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Wells Fargo - absolute nightmare

Living a Wells Fargo Nightmare. I had an arm mortgage with Wells Fargo. Paid down almost 25 percent. Our income dropped still make a decent salary and I requested some kind of arrangement. It has been one year. The agents tell outright lies. One agent will dispute what previous agent said. For those taking mortgage with Wells Fargo, Think a gazillion times before you decide to go ahead. My experience with Wells Fargo is extremely bad, extremely unprofessional. I would never ever deal with this kind of bank again. I will boycott Wells Fargo for good. There is absolutely no point in having a family linger on for a year, take their money and do nothing. This bank is practicing economic slavery and they have forced me and my family through enormous hardships.
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Wells fargo auto finance is the biggest crock of *** going


I work for a federally chartered bank and am a seasoned mortgage vet. Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to setup a phone consultation.

It sounds like you have a good amount of equity in your home. If you have decent credit as well as making a decent income,I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be eligible for a low fixed rate.

My personal email is egroussman@***.com. It's worth a shot, right?


First of all we should never have bailed big banks. We should have let them fail and those that would survive would eat the rest. That would be fair game for all.

But instead we rewarded failed executives and failed banks. We allowed Privatised profits and socialized loss.

And dont think even if some loans were modified it is an extremely big favor for homeowners. It is being done because economy was in deep hole and banks needed it to survive. I wont give a *** now if I have to walk away. And my neigbors can complain as much as they want. But Banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America - I will never do any business with. I am BOYCOTTING them permanently. Blood sucking leeches Wells Fargo is. They are parasites who are sucking the hosts dry. Little realizing that once the host is gone, they will be in deep trouble themselves. They are siding with the investor in the negotiation and not giving a fair chance to the homeowner.

And keep in mind these are not normal situation. One/two hundred howeowners could be wrong but not millions of homeowners. Banks acted unethically. They should have known better.


First of all we should never have bailed big banks. We should have let them fail and those that would survive would eat the rest. That would be fair game for all.

But instead we rewarded failed executives and failed banks. We allowed Privatised profits and socialized loss.

And dont think even if some loans were modified it is an extremely big favor for homeowners. It is being done because economy was in deep hole and banks needed it to survive. I wont give a *** now if I have to walk away. And my neigbors can complain as much as they want. But Banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America - I will never do any business with. I am BOYCOTTING them permanently. Blood sucking leeches Wells Fargo is. They are parasites who are sucking the hosts dry. Little realizing that once the host is gone, they will be in deep trouble themselves. They are siding with the investor in the negotiation and not giving a fair chance to the homeowner.

And keep in mind these are not normal situation. One/two hundred howeowners could be wrong but not millions of homeowners. Banks acted unethically. They should have known better.


Why are people so angry when they have to repay their loans according to the terms they agreed to? I bet when you first received your financing you where thrilled and didn't even read your paperwork.

No that you messed up and didn't plan ahead for the adjustable portion of your loan, now your angry at the lender. Grow up and take responsibility.


To be honest Obama is a lot of talk but no action. Or may be substandard action.

He is no better than Bush.

Rather it seems that terrorists have become more emboldened now. Mortgage rescue is a total failure for homeowners, but a total success for banks.

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20+ Year Wells Fargo Customer treated like dog

My visa card was first issued in 1988, car loans home loans, checking fees, business loans for 20 years I paid Wells. I believe I paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and interest. Then I needed a little time a little help and I'm treated like a dead beat DOG. There is little I can do.The paper works lost over and over, no payment plan, bottom line THEY DONT CARE THEY WANT THEIR MONEY. Upon my financial recovery Wells will not be in the picture, my kids banking as they are now starting their own financial life's, Wells will not be in the picture. I will never forget how in Wells Fargo's eyes I quickly turned into a nothing. 15 phone calls a day by some computer robot telling me to hold for some guy that wants nothing but a payment. Day after day the threats, the lies whatever it takes to get a payment. Do not fool yourself for one moment that Wells is interested in your business, your financial success or your retirement they are interested only in one thing having you be a slave to their bottom line, as long as your strong and work well they will call you SIR, but when you REALY need a banker you will be treated like ya sick dog. Hopefully their incredible short sightedness will cost them hundreds of thousands of customers. Ultimatly they need customers to survive we are their live blood. That very voice on the other end of the phone trying to collect was paid by fees i paid. Im a tiny spec to Wells but Wells need to remember that its millions of tiny specs that keeps them alive. LEAVE WELLS
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Similar thing happened to me. 18 years with wells and the first time I need assistance because they forgot to link my PMA account to my mortgage and charged me 25$ checking fee for several months and supervisor on phone told me I should have reviewed my statements more closely and that she'll re-imburse 3 months but the rest is my fault.

Screw them... they don't care about loyalty and that supervisor in the portfolio group Tanisha needs and attitude adjustment.

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Harrassing Calls From Wells Fargo

Avoid Wells Fargo at all costs! I have NEVER had any business with them. They call me every day all day long at home for payment on a loan I don't have. I tell them they have the wrong number and they call me a liar. I asked them for an address to mail a letter to as per directions from my Attorney General's office and they tell me to stop threatening them and won't give me one. When I ask for a supervisor they tell me they don't have one and hang up on me. I can't imagine what they do to people who actually owe them money. I have answered calls from them only to have someone else from Wells Fargo coming in on my call waiting while I am talking to the first Wells Fargo caller!
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I have the same problem with Wells Fargo. They call my home number asking for a specific person who I have never known continually and when I ask them politely (and recently, not so politely) to remove our number the response was "good luck with that one".

For now on I will record our conversations and am currently keeping a log of all calls. My husband did contact BBB, no response as of yet.


contact the BBB and the state financial licensing. They must obey the law.

Send a Cease and desist letter certified to thier branch.

If they continue you have a case. Record all phone calls.


contact a lawyer

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Where is my car title?!

I have been fighting with Wells Fargo for two years trying to get the title to my car. I got evicted from my apartment because they told me that if I didn't pay my past due amount, they were coming to repo the car. So I paid my bill, got evicted, then through my retirement account, payed off the whole car loan. Even after that they were screaming repo at me for almost six months. We finally got the loan straightened out, and they said they would send me the title. Three months later, still no title, so I called their customer service line. That number couldn't help me, try this number. That number directed me to another, then to yet another number. Then those *** sent me back to the first number! WHO HAS MY TITLE??!! The car is almost too expensive to repair again, it won't pass inspection this year unless I fix it, and I can't trade it in without my f*%&@^g title! And can you find the right number to bi*$h somebody, anybody out? NO! Everything is automated now and trying to get a real person is like asking pigs to fly and *** gold bricks straight into your bank account.
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I just got off the phone with Wells Fargo. They said my title is held by a third party company called TMS.

Is that legal?

I’m paying Wells Fargo for my car yet a third part company is holding the title. I’m confused.


i bought my car in 1985 and still no title. im still driving my corolla cous i cant sell it.

i now have 427,242 miles. i dont want to go over 430,000 miles becouse the value will go down... i have an offer on the table for $235. I am also searching for a rear passenger seat as my neighbor stole it to put it on his El Camino.

This is a serious matter and we should start a class act lawsuit.

Im in. Go Bearnie 2020.

@Rashae Tmu

Wells Fargo said titles are held by a third party company names TMS. I tried googling them Couldn’t find anything.

@Rashae Tmu

I'm having the same problem. I paid off my Wells Fargo Auto loan, they don't have my car title.

They claim CA DMV has it. I'm now in Florida and trying to figure out how to get my title.


You should just ask for a lien release. With that, you can go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It's quicker than messing with Wells Fargo.


I have had very similar instances to get my car title. It's been almost a year since I have paid off my vehicle and nothing.

I keep getting the run around from number to number.

They say it's sent electronically to DMV, DMV says it comes via physical mail. Where the *** is it?


I feel your pain. I have a vehicle and can't get tag because no title.

@Ben Bkc

That’s my situation right now. I don’t know what to do.


Im having the same issues. Paid off my motorcycle 3-4 years ago, sold it and when I went to the BMV to have a dupe title generated (assuming I lost the original title) I was told that Wells Fargo still had a lien on the title.

Called them and they said it was an error and they are going to process it... claims it takes 3 days to process the request (which is total bullshyat) They claim they have several different divisions but I do not understand why they simply can not find the motorcycle by looking it up by the VIN.

Claiming they cant find that I even made a request yesterday.... they are so F'ed UP!


I paid my car off 18 months ago and still no title. I've called a couple times getting told different things from different people.

This last time they said they were sending a form for us to complete and that was three weeks ago; still no form. I'm starting to think law suit honestly!

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Bad Business

Wells Fargo is a company that has stolen from me and have not returned my moneys and they have taken the truck that was paid for up to April of this year. Well Fargo has still not return money that they say they did not recieve and I have all the paperwork from my bank along with western union documents. So to all of you out there Please check your accounts because you may be taken for a ride by Wells Fargo. Lets stop the maddness. Stop them from stealing from us all,let's work together before we lose it all to Wells Fargo E.
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Wells Fargo has also screwed my family more than once and now most recently and admited to wrongfully deactivating my check card so my bills haven't been being paid to the companies that they are owed and now 2 days before tax return direct deposit has closed our along with many other accounts wrongfully. Now we don't know what to do about all these depted bills they caused and have to wait 2-3 more weeks to get our returns after the IRS gets them back from the bank..

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Scams and overdraft fee manipulation

Did the same to me! And piled fees on top of fees after i tried to pay off the fees and they kept slipping a new one right under the time limits! even after i canceled the accounts they kept fee piling and calling ten times on a Sunday to harass me! I told them to stop calling and they refused and would not cancel the accounts! They would not listen and repeated there rhetoric like checked out drone monkeys! I told them i will abandon the account! Who do these people think they are? And why do they get to get away with it? It was like paying protection money to the mafia! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO ON ANY LEVEL! In my opinion they are a rip off lying cheating corrupt corporate entity!
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I have read what everyone has said and I am not surprised at all to see all of this as I work privately with investors who have very large sums of money held in the Private Wealth Division of Wells Fargo and here's something to read and think about that happens with all banks and I mean all banks! If you are not in the private financial industry this may not make any senses to you but stop and think about this because the US authorities is now cracking down on everyone who has found ways to make millions of dollars the legal way and the government is pissed about it and calling everyone fraudulant.

Read carefully below:

Investors who have hundreds of millions of dollar at any major bank such as Wells Fargo have found a better way for those large investors to make a higher return on their money then what a bank will offer them, they simply rent/lease their funds/money to a company or person who needs to show large funds on their company ledger in order for them to do commodity/commercial deals worldwide, this is called a lease proof of funds (POF) and the investor will lease/rent their funds to the company/person for a period of 60 days at a time and charge anywhere from 2% up to 10% of the amount that the company/person is needing to show on their ledger. And what makes this safe to the investor is that the investor would allow a sub-account or non-depleating account to be opened under the investors main account, also called their master account and this keeps the investors money in their total control but now allows the company/person who leased/rented the money from the investor to now have an account with their name on it with let's say $100 Million Dollars in it. And now this will allow the company/person to show that they have the credibility now to support whatever transaction/deal that they are trying to close or get into to.

Let me show you an example of what I mean. Let's say an oil company has a buyer that has come to buy a large amount of oil from them but they do not have that oil in their own port/holdings the selling company would need to go to a large refinery and order the oil that the buyer has asked for but the seller must show that they have enough money to support their order. Now, the buyer is paying the seller more so this means, the buyer is buying at retail and the seller would get the wholesale price and flip the sale directly to the buyer thus making the profit but if the seller doesn't have enough funds in their account to show that they can afford the order then they would not be able to make the transaction happen at all and thus losing a large profit. Now the buyer has already showed and proved to the seller that they have all the funds to buy the oil so in order for the selling oil company to make a profit they will do what is called a flip sale and now is when they look to lease/rent money from a large investor because they can lease/rent the funds that they need to show the refinery that they can support their order. The refinery normally allows 7 days once the oil has been order to be transported to the final place and also payment. Thus making money now for the investor, the seller and the refinery and now transaction has been completed and money is now made and companies stay in business longer.

Now it's get's better, the government is telling the world that all leased/rented funds also known as proof of funds (POF) are all scams and fraudulant but as you can see above it is a way for the wealthy people to make fast and higher return on their money that is sitting at a bank and they make alot more in those 60 days then any bank would offer them and this allowed a smaller company to start growing but the government doesn't like the fact that all investors normally has a third party also known as an intermediary to do the transaction for them because no large investor has the time nor wants to deal direct with the general public. The intermediary get's paid a commission for these deals and now the government is taking all these intermediaries down and calling them all fraudulant and scammers because they have found a way to work for themselves with large private investors. The government agencies do not like people who are smarter then them or who makes more then them and until the world understands that these are everyday people who are working to make a paycheck, the world will only see everything as a scam instead of seeing the facts with reasons behind the transactions. After all you can do research and see that many attorney's now have given up their practice and have become an intermediary to these type of transactions/deals.

Now what makes this bad with banks is that if someone becomes under an SEC, SS, or FBI investigation, all the banks play *** and run for the hills and tell the government agencies that these type of accounts (leased/rented accounts) are not real but they are done everyday in the Private Wealth Department of all banks! So, my advise to people who only listen to the news is to do some serious due diligence on when you see that while you sleep that the United States, Government Agencies and Banks are making hundreds of millions of dollars on your money that is sitting in your account as well as they make money by trading your social security number on the international market thus helping to create more bank notes for them to sell to the international world and that my friends is how we got into this mess. The governments love when babies are born as this now gives a new social security number to have a bank note created for and on.

My fellow American's please start looking at what goes on behind the banking world because until you understand how money is really made you will see nothing but what reporters report and that is everything and everyone including all investments in the world must be a scam to all American's because we can now be fooled very easy as our ears and eyes have been trained to only believe what is reported and that is what we have all done. If you would research the international trading market, the stock exchange and the private wealth world on how money is really created, you will soon see that thousands of people have been charged with guilt by a jury of it's peers only because they have been programed to believe that everything is fake!


What can a person do about Wells Fargo overdraft scam? I had 2 fraud items come in and was able to prove it and they still charged me 100 in overdraft fees, said they will not refund those back untill thier end has settle dthat the claim in fraud.

If you seen these checks that this company was trying to cash online a dog would know they are not real checks and not Wells Fargo checks. I only have a check card and no checks and this bank knows this.

Now I have to wait days to resolve this. I myself took my other money out and went to another bank.


They lied to me as well. I've been on a really tight budget but I have no debts thankfully.

I was on a payment plan with a company that overcharged me by $30 (a miscommunication) and I got a $35 overdraft fee. That led to an $8 and $10 charge being overdrafted as well. By the time my next paycheck came, I also had incurred daily $5 fees and owed them over $200. They didn't rescind the fees so I abandoned the bank account and they wrote it off on my credit.

Then a couple months later, a guy from the bank calls and said they would drop all the fees if I opened a new account with them. They are close to my house so I did.

Three months after that, they slammed me for the $205 with no warning or notification. If I hadn't checked my account when I did, it probably would have led to more overdrafts.


I have a 7 year relationship with WF and deposited well over 5 million in their bank.

They pulled the overdraft fee scam on me and lost me as a customer. I already moved my business and personal accounts to a small community bank.

WF is butchering the goose. The scammers at the top will surely fall in the 2010 banking crisis.

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Wells Fargo Bank Refuses to Negotiate A debt

Amazingly Wells Fargo will not negotiate a debt when an offer is presented via certified letter. They elect to sue. In this case, they will get nothing, but they could have had at least a partial settlement. Banks that get this big have no heart or compassion. I told them if I had the money I would pay in full. They won't give a gal a chance to pay them off. Well they lose, but thanks for putting me through all the phone calls and for the law suit. You deserve the nothing you will get. Yes I know I owe the money. Yes I want to pay them and if I had it I would, but they refuse to even be civil about it.
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Wells Fargo

I needed by title info from Wells Fargo to license my car in a new state. I contacted them in Oct 2009 they said no problem we will fax it to the DMV. In early November we got a letter stating that since the car was almost paid off (less than $1000) to go they couldn't fax the paperwork until it was paid off. Why??? So I paid it off and the lady I spoke to said that the lein certification would be mailed out within 10 days. Too long for me, so she said she would put a rush on it and we would have it within the week. Two weeks later, still nothing. I called them again and a not so nice lady said it was mailed out yesterday and there was nothing she could do. My husband needed this info weeks ago and could lose his job for this. I pleaded with her to fax it to me, she refused and said they can't do that. I asked to speak with her supervisor, again she refused. I was shaking and hysterical by this time. She got extremely rude and said that I would get it in the mail eventually. Eventually??? I need it within the next 24 hours! I had already been going back and forth with them for over a month. If my husband loses his job over this, I will sue them!! Why can't they fax me my information on the loan that I paid religiously and paid off early!! They have too much control. If I would have treated making their payments like they are treating giving me my paperwork I would have been in the wrong. Why are they not? I will never do business with Wells Fargo again! And I do not recommend anyone doing business with them. I have had nothing but problems with them.
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Loss Mitigation

Loss mitigation through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. What a joke I have been dealing with these people since January 2009 about my job loss and my abililty to only pay roughly 2/3 of my mortgage payment. They set up a payment plan that I was forced to sign or they would move forward with the foreclosure process. I sigend the workout plan inwhich every three months they would review my financial situation and only pay what I could until then. I had been paying 800 dollars since March 2009 and thought that would help my workout plan to lower my interest rate or refinance my mortgage. It is now November 2009 and there is still no workout plan available to me and my family. I then recieved a letter from Wells Fargo stating there was a workout plan for me however it was dropped due to them not being able to get in contact with me by telephone. How convenienet they have only called me twice a week for the past 10 months asking if I had been called back to work. Wells Fargo REPS NEED more training and people skills they are robotic and not very professional. The company was built thorugh the common working people for the common working people come one people lets stand up to these corporate giants and show them we HAVE the power not them NO WAy NO HOW. What do you know, they just lost my November payment. Again how convenient these people are GREAT and unhelpful. I am not calling Wells Fargo anymore if they need something form me then they can call me, I am done with them.
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Tammy F Pxj
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Wells Fargo treated me wrongly

Wells Fargo Bank are racists!! It's been a month and Wells Fargo refused to address the issue of how one of their employees grabbed me without permission, then asked me what I was (referring to my race) I have a complaint with Here's the BBB CASE#: 5715**** Wells Fargo's response to my complaint was a major insult. They should hold their employees accountable for their actions!! This can NOT be swept under the rug!! I was much much darker as child and never thought in a million years that this type of thing would happen to me. I am part Native American but, that was no one's business to ask me such a question.
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HUH, I have no clue what your comment has to do with my complain and I have no idea what you are talking about. my complaint is about a racist Wells Fargo, nothing to do with Loans or any of the jabber you just wrote.

What does Obama have to do with it?? makes no since.


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Wells this wells that.

The problem is the Obama's HAMP is that gives the institutions the obtion of the loan mod.

If you had a FHA or *** may or even Freddie mac, the loan mod would be easier because those loans are backed up by insurance. If you have a regular conbentional loan your DEAD! the banks don't have to mod your loan... Look into a ref instead. good luck

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CSSR James Chung is horrible at Wells Fargo Westchester Br.

If anyone does not bank at Wells Fargo Bank, beware of Mr. James Chung at Wells Fargo Bank Westchester Branch in Los Angeles. He is so inexperience, rude, no manners, arrogant. Instead of trying to gain u as a future client in a friendly manner, he rudely talks down at people if u are not a Wells Fargo customer. Wells Fargo Bank needs to pay more attention hiring these new inexperience staff and defintely send James Chung to customer service programs courses that may help him in his work ethics so he will be able to conduct his work in a professional manner.
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Sucks in all ares...

I get to add one more way ASC sucks. I am trying to buy a house that Wells Fargo owns, ASC is handling the negotiations. We offered them what the bank was asking in July, they did not approve the offer til Nov 15 and then gave us 17 business days to close. If we did not close on time, they were going to charge us interest everyday after. After getting an extension and having everything ready to go, no one from ASC will sign the HUD to allow us to close. We've been waiting for since before Christmas. Do any real people work there?
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Get a lawyer.

Ex W
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Wells Fargo Credit Card Co. Is Criminal

Wells Fargo recently passed an across-the-board rate increase of 3% for all its existing credit card holders. If you opted not to accept the increase, the only option you were given, was to close your account and maintain your existing payback at its current rate. Seems reasonable, except for the fact that if you opt to close your account, the closure is reported to the credit bureaus, who generally reflect them as negatives on your credit report. That's right, basically accept the increase, or have your credit negatively impacted. Seriously people, what part of the game is this.? It goes without saying that these practices are offensive and predatory, but they become downright criminal when you consider that in our current economic situation, many people are already maxed out on credit cards, with the less fortunate of those paying higher interests rates than is reasonable (anywhere from 15-25% interest). Logic tells me that essentially, Wells Fargo has no interest in seeing its customers (especially those who are financially compromised) pay back their debt. If they did, they would never choose to impose such an increase. Its simple, accept our increase, or have your credit ruined. And this differs from the housing scam how? Its beyond insulting that banks can still get away with these predatory practices after the housing fiasco. And for you "wait a minute, let me defend Wells folks out there", maybe Wells Fargo shouldn't have bought Wachovia, with all its toxic debt. Now we, the loyal Wells customers, are forced to eat those same toxic assets, for the sake of Wells Fargo picking up a few "prized assets". Wow!!! And all of this from the same bank (Wells Fargo) that claimed no fiscal troubles, but still took "bail-out" money. I'm beyond disgusted and offended. When is the government going to put some reins on these guys. How can companies get away with what amounts to extortion. What a shame.
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I agree with you. I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for 16 yrs had a credit card that I have NEVER been late on. Paid the $10,000 balance in full credit was $15,000.00 and then they lowered my credit to $300.00. That was a joke. I asked why after i tried to use it and it was declined. They said your score is lower than it was?? I said can i see that report because i just bought a house.. Well they wanted me to pay for it.. Arent we entiled to get a free credit report once they run it and decline or lower anything because of it?? Anyway I am not happy and i am wondering if it was because they bought all those other debts!!

I also bank with them and have a CD.

So dissapointed!

map-marker Tampa, Florida


we have ASC, which is really Wells Fargo Mortgage Company and after signing a modification agreement with them and already making three payments . Just recieved a Motion of Sale . From ASC attorney. What can I do??? where have my three payments gone too. After more then a year trying to negotiate with ASC & beliving that they would honor the modotication. Now to my surprise we are struck with this. My family & my self maybe out on the street before the new year comes in. I would like to ask/ Who can we contact that can help us on this FRAUD. I dont know what else to do.I need some help.
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Is there any hope for a w/f mod? or should i just burn this 425k house loan to the ground?? wtf?...


i have been on the roller coaster for almost 2 years and have yet to get my modification done. they want updated info every time i call and no one has a clue what to tell me.

all i have now is this huge amount they want to be up to date. must be something wrong on ther end if they let this go this long.

have stopped the interior work untill i find out whats next. not giving them a updated home that is finished


WF invited me to their modification loan, not once but three times!!!! What a bunch of unqualified misinformed bankers and reps They ruin your credit at the end of the hassles.

Your payments are held in suspense & report you as delinquent even though the loan modification trial period clearly states the temporary agreement I can't wait for a class action lawsuit, I will be in line. Now have to figure out how to fight their reporting me as delinquent so I can get my excellent credit rating back.


If you don't want to spend 6-9 months re-submitting your paperwork time and time again and not getting approved or not the modification you were looking for, here is what you need to do. First, contact a Wells Fargo Personal Banker or Mortgage Consultant "IN PERSON".

Make sure that you find one that has empathy and that won't pass the buck to another employee. They inturn are able to contact the loan negotiator directly and if need be, contact the escalation department to handle any issues. I have personally done this for over 10 customers and gotten their mondification done within 30 days. Moreover, Wells Fargo as well as the other banks were overloaded by the mass requests for help and modifications.

It is crazy to expect them to have the process perfected in months time. You are talking about having to hire thousands of new employees, train them and fine tune the process. Lastly, Wells Fargo "IS NOT" the one making the decision. The loan negotiator's are simply the middle man.

Your home loan is owned by one of the government agencies or private investors. Wells Fargo works on your behalf with the investors to modify your loan. Put it this way, the negotiators you hate so much get yelled at all day by the investors.

Try imagining what it feels like to be stuck every day between two people yelling at you. Lastly, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the government agencies and investors who are the ones hiding behind the banks and who are unwilling to make change!!!!


just got the call from wells fargo and was denied a modification after sending trial payments for 6 months. I think they let the cat out of the bag.

they told me I was denied because I have equity in my home. wtf


Does anyone have a number to contact Wells Fargo (other than Customer service #) for department(s) who can make decisions on giving house back, short sales, etc?


Never give up. You have remedy.

It is a forensic mortgage audit. They are defrauding this whole country, now make them pay. can provide all the proof needed to take to a lawyer to file in court and make them pay. The provide a forensic mortgage audit that includes federal, state and local municipality specific.

Then once all the violations are found they will create all the litigation paperwork support needed to file with the court.

See they don't want their fraud place before a jury of 12 homeowners who may think they were defrauded as well. Once you have gone to the website to see how to get your justice contact steve@***.com and start taking back this country one home at a time.


After carbon copy issues of the comments here happening to us, we've just walked away. I'm not dealing w/them anymore and I refuse to communicate w/them unless they want to discuss our "in process" short sale.

Oh, they've tried to bait us with the lowered payments scheme etc. etc. as a trial period but we're not ***. They're not getting another red cent out of us.

If they choose foreclosure and they continue to pursue us after foreclosure, then I'll file bankruptcy and they'll get a whole lot of nuthin'.

I'm done with national banks and will only work with local banks.


So, my story sounds simular to everyone hear and I don't know hwere to turn. I was denied the trial period because my property fell under the HARP program come to find out I do not qualify for that because of the simple fact I owe over 105% of what the property is worth.

I got a call yesterday from the lost mitigation folks telling me to reaply, so that is what I did. I cant believe that a bank as WF would be so CHAOTIC when it comes to this issue.


I too had been working on a loan mod with Wells Fargo. I was also put into the HAMP program.

We have been sending them information for months, which has been repeatedly updated and lost several times. After paying on the trial period and sending in additional info, we found out the loan mod was denied. No reason except that the "investor inidacted that the loan did not qualify for the HAMP program." What the representative indicated 4 times, was that "she could not understand why they put us on the HAMP program trial period, since they knew that our loan would not qualify." In other words they lied to us. It is unbelievable that they would build that level of hope within us, on a program that they knew would not be accepted.

Does anyone know of a attorney who may specialize in this kind of work. I believe I have been defrauded.

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Credit Score

After recently applying for a Home Equity Loan, then being turned down, I feel angry enough to register a complaint. How is it a Husband and Wife, with over $5000.00 income a month, own their House, Mortgage of $155.000, Appraised at $370.00 to $380.00, never missed a payment in the 8 years since having this house built and owing just $7,200.00 in credit cards, cannot get an unsubstantial little loan for $30,000. I understand my credit score of 650 & my wife's of 621 isn't that great, but what the ***, paying all my bills on time, faithfully, never missing a payment on anything, I feel I'm being penalized for having a good history. Why my score doesn't rise is beyond me, but hey, with over $200,000, in equity what the *** else you guys want. You think all that paper money in your vault, is worth more then my equity? The way that guy in the white house is giving it away, I seriously doubt it. ' This from a Vietnam Veteran, fought hard for his country, saved enough finally to own my house making payments faithfully without ever missing one payment since have it built. I'll continue to search for a loan and maybe someone will come to there senses and realize there is money to be made here, so if you don't need to earn any more due to all that stimulus money you got, I can understand. frank.guerassio@***.com
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If it is possible to not renanifce that would be really great. Instead negotiate with WF.

During that period continue to look for better rates. Make sure that everywhere you go don't hae then pull your credit just ask them what there going rates would be for unsatisfying credit. If you need help to improve you credit this might help you a bit:The first thing you need to do to FIX your fico. Do not try to consolidate that is just an accident waiting to happen.

Here is how a fico works. There are 5 key areas for your fico score:1: record of paying your bills on time 35%2: Total balance on your credit cards 30%and other loans compared to yourtotal credit limit.3: Length of credit history. 15%4: New accounts and recent 10%applications for credit.5. Mix of credit cards and loans 10%Your track record in making your payments on time is 35% of your fico score.

you do not need a load of money to to make payment. Just make the minimum required on time. If you mail your payments make sure you mail them 5 days before the due date.

If you pay online make sure it is at least 2 days before your payment is due. Do not write past due checks

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