wells are taking heat for failing to modify troubled mortgages quickly enough as part of the Obama administration’s $75 billion foreclosure prevent plan. According to the Treasury, Wells Fargo has started trial mediations for 11% of its eligible borrowers who are at least 60 days overdue. That lags behind the average 12% rate of modifications among the nation’s lenders. Congressional leaders say lenders need to move faster to prevent another wave of foreclosures from stalling the housing recovery.

It appears that at least one Wells executive involved in this effort may have been a bit, well, distracted in recent months.


We also negotiated all summer long with Wells Fargo trying to get a Mortgage Loan Modification. Two months ago they responded saying I do not make enough money to qualify for the Mortgage Loan Modification program.

I have the same job as I did when I first purchased our house four years ago.

Our house is now scheduled for a Sheriff's Sale next month.Wells Fargo took the 3 billion dollars and stuffed in into each others pockets. Wells fargo is run by white collar Criminals plain and simple.


I agree with the first commentor. I have been waiting for 8+ months for Wells Fargo to help me keep my home and give me a Mortgage Loan Modification.

The trouble is Wells Fargo is NOT lending out that "free" government money for people like me. They are filling their vaults and saying "Yippie" we have 3 BILLION in profits. I don't fault the president for this, these banks are crooks and should be exposed as such.

Someone needs to MAKE THEM use (our money) for it's intended purpose. In the meantime, I'm going to have to "walk away" from my home due to their greed.

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Wells Fargo Fees

Two months ago I had my automatic transfer from my checking to my saving reduced from the $75.00 to $25.00. I looked at my online statement today and I was overdrafted because the bank charged me a $12.00 fee for lowering my transfer amount to $25.00, so if I would have know that they are going to charge me $12.00 then what would be the point of lowering my transfer amount, they failed to mention that when I called to make the change and were bailing them out? Wells Fargo ohh and they were genrous to credit me bak $6.00.
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There are several class action lawsuits pending against Wells Fargo for excessive overdraft fees and manipulations.

I'm fighting close to $500 in overdraft fees right now, that the bank caused because of their sneaky creditcard debt recovery practices. They refused the payments I offered them in good faith on my business line of credit, as not enough, then without notice cleaned out my personal bank account, and didn't leave even enough money in there for pending charges. Now they say that *I* overdraw the account.

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