Taken by wells fargo

Wells Fargo would lie when they could tell the true. They do not want to work with people they only want to foreclosure on them. I'm so glad the goverment gave them money to help everyone I KNOW OF NO ONE THAT HAS GOTEN ANY HELP BUT WELS FARGO. They are not about helping only helping wells fargo take your home and money ......they suck why are all the american people going thru this and wells fargo is enjoying this they get raises and have not felt any hardship they are like sharks circling on the weak im tried
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With bailout funds, Fannie Mae and Freddie mac insurance, why would banks modify except in cases of underwater mortgages where they would lose money. Washington only takes care of its own and its friends.


With bailout money from Washington, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mar, where is the incentive for banks to modify loans except in cases of mortgages under water where the banks would lose if homeowners walked away?

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Nashville, Tennessee

Wells Fargo denied modification for incorrect reason

In June we submitted for a loan modification from Wells Fargo. They lost our paperwork, we refaxed, lost again, refaxed, lost again, we gave info over phone. They then requested an updated financial sheet and letter, we provided that with another fax. Five months later, received a letter we were denied because "they have not been able to contact us". Funny, we even have the confirmations for all the faxes. I called and Wells Fargo rep indicated we "received the wrong letter". We were really denied because we made too much money and he quoted the incorrect income to me.
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Tacoma, Washington


we have ASC, which is really Wells Fargo Mortgage Company and after signing a modification agreement with them and already making three payments . Just recieved a Motion of Sale . From ASC attorney. What can I do??? where have my three payments gone too. After more then a year trying to negotiate with ASC & beliving that they would honor the modotication. Now to my surprise we are struck with this. My family & my self maybe out on the street before the new year comes in. I would like to ask/ Who can we contact that can help us on this FRAUD. I dont know what else to do.I need some help.
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Is there any hope for a w/f mod? or should i just burn this 425k house loan to the ground?? wtf?...


i have been on the roller coaster for almost 2 years and have yet to get my modification done. they want updated info every time i call and no one has a clue what to tell me.

all i have now is this huge amount they want to be up to date. must be something wrong on ther end if they let this go this long.

have stopped the interior work untill i find out whats next. not giving them a updated home that is finished


WF invited me to their modification loan, not once but three times!!!! What a bunch of unqualified misinformed bankers and reps They ruin your credit at the end of the hassles.

Your payments are held in suspense & report you as delinquent even though the loan modification trial period clearly states the temporary agreement I can't wait for a class action lawsuit, I will be in line. Now have to figure out how to fight their reporting me as delinquent so I can get my excellent credit rating back.


If you don't want to spend 6-9 months re-submitting your paperwork time and time again and not getting approved or not the modification you were looking for, here is what you need to do. First, contact a Wells Fargo Personal Banker or Mortgage Consultant "IN PERSON".

Make sure that you find one that has empathy and that won't pass the buck to another employee. They inturn are able to contact the loan negotiator directly and if need be, contact the escalation department to handle any issues. I have personally done this for over 10 customers and gotten their mondification done within 30 days. Moreover, Wells Fargo as well as the other banks were overloaded by the mass requests for help and modifications.

It is crazy to expect them to have the process perfected in months time. You are talking about having to hire thousands of new employees, train them and fine tune the process. Lastly, Wells Fargo "IS NOT" the one making the decision. The loan negotiator's are simply the middle man.

Your home loan is owned by one of the government agencies or private investors. Wells Fargo works on your behalf with the investors to modify your loan. Put it this way, the negotiators you hate so much get yelled at all day by the investors.

Try imagining what it feels like to be stuck every day between two people yelling at you. Lastly, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the government agencies and investors who are the ones hiding behind the banks and who are unwilling to make change!!!!


just got the call from wells fargo and was denied a modification after sending trial payments for 6 months. I think they let the cat out of the bag.

they told me I was denied because I have equity in my home. wtf


Does anyone have a number to contact Wells Fargo (other than Customer service #) for department(s) who can make decisions on giving house back, short sales, etc?


Never give up. You have remedy.

It is a forensic mortgage audit. They are defrauding this whole country, now make them pay. endlessfrauddetection.com can provide all the proof needed to take to a lawyer to file in court and make them pay. The provide a forensic mortgage audit that includes federal, state and local municipality specific.

Then once all the violations are found they will create all the litigation paperwork support needed to file with the court.

See they don't want their fraud place before a jury of 12 homeowners who may think they were defrauded as well. Once you have gone to the website to see how to get your justice contact steve@***.com and start taking back this country one home at a time.


After carbon copy issues of the comments here happening to us, we've just walked away. I'm not dealing w/them anymore and I refuse to communicate w/them unless they want to discuss our "in process" short sale.

Oh, they've tried to bait us with the lowered payments scheme etc. etc. as a trial period but we're not ***. They're not getting another red cent out of us.

If they choose foreclosure and they continue to pursue us after foreclosure, then I'll file bankruptcy and they'll get a whole lot of nuthin'.

I'm done with national banks and will only work with local banks.


So, my story sounds simular to everyone hear and I don't know hwere to turn. I was denied the trial period because my property fell under the HARP program come to find out I do not qualify for that because of the simple fact I owe over 105% of what the property is worth.

I got a call yesterday from the lost mitigation folks telling me to reaply, so that is what I did. I cant believe that a bank as WF would be so CHAOTIC when it comes to this issue.


I too had been working on a loan mod with Wells Fargo. I was also put into the HAMP program.

We have been sending them information for months, which has been repeatedly updated and lost several times. After paying on the trial period and sending in additional info, we found out the loan mod was denied. No reason except that the "investor inidacted that the loan did not qualify for the HAMP program." What the representative indicated 4 times, was that "she could not understand why they put us on the HAMP program trial period, since they knew that our loan would not qualify." In other words they lied to us. It is unbelievable that they would build that level of hope within us, on a program that they knew would not be accepted.

Does anyone know of a attorney who may specialize in this kind of work. I believe I have been defrauded.

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Tampa, Florida

Wells Fargo over draft fees

On December 6, I had 2 purchases pending but deducted from my available credit which left me about 12.00. On Dec 7, I had an automatic withdrawal 84.00, Wells Fargo deducted the $84.00 first, then the other 2 purchases that were pending which cost me 3 overdraft fees versus one. I pleaded my case with the Senior manager no one would listen or help. I am a single parent struggling. Wells Fargo was so rude not willing to assist me in my situation. I ask about the new law she stated not effective until July 2010. WOW!
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My guess is no one knows how to balance a check book here!!! even with your debit card purchases you can balance your account and NEVER EVER OVERDRAFT!!!!!

why do you think you are given a register to do this with, why do you think they have online banking!DUH! to check your account balance on a daily basis... YOUR biggest complaint is you have to pay a fee Because YOU can't keep track of your money !!!! get over it and manage your Freaking money better!!!!

i can understand if the bank made an error or if someone made an unauthorized charge on your account. that yes you should not be charged , but if you write all these checks and you dont have the money in your account then yes you should be assessed a fee.

helllets stop all the fees and just put your stupied *** in jail for writing a hot check Which is a freaking crime... your choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I had 2 purchases pending but deducted from my available credit which left me about 12.00. On Dec 7, I had an automatic withdrawal 84.00"

Okay - I'm confused again.

You knew you didn't have the money in the bank and you STILL made purchases. Now you're pissed because you hit with over-draft charges. "Gee officer, I only stole 1 can of beer - not the whole six pack".

WTF? :?


Unless stop using them and start paying with cash, nothing will change. "He who has the gold makes the rules".

I started buying prepaid Visa money cards for $3.50 for my on line purchases. Musch cheaper than 35.00 an error. I hate all banks right now, especially


Get them where it hurts, stop giving them your cash! and tell everyone you know!


Wells Fargo has such a bad reputation that many of their own employees will not bank with them. They claim that it is common banking practise to payout on the largest debit to your account and create multiple over draft fees regardless of the order of the debits.

The executive branch of this bank is by far the rudest and least customer friendly of the entire institution. We have had multiple problems with this bank. Three of my adult children have closed their accounts with this bank and I am soon to follow. They have creative bookkeeping and no customer service.

The only delay in closing my account is I want to be certain all of my automatic payments have moved to my new and better bank. Once I know that is done, about three months to make certain, I will close my account and never deal with this institution again.


Wells Fargo has taken around $700 from me to pay for overdraft fees accrued because of the dishonest order in which they cashed my checks (largest amounts always being cashed first so that they can charge an overdraft fee for every tiny check or withdrawal I subsequently submitted/made). I now I have a negative balance in my account and they continue to charge me $4.00 a day every day until I pay can pay $250 more in overdraft fees.

I have tried to work with these people and have explained that I cannot pay these fees and harrassing me will do them no good. They have been anything but helpful and I am just going to close my account (accepting the consequences that it will hurt my credit and preclude me from obtaining another bank account that I don't want anyway) and talk to an attorney regarding joining the class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

I don't think it will help my situation at all but I am so angry. Someone has to impose consequences on these immoral, dishonest people


i was also mistreated, on december 19 i went to wells fargo to resovle a wire transfer. the manager mich wicken, threaten to close my account and to call the police.

wells fargo is an evil racist bankster group.

we the people have to stop them. with all that bailout money that these greedy monsters got, we have to hold them accountable.


yup! they do that kinda of stuff all the time....once charged me 11 overdraft fees on the same $20 check.....allowed the check to be submitted more than once a day.....told me that the individual/company the check is written to can submit the check as often or as many times as they want.....all to wells fargos benefit.....no one would help me either....by the time I got the overdraft notice that one check had already cost me $385 if overdraft charges.

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Garland, Texas

Wells Fargo Refusal they would rather foreclose

I am one of many honest hard working 28 year old americans who bought a first home and has not missed a paymen to date. Mortgage and develpor fraud have cause my loan to be flipped from day one and now with the the drastic economic downturn i am underwater. I bought for $159,900 and they are foreclosing right next door for $22,000 I have a 5/1 arm that is set to expire and all i want is a 30 year rate. I wanna keep my home but Wells fargo have said they cant help and would rather short sale or foreclose then work with me!!!
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Orlando, Florida

Loss Mitigation

Loss mitigation through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. What a joke I have been dealing with these people since January 2009 about my job loss and my abililty to only pay roughly 2/3 of my mortgage payment. They set up a payment plan that I was forced to sign or they would move forward with the foreclosure process. I sigend the workout plan inwhich every three months they would review my financial situation and only pay what I could until then. I had been paying 800 dollars since March 2009 and thought that would help my workout plan to lower my interest rate or refinance my mortgage. It is now November 2009 and there is still no workout plan available to me and my family. I then recieved a letter from Wells Fargo stating there was a workout plan for me however it was dropped due to them not being able to get in contact with me by telephone. How convenienet they have only called me twice a week for the past 10 months asking if I had been called back to work. Wells Fargo REPS NEED more training and people skills they are robotic and not very professional. The company was built thorugh the common working people for the common working people come one people lets stand up to these corporate giants and show them we HAVE the power not them NO WAy NO HOW. What do you know, they just lost my November payment. Again how convenient these people are GREAT and unhelpful. I am not calling Wells Fargo anymore if they need something form me then they can call me, I am done with them.
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Brookline, Missouri
New Reviewer


Jay McElrath, 484 Mulberry Street, Macon, Ga. 31201. Is a crook. He took $400.00 from our debit card to do a survey on property we were trying to buy. Survey was never done, because we decided against the property, because of his lies and promises, that never came true until it was to late. Hope you and your family holidays suck! Your the type of person who makes promises, and can't keep them, so all you people out there beware of the man Jay McElrath, he'll take your money. Jessie Belcher turtles-1968@***.net pissed customer
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The message above was a complaint filed by a past client of mine when I was an employee of Wells Fargo. I wish to address some inaccuricies with the complaint as well as point out some violations in the Term of Use made by the poster in regards to this post and request that it be either modified and/or removed.


Wells Fargo collected $400 upfront for the cost of an appraisal not a survey.

2. If Mrs. Belcher decided against the property then what exactly was done too late on my part?

The loan process becomes irrelevant if the decision to purchase the property is canceled by the purchaser. Since I had not yet ordered an appraisal I actually saved Mrs. Belcher $400 as this is money she would have spent for an appraisal that would have been of no use to her.

3. What Mrs.

Belcher failed to do after several explainations was contact the department that handles the refund process with the credit/debit cards. The cards numbers initially collected for upfront appraisals at Wells Fargo are not kept on file for protections purposes.

4. So to think that I am a successful mortgage loan officer in the business going on 16 years that "steals" peoples appraisal money to make a living is a falsehood and an insult.

The state of Georgia would not license me if I operated that way nor would I be able to make a living operating that way. I don't think Wells Fargo could operate a successful mortgage operation like that either, nor operate period.

5. Regarding the vicious remarks made at my family that our holidays "suck" is downright repulsive. My wife, and children, both 3 and 6 year old girls at the time, did not deserve to have that wished upon them as they have nothing to do with anything regarding this situation.

I believe both the slander, lies, and the threats made at my family are all a violation of PC's Terms of Use and request that this post be removed immediately. "Ignorance and stupidity have no place together." Jay McElrath







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Warner Robins, Georgia

Never use Wells Fargo Auto

You would think that the people that work for them have never had anything happen to them. Why not give someone a chance to make payments. I mean they don't even send you a bill on time and expect your payment to be on time. The way these people treat you, as if they are not human. Right now people are still loosing jobs and they can't even give you some extra time to make payments. If I knew then what I know now I would have never used them. God does not like ugly and their whole company is ugly. I swear I can't see their company staying around to much longer, If we all stick together and work with each other not to use Wells Fargo. If you know whats good for you and your credit you would not use them!!!!!!!!
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*** Wells


Hate to break it to you, but it's no Wells Fargo, it's you.

No creditor cares about you personally, you are a business transaction, you are a revenue stream (if you pay your bills of course).

Comanies don't get into the loan business because it makes them feel good to see people driving around in new cars or moving into thier new homes. Loans, Credit, Banking, Finance = Money.

The sooner you understand this the better off you will be.

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Arlington, Virginia
New Reviewer

Wells Fargo treated me wrongly

Wells Fargo Bank are racists!! It's been a month and Wells Fargo refused to address the issue of how one of their employees grabbed me without permission, then asked me what I was (referring to my race) I have a complaint with www.bbb.com Here's the BBB CASE#: 5715**** Wells Fargo's response to my complaint was a major insult. They should hold their employees accountable for their actions!! This can NOT be swept under the rug!! I was much much darker as child and never thought in a million years that this type of thing would happen to me. I am part Native American but, that was no one's business to ask me such a question.
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HUH, I have no clue what your comment has to do with my complain and I have no idea what you are talking about. my complaint is about a racist Wells Fargo, nothing to do with Loans or any of the jabber you just wrote.

What does Obama have to do with it?? makes no since.


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Wells this wells that.

The problem is the Obama's HAMP is that gives the institutions the obtion of the loan mod.

If you had a FHA or *** may or even Freddie mac, the loan mod would be easier because those loans are backed up by insurance. If you have a regular conbentional loan your DEAD! the banks don't have to mod your loan... Look into a ref instead. good luck

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wells Fargo Bites

I have been through 3 different plans since April of 2009 and have gotten no where. I'm told something different each time I call. Just to let you know, the "90 Day Trial Period" is a big joke. It only buys WF 90 days more to come up with some other excuse. I have a question? Yesterday I received a call from Prudential and Dean said that he was contacted by WF to gain access to my home so he could tell them what he thinks it's worth! I ask if he was an appraiser and he stated "No, I'm a Realtor".WTF!! I told him he will never gain access into my home and that WF should have notified me first. Has this happened to any one else? (Most Realtor's pull up comps in the area.) As of this point, I haven't received any legal notices from any attorney's, but I feel I'm getting close to the end of loosing my home.
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We have decided after trying to get WFHM to work with us January 2009, that we will be walking away from our home of 22 years on December 2nd. Everytime they send a loan modification letter it is the same amount as the original mortgage payment that we can not pay.

We are done.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
New Reviewer

Wells Fargo

I needed by title info from Wells Fargo to license my car in a new state. I contacted them in Oct 2009 they said no problem we will fax it to the DMV. In early November we got a letter stating that since the car was almost paid off (less than $1000) to go they couldn't fax the paperwork until it was paid off. Why??? So I paid it off and the lady I spoke to said that the lein certification would be mailed out within 10 days. Too long for me, so she said she would put a rush on it and we would have it within the week. Two weeks later, still nothing. I called them again and a not so nice lady said it was mailed out yesterday and there was nothing she could do. My husband needed this info weeks ago and could lose his job for this. I pleaded with her to fax it to me, she refused and said they can't do that. I asked to speak with her supervisor, again she refused. I was shaking and hysterical by this time. She got extremely rude and said that I would get it in the mail eventually. Eventually??? I need it within the next 24 hours! I had already been going back and forth with them for over a month. If my husband loses his job over this, I will sue them!! Why can't they fax me my information on the loan that I paid religiously and paid off early!! They have too much control. If I would have treated making their payments like they are treating giving me my paperwork I would have been in the wrong. Why are they not? I will never do business with Wells Fargo again! And I do not recommend anyone doing business with them. I have had nothing but problems with them.
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Stateline, Nevada
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Wells Fargo Rips off their customers

ATM cards are a great way for Wells Fargo Bank to rip off their customers they do not have a policy for protecting their customers from overdrawing their account when using a ATM card. I was charge 210.00 in overdraft fees in which they could do nothing about.I work my butt off to stay afloat in this economy and I didnt appreciate their *** answers. Its ok, I hope they use the money in good health they need it more than I. Bank of America has a opt out option no money in the account transaction denied simple. Im doing business with them now.,
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Dont forget that they process the largest transactions first. This causes a larger number of overdraft fees. This is done by design to increase profitability.


I agree.

Over the years I have observed some very predatory policies in place at Wells Fargo and other mortgage lenders.

Don Darryl


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Burbank, California

Credit Score

After recently applying for a Home Equity Loan, then being turned down, I feel angry enough to register a complaint. How is it a Husband and Wife, with over $5000.00 income a month, own their House, Mortgage of $155.000, Appraised at $370.00 to $380.00, never missed a payment in the 8 years since having this house built and owing just $7,200.00 in credit cards, cannot get an unsubstantial little loan for $30,000. I understand my credit score of 650 & my wife's of 621 isn't that great, but what the ***, paying all my bills on time, faithfully, never missing a payment on anything, I feel I'm being penalized for having a good history. Why my score doesn't rise is beyond me, but hey, with over $200,000, in equity what the *** else you guys want. You think all that paper money in your vault, is worth more then my equity? The way that guy in the white house is giving it away, I seriously doubt it. ' This from a Vietnam Veteran, fought hard for his country, saved enough finally to own my house making payments faithfully without ever missing one payment since have it built. I'll continue to search for a loan and maybe someone will come to there senses and realize there is money to be made here, so if you don't need to earn any more due to all that stimulus money you got, I can understand. frank.guerassio@***.com
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If it is possible to not renanifce that would be really great. Instead negotiate with WF.

During that period continue to look for better rates. Make sure that everywhere you go don't hae then pull your credit just ask them what there going rates would be for unsatisfying credit. If you need help to improve you credit this might help you a bit:The first thing you need to do to FIX your fico. Do not try to consolidate that is just an accident waiting to happen.

Here is how a fico works. There are 5 key areas for your fico score:1: record of paying your bills on time 35%2: Total balance on your credit cards 30%and other loans compared to yourtotal credit limit.3: Length of credit history. 15%4: New accounts and recent 10%applications for credit.5. Mix of credit cards and loans 10%Your track record in making your payments on time is 35% of your fico score.

you do not need a load of money to to make payment. Just make the minimum required on time. If you mail your payments make sure you mail them 5 days before the due date.

If you pay online make sure it is at least 2 days before your payment is due. Do not write past due checks

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Baltimore, Maryland

Sold insurance policies on refinance contract

They included 2 insurance policies for auto maintenance as part of the contract agreement, issuing me checks for money & having me countersign them to the companies. I immediately cancelled, because I had no knowledge this would even be done. When I cancelled, the refund went to Wells Fargo, not me; they had a limited power of attorney for me when I signed the contract, and they used it to keep my refund. My fault; I should have taken time to read everything, but they had me sign 10 minutes before they closed the office. When they approve my refinancing, they offered additional funds to pay down my credit cards. I declined because I wanted my car payments lower. They never informed me the policies of insurance would be on that contract. I would have turned that down.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

Flood insurance requirement same as hazard insurance

Wells Fargo has a habit of requiring that flood insurance be at the same level as hazard insurance. We live in an area that is flat, has no rivers, but because of drainage, our street will flood. Our house has never flooded, never will, but Wells Fargo does not listen to us or our insurance provider. We owe 32,000 on the house and they require 129,000 of flood insurance which costs us about 1,000 more a year. If you do not pay for the same level for flood insurance , they purchase it for you from their insurance companies at a very high rate. I am sure that they make millions from this practice. This is why I hate them.
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"The person above" to whom I refer, is actually entry #10 in this thread.


Ditto on my experience--mortgage purchased, etc. The poliburo-like attitude and response of the person above is representative of this company's attitude toward people in our class.

Quite possibly, this practice may target the aging population who are less likely to understand the ultimate import. They are more likely to downsize to garden homes, etc., and having successfully serviced the debt on the older family home via more straight forward processes, and, being in diminished states via eyesight, awareness of modern mortgage predation and the like, may continue to service their mortgage deb in accordance with their understanding of their fixed payment agreement at origination time.

Unwitting, unsuspecting, confused by the jargon and near impossibility to discern written monthly statements in the form in which they have currently evolved, are ideal prey for forclosure, and if not that, undue suffering. Actually, this holds true for most of us, irrespective of age.


and processing center guy why they getting sued? you probably get kickbacks too my mortgage paper says no flood insurance required


It also says that your original leinholder can change the requirements for homeowners insurance as they see fit (i.e, require flood insurance even though it wasn't originally required).


I too have this problem with wells fargo N.A they decided with the help of fema with no flood elevation certificate bought insurance and now want 2,000 for escrow shortage and they will raise house payment $150 nice and you hazzard processors think its fair F.E.M.A NEVER WAS AT MY PROPERTY THEY GOT THIER COLORS OUT ONE DAY AND NOW MILLIONS OF PISSED OFF PEOPLE ARE GETTING SCREWED



I have the same story. My loan was also purchased by Wells fargo.

My contract that I signed with Cardinal financial states that I only have to pay the principle balance of the loan amount for flood ins. Fargo says my contract is no longer valid since they purchased it. This is causing my flood ins to more than double. I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida because that's their home base.

I suggest everyone else does the same. It is a simple online form.


I am going to email kdarby in reference to a class action law suit as soon as I finish this. I owe Wells Fargo $76,000 on my 220,000 home.

They are requiring me to pay for flood insurance to cover the replacement value. I feel I should only be required to cover what their loss would be in the event of a total loss. The rest is my problem and if I'm willing to take that risk that is my decision and my problem. As far as the guy who works for the hazard processing center, if it does say in my mortgage papers that I agreed to let Wells Fargo charge me whatever they like for something I don't need then shame on me for signing it.

That does not make it right though.

I have already contacted my state representative about this and he has agreed to look into it. Anyone who wants to discuss this is welcome to email me albinwi@***.net


Incorrect answers.....

I was told by a Wells Fargo Rep that I needed to increase my flood after a refy from $148K to $204K what I owe on the property, only to recieve gap insurance letters after the increased amount and then told that my flood has to match my Home Owners policy of $245K, now I have to go through the whole process again to increase my flood coverage to $245K an additional $700/yr..... What a Charlie Foxtrot


I did not buy my mortgage from Wells Fargo, they bought it after the fact. I have flood insurance for the *actual* value of the home not Wells Fargo's *replacemnt* value which is 50% more than I can sell the home for.

I've just received my 45 days notice. I will be contacting the attorney who handled my original close to find out if this is even legal. I sure can't find anything in my mortgage papers that says the company can force me to buy more insurance than their interest in the home. I hope I can find a class action suit to join.

No other mortgage company has treated me this way. I refinance to get rid of my PMI and take advantage of lower interest rates but that will all be eaten up by this outrageous demand that I purchase more insurance than the property is worth.


In response to the employee of the hazard processing center. Your response is rude and unprofessional and the reason so many of your clients are upset and discouraged by this process.

I am currently working with a client that Wells Fargo is requiring that they purchase flood insurance and they are not in a flood zone. FEMA does not show them in a flood zone but Wells is still requiring the insurance. I would very much appreciate it if you could put me in contact with someone of authority that could explain to me why this person would be required to carry the insurance when she is not in the flood plane. Also, I am interested in knowing why you would require replacement cost coverage when the loan amount is substantially less.

Just because it is in your loan docs does not mean that it is right or even legal to do. I do recall reading several articles regarding legal actions against Wells Fargo Mortgage lending institutions from across the US for investigation into possible violations of fair lending and consumer fraud laws. If you could put me in contact with the right person or persons to try to settle some of theses issues I would greatly appreciate it.

No one needs bad press. Thanks for your help.

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Midland, Texas
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