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I have a " FREE CHECKING" account that requires I use the account 10 times a month to avoid service fees. Although I don't use this account very often I make a point to use it just enough to avoid the fee. Last month Wells Fargo began delaying my transactions so they could charge me a fee. And when I called them they were rude and unhelpful. I am closing my account and would urge anyone looking... Read more

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The branch just east of 95 on hallandale beach blvd is horrible one teller by the name of marcia austin is a racist she stereotype me as a hoodlum and called the police on me stated i had stolen checks i go into that branch ever week i will never go there again and i will be filling a complaint with corporate on how she humiliated me in front of alot of people Add comment

I called to speak to a repersentive about a check i put into my account and the information I received was very very incorrect like she told me i should not sign the back of the check and because i did my check is on hold for fraud!! I will be filing a official complaint against that individual. Add comment

I have been a customer of wells fargo over 11 years with a previous mortgage pay in full and 3 bank account with substantial amounts and today i sadly have to admit i have never been so disappointed with my own bank. The way my loan applications were handle is unacceptable. I got involved the highest managers i could because no one would actually do their jobs. i myself had to make calls to... Read more

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I dont like wells at all.vrr tomusc. Add comment

Wells fargo decided they wanted to put a hold on my husbands payroll check. For what reason? they couldn't give us one. Account not in the negatives nor is it over drawn. The best answer we got was " the ATM decides whether or not to place a hold on your check" like the ATM has a mind of its own and can make its own decisions. They also decided to take our money every time we use an ATM without... Read more

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Hi my name is Raymond, just like everybody else I have lost money, hurt credit, and horrible customer service. I'm setting up a class action lawsuit, this is where a group of people come together to sue a company. If anyone is interested in joining me, please email me at raymonda1818@yahoo.com I already have 100 plus people so far. What wells fargo is doing is unfair and illegal and I will not... Read more

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I have a loan with Wells Fargo for my mortgage. I paid off the loan from me it was from my checking account and they took money out every two weeks. I paid off the loan early. I asked for a renovation loan for another property that I have and I didn't get it. They gave me the runaround. Add comment

Wells Fargo liquidated my mutual funds and sent the funds to unclaimed property in my state without my consent. By the time I was notified the transaction already occurred. When I called I was hung up on after complaining, a previous call told me to call abandoned accounts which did not answer after 4attempts. I will never deal with this company and plan on filing a better business complaint as... Read more

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I have my home mortgage with your company. Since September I have not received a statement. I have e-mailed, called, and wrote tons of letters and I cannot get any help. I need my statements mailed on a monthly basis and with tax time coming I for sure need that information. I have a 2 story house and the bottom half is not liveable. I cannot get any information about what I can do regarding... Read more

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